Car spotting

Car spotting

A Car spotter is a person who is typically strongly interested, in an amateur capacity, in car spotting, i.e., observing or photographing interesting, vintage, rare, modified and exotic cars on public roads. [ "Chasing Exotic Cars Is Their Pursuit"] , "Los Angeles Times", May 17, 2006, [ reprinted] in "San Francisco Chronicle" May 26, 2006] Car spotters can be found worldwide.

A car spotter may also log about his or her "spots" on an internet forum, such as [ [] ] or, [ [] ] says a 2006 "Los Angeles Times" article.

A car spotter, Spyder Dobrofsky, informed CNN of Bo Stefan Eriksson's crash of his Ferrari Enzo.


Further reading

*John Dudley (1952) "ABC of motor car spotting"
*Greenwood Graeme (1949) "ABC of Motor Car Spotting 1935-1948"

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