Gyckel, "jyckel", also known as "spex" on some University faculties (not to be confised with the theatre form Spex), is short theatrical appearance performed at a Gask. A gyckel often involves a group of students singing a song or playing a play lasting no more than a few minutes. There are several unwritten rules, the most important one is that the jyckel must be written by the performers and be presented for the first time at the gask. The gyckel should also be sarcastic, sexistic or humoristic.

After the gyckel is done the audience will yell to show what their thoughts where. The most common responses are "Restart" (Swedish: Omstart), "Show what you mean" (Swedish: Visa vad ni menar) and Carry them away (Swedish: Bär ut dem).

If the audience demands a restart the gyckel will restart but always in a different manner than it was presented originally. It may be a new verse, if the gyckel is a song, or another song with similar meaning. During a restart the audience may also yell requests such as "Faster" (Swedish: Snabbare) asking the performers to speed up or "More Feeling" (Swedish: Mer känsla) asking the performers to act better. Any phrase can be yelled, and its not common that most, if any, requests are granted.

If the audience demands the performers to show what they mean, this generally mens the audience wants the performers to act more. For instance if the performers are singing about how they dislike rain one might get an umbrella.

If the audience demands that the performers be carried out it, as the command implies, mean they will be carried off the stage. People will leave their seats to carry away the performers due to bad performance.

On a gask with members from different faculties its usually expected that each faculty perform its own gyckel. Others may also report that they will be performing a gyckel to the toastmaster. The toastmaster announced when the time has come for a certain group to perform their gyckel.

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