List of Di-Gata Defenders episodes

List of Di-Gata Defenders episodes

Between the Megalith and Ethos Sagas, there are a total of 52 known episodes of Di-Gata Defenders. The page is updated within four days after each time a new episode has aired. The updating follows along the Teletoon's Sunday 10:00 AM time block.


eason 1 (The Megalith Saga)

Episode 1) Trouble In Paradise

The Defender's secret training is interrupted when an earthquake signals that the monstrously evil Megalith is breaking free. Their mentor, Professor Alnar reveals to them that their training will not be completed. They must immediately embark on a dangerous mission to re-imprison the Megalith by recovering the four Pure Stones. Before the Defenders can leave the Dojo and start on their epic quest they are attacked by a vicious Rock Serpent and must face their first full on Di-Gata Battle!

Episode 2) The Road Less Traveled

On their way to the Monastery of Amos-Yan to recover The Key, a device which will lead them to the four pure stones, Seth and his fellow Di-Gata Defenders are ambushed by a band of thieves. The inexperienced Defenders find themselves trapped and only escape with the aid of the roguish and mysterious Adam. Seth is skeptical and jealous of this mysterious newcomer and suspects he's a thief as well, driving him away but not before Adam took a "souvenir"- Seth's Nova stone. Meanwhile, agents of the dreaded Order of Infinis, an evil organization intent on the release of the Megalith, arrive at the monastery ahead of the Defenders and ransack the place. The defenders come to a bridge and are unsure if they want to cross it. Mel reveals of another passage through a swamp but Erik is already ahead, jumping on the bridge to show that it is stable. Big mistake. It seems fine at first, but after the others get further onto the bridge the rope starts to give way. Erik, who had already got off the bridge, realized this but not in enough time. The rope snapped and Seth and Mel held on for dear life while Kara was dangling helplessly by her leg, which had gotten snagged by the rope. Her guardian stone plummets down into the swamp beneath them. Erik used his guardian to secure the bridge and Kara and Seth get across safely. while Mel is still on the bridge, the rope again snaps and she is forced to track through the swamp and go meet the others at the monastery. While in the swamp, Mel finds Kara's stone and a group of swamp beasts. Her stones get knocked in the water and she searches franticly for them but is saved by, who else, Adam. They set off together but are stopped by the same beasts as before. They reveal to Mel that he paid them to attack her so he could come to the rescue. They attack Adam fiercely until he gave them proper payment- the nova stone. Mel is furious and leaves in a storm of rage. Finally all the defenders meet and they head for the monastery, which when they get there, they see, is destroyed.

Episode 3) The Key To Victory

The Monastery burns as Malco and Flinch tear it apart looking for The Key. With the help of a bizarre creature named Zad, the Defenders sneak into the monastery and split up to find the Key. Meanwhile, Adam runs into the beasts from earlier and requests that they give him back the Nova Stone. They refuse, but he easily defeats them and claims the stone. He arrives at the monastery just in time when Mel is attacked by Flinch on the balcony. He saves her (again) and apologises for lying to her. Seth and Kara find the Elder Priestess of the monastery, who leads them to the Key. Malco and Flinch (who had by then escaped from Adam and Mel) arrives, and Flinch traps them in a force field. Erik finally passes by and knocks out Flinch by slipping a booster stone into his electronic backpack, electrocuting him, then set the others free. Malco challenges them to a fight, which Mel and Adam arrive just in time for. But Malco is too strong, and even the Warrior Hange cannot defeat him. With no other options, Seth decides to use the Nova Stone, which Adam gladly hands over. The Stone defeats Malco, but nearly demolishes half the monastery. Flinch manages to grab the Key, but when he finds himself outnumbered, destroys it instead and escapes. The Elder Priestess then reveals that she had the real Key all along. Now the Defenders are ready to search for the Pure Stones.

Episode 4) Snared

While travelling with Adam (who they met in Episode 2) Seth becomes annoyed at him and challenges him to a duel. While they're away, Mel, Eric, and Kara are attacked and defeated by the bounty hunter, Snare.

Episode 5) Ms. Fortune

The Defenders come across a carnival. The circus misfits end up controlling Erik through an amulet. Mel goes to investigate and it turns out that both the circus members and Erik are being controlled by another creature.

Episode 6) Cast-Aways

For the first time in their lives, the Defenders find themselves on the high seas and discover that their Di-Gata stones don't work over water! When bandits attack the ship they are traveling on, their friendly captain proves to be more than he appears. Worse than that, the defenders can't swim! Kara almost drowns, twice, and Mel shows her Wizard of Yan powers for the first time.

Episode 7) Escape from Ogama-Gor

A walled city held in the grasp of a ruthless dictator has a dark secret: Its own citizens are being used as energy for the Dictator's crazed ambitions. For Kara, the situation becomes personal when her Guardian, V-Moth, is taken prisoner.

Episode 8) A Flaw in the Ointment

Seth learns the hard way that looks can be deceiving when the attentions of a pretty girl lead the Defenders to face destruction in a village where, literally, nothing is as it seems.

Episode 9) Vitus

Deep in the bowels of an abandoned mine, the Defenders uncover a secret destined to shake the entire realm of Rados to its foundations: The existence of a Ninth Sigil. And it doesn't take long before the evil Lord Nazmul sends his agents Malco and Flinch to claim it for the Order of Infinis. Worse than that, Kara's boots start to act up and wishes she wasn't so helpless and that the Di-Gata Defenders would stop treating her like a baby.

Episode 10) The Town that Time Forgot

The Defenders try to find a place to rest for a while, but everyone they encounter slams their doors in their faces. Tired from their trip, the Defenders rest at an oasis, where they spot a supply convoy in need of an escort just ahead. Seth refuses to help, however, as he is sure they will be turned away again. Meanwhile, a group of bandits plots to attack the same convoy and blame it on the Defenders, again. One of them, however, is a little hesitant and looks and sounds oddly familiar. The next morning the Defenders find the convoy demolished and follow the tracks to a nearby village, where the citizens insist that they were to blame for the recent rash of robberies. A young Stone-caster named Kid Cole and his gang, actually the real culprits, arrive and chase them out, capturing Mel in the process, and tie her up in the streets. While the other Defenders try to figure out how to rescue her, one bandit approaches Mel, and pulls off his mask. The bandit is Adam, who explains to Mel what is really going on while he unties her and gives her back her stones. The other bandits confront the pair, but they are rescued when the other Defenders use Robutus to drill a hole underneath them. They run through the streets, and Mel leads them to a dead end, but discovers a hidden dojo. They all hide inside (Even Adam, which is odd because one must be entered into the security system to get in) and Kid Cole shouts at them, challenging Seth to a one-on-one duel and threatening to burn the entire town if he doesn't come alone. Adam questions Mel about how she was able to find the dojo, and asks if she is a Wizard, which she denies. Seth agrees to Kid Cole's challenge the next morning, but finds himself outnumbered six-to-one. The others are locked in the dojo, and cannot get out until Adam shows them his Henge Stone: the Phase Stone, allowing them to walk right through the walls. Mel uses her Wizard powers to stop Kid Cole's guardian form killing Seth, but only Adam sees her, while everyone else watches Seth and Kid Cole. The other bandits trap Adam, Mel, Kara, and Erik, and Kid Cole manages to trap Seth, who asks him why he was framing them. Kid Cole privately confesses, unaware that Seth is wearing an audio recording stone around his neck. Erik uses his gauntlet to broadcast the confession loud and clear throughout the entire village. The villagers then turn on Kid Cole and his men, and proclaim the Defenders as their heroes. Kid Cole and his men are sent to Gatashun prison, escorted by Adam, who gives Mel his Phase Stone, promising that their paths would soon cross again.

Episode 11) Carved In Stone

Deep inside a mountain at the roof of the world, the Defenders encounter Brim, the original carver of the pure stones, now living in self imposed exile and under siege by the evil Guardians. The Defenders remind him of the optimism he once held for human life and he gives Seth a rare and precious gift - the Vitus stone. Unfortunately, a stone has to be sacrificed: The Nova stone. The defenders think that the Nova stone is no more, but Brim has them fooled and takes it for himself.

Episode 12) The One

The Defenders close in on the first pure stone. Their quest takes them to a remote jungle village where Erik is hailed as a Shaman, thereby making him an enemy of the tribe's medicine man. As they try to gain information from the tribe about the pure stone, the defenders enter a showdown with Malco and Flinch.

Episode 13) One Down

The Defenders find the way to the pure stone is blocked by the Dakonauts, Lord Nazmul's unstoppable robotic army. Kara gets a sigil spirit from zad that shows her what Mel is thinking , and when the first stone is finally acquired, it is at a terrible cost. Now the goal is not the rest of the stones, but saving Mel's life.

Episode 14) Doom Chase

Mel and Erik have eluded their Sand Nomad pursuers and are hiding out while Mel recuperates. Seth has struck a deal with Doku, an embittered wizard who promises him the location of Nazmul's secret keep in exchange for Seth's word that he will destroy Brakus. To make sure that Seth holds up his end of the bargain, Doku reveals that he is holding Kara hostage. She has already been infected with poison of the Saviped spider. Only six hours remain before the antidote becomes useless.

Episode 15) Warriors

On the run from Malco and Flinch and the Sand Nomads who have overrun the Dojo, Mel and Erik encounter Bo, a brash young stone slinger who tells them of a warrior cult competition being held in a nearby county. They quickly realize the trophy is nothing other than one of the prized pure stones. As Mel and Erik make their way into the heart of the enemy camp and fight their way to the trophy, Seth carries the gravely ill Kara into the Ban Yo swamp in search of the antidote that will save her life.

Episode 16) Knowledge

Mel dreams of a long lost monastery and a pure stone hidden there. Nazmul is able to read her dream and decides that it is Mel - the possessor of such power - whose body he must have as the host for his incorporeal being. He dispatches Malco and Flinch to kidnap Mel, unaware that Brackus has stolen Nazmul's key and has gone to the monastery for his own purpose - possession of the pure stone. Brackus gets away with the pure stone, but all is not lost. The Defenders now have the key and the realization that their enemies are divided. They may be safe - for a while.

Episode 17) Den of Thieves

Eluding bounty hunters, Adam charms his way into the Defenders’ encampment only to steal away in the night with their pure stones. His trail leads the Defenders to a den of thieves where an arms auction is being held with the main attraction the prized pure stone. After tricking their way into the camp, Mel is captured, and the Defenders are in disarray until Adam steps up to the plate. Using the Phase stone, he frees Mel, destroy the encampment and helps the Defenders escape with the stones.

Episode 18) Nexus

The Defenders head for the legendary Nexus - over the centuries a traditional place of healing for Di-Gata Defenders - but the Nexus is not what it seems. Kali, a shape shifting agent of Nazmul, has been charged with obtaining a body host for him. Disguising herself as the Keeper of the Nexus, she welcomes them inside. As Kara’s wizard-like powers start to manifest themselves, Kali decides that Kara, not Mel, should be the one Nazmul seeks.

Episode 19) Replication

Barely escaping the Nexus with their lives, the Defenders set out for the Pinnacle, an ancient Di-Gata training temple. On the way, they face the Obelisks, an army of war machines created for Nazmul by Flinch. Erik and Kara stay behind to try and stop the destruction while Seth and Mel head for the Pinnacle to hopefully cure Mel of her wizard attacks. At the Pinnacle, Seth must face Omniaxor, his father’s Guardian. When Seth brings out his guardian, Kragus, Omniaxor takes him by the arms and breaks him into little pieces. Seth then realizes that Kragus' stone never came back, therefore he has been destroyed. In this episode, Melosa completes her Wizard of Yan training and for the first time, uses her wizard powers, in which she has full control over.

Episode 20) Dark Descent

The Defenders discover The 'Machine of Binding' and Erik devises a plan to re-wire the machine to enable it to draw the pure stones to it. Their plan is foiled by an attack and as Erik lies gravely ill, a strange metamorphosis is taking place within Seth. It’s a change that will affect Seth both physically and psychologically and which may affect the outcome of their mission.

Episode 21) The Cycle

Nazmul has undertaken a secret quest for immortality that sends his team to an underground palace which once housed an ancient King who is rumored to have achieved eternal life. The Defenders arrive at the palace only to unleash an ancient force that may well rival the Megalith in its ferocity. In the process they discover a secret that plants the seeds of doubts as to the rightness of their mission. Is re-binding the Megalith the right thing to do? Do they dare to defy the traditions they have been taught since their training began? Also, the king takes Kara's body for a host.

Episode 22) What Lies Beneath

The Defenders stop to help a caravan of refugees fleeing the war ravaged countryside for the safety of the Arboth. Brackus and his Mercenaries also descend on the village of Arboth, having identified it as the source from which the pure stones were carved. Seth deserts the Defenders as they attempt to help the peaceful Arbothians repel the invaders.

Episode 23) The Returning

The Defenders locate the third pure stone; hidden in the sacred floating city of Callisto. Mel detects the presence of the final stone on the outskirts of the city but the presence of almost invincible Guardians makes its capture almost impossible. The Defenders learn that only the Nova Stone will help them, but this stone is not in their possession.

Episode 24) Adam and Eve of Destruction

In a surprise turn of events, Adam shows up at Brackus’ safe house with the four pure stones and Kara all tied up. Kara is grabbed and prepared for the host body transfer that will give Nazmul physical form. An enraged Seth leads an all out assault on the castle. Adam wanted to get into Nazmul's goodbooks, but he is thrown into prison. Kara escapes and runs into Adam, who had escaped and reveals that he had planned to let Nazmal to possess her so that he could imprison Nazmul in the Nova stone. He also reveals that Brackus really was his father, but Nazmul shows up, saying Brackus wasn't really Adam's father and that Brackus had destroyed Adam's real parents. Nazmul attacks Adam and attempts to possess Kara. Repentant for the error of his ways, Adam risks his life to free Kara, but fails. The Defenders suddenly charge in and seth gets into a fight with Nazmul, who then had to take on Omniaxor. Erik runs to see if Kara is okay and Mel goes to get the pure stones. Along the way, Adam makes a final mistake, he sets Brackus free thinking he is no longer a threat. With Kara safe and the four stones in hand, the Defenders head for the place of binding, unaware that Brackus is already making plans.

Episode 25) Perfect Host

The Defenders have successfully maimed Nazmul and the Order of Infinis is now in wreck. Brackus now commands the army and pursues the Defenders to the Spell Zone. Meanwhile, Mel, Kara,and Eric go into the dogo to talk to Professor Alnar, Adam and Seth stay outside of the dojo because Seth is merged with Kragus and Adam wasn't trained as a Defender, they talk about random things until Seth says that Mel likes Adam. Hearing this, Adam goes crazy. Seeing that Seth overdid the conversation he says "I wish I never said that"to Adam. In a shocking twist, Nazmul finds the perfect host: But it is not Kara. It's Malco. Now the Infinis Civil War and the final battle for control of RaDos rages on, with carboard tanks. However, in the process, The Megalith is freed and the Pure Stones are destroyed.


Episode 26) Ethos

The Order of Infinis is now a wreck and the Defenders have refused to recast the spell of Binding as it would have destroyed the planet. The pure stones have been destroyed by the pressure from releasing the Megalith. Seth orders the other Defenders to head to a nearby farm to recharge their stones while he sees what their up against. Not too far from the place of binding a young boy with white hair watches as the Defenders evacuate the spell zone and sees the Megalith escaping from its prison. The Megalith senses the presence of its master in the Nova Stone and tries to destroy Seth for containing his power. The Defenders find shelter with a kind old woman who offers them shelter but is soon taken over by the Megalith. Seth soon battles the Megalith in this form and separates him from Kragus who is now very low of energy. Seeing the bond between Seth and Kragus, Omniaxor merges his spirit with Kragus pledging "I alone could not save the father, together we may be able to save the son", giving Seth a new guardian. The Megalith then tells Seth that it is seeking energy in Arboth, thankfully Melosa is able to cure the old woman with her Wizard Powers. The Defenders reach Arboth quickly using Flinch's teleportation system. Here the Megalith is now ready to fight the Defenders and is able to knock Eric unconscious. Seth, Mel and Adam are able to hold of the Megalith with some of their spells while Seth's new guardian Omnikragg finds pleasure in taking on the beast. Kara believes that without a fourth defender they are unable to form the warrior hedge but Seth replies that they have a fourth defender -Adam. Kara says they must channel the energy through her. They almost succeed but it to much power for Kara as the Megalith takes Kara and is ready to swallow her energy making it invincible. But Seth tries to channel the Nova Stone's energy into Kara, even though it could destroy Kara. Seth casts the power into Kara and unleashes a burst of energy strong enough to destroy the Megalith. Eric soon regains consciousness and saves Kara from being crushed by the Megalith's carcass. The Defenders see the body vanish from Rados and release its energy back into the realm. Seth states that it is over, but the young boy from earlier arrives and disagrees saying its only beginning. The boy then brings Alnar forth, introducing the boy as Rion. Alnar soon explains that long ago the Wizards of Yan defeated an evil far greater than the Megalith. They were called the Ethos and they were banished to a world called the dark realm and because of this the Megalith was born. Alnar also says that Rion is the key to defeating the Ethos as it is now up to the six defenders to defeat these creatures as their emissaries are already back in Rados. The emissaries soon are at the portal to the dark realm and give Zad a shift stone saying he knows what to do, and the Ethos laugh.

eason 2 (The Ethos Saga)

Episode 27) Dark Equinox Part One

The Megalith has been destroyed and the Order is in reach. The new defender Rion joins the group and helps rebuild Arboth as Erik and Seth have a "whose guardian is better" contest while rebuilding Arboth, Rion complains about the fact that he doesn't have a guardian. Adam and Mel also have a small fight over whether Adam is going to stay or not. This fight ends quickly in a kiss between the two... almost. Zad interrupts the moment as he captures Kara. A fight goes down and Zad seems to gain the upper hand as Kara is brought to the Dark Realm. However, due to Rion's inexperience and hardheadedness, Zad is defeated and sinks into the confines of his own spell, leaving the "Shift Stone" behind. Rion leads the way to his friend who can tell them what it is used for, not knowing they are being followed by Malco and Flinch. Meanwhile, Kara meets Madame Leizel, who has been reduced to the form of a wraith and tells her about the tower of Nowa. She then later finds Brackus and they team up to find the tower. As the Defenders come upon an ancient valley, where statues of ancient stone carvers are, they notice that a fight has occurred. Seth asks who this "friend" they're looking for is and, just then, a two-faced rock giant emerges. The Defenders almost attack him not knowing that he is the friend Rion was leading them to, his teacher, Tzur. Tzur explains that long ago the Wizards of Yan imprisoned the Ethos and as a result the Megalith was created, but when Seth destroyed the beast by channeling the Nova Stone's energy into Kara he caused a burst of raw energy strong enough to open a portal between Rados and the Dark Realm . Unfortunately the Zads interrupt once more in an attack, this time to take back the shift stone. Tzur hands Rion a stone and tells him that he will know what to do with it. Tzur uses another stone to open a portal and tells Seth that there are other defenders, and that they are waiting for them. Adam gets hit with the Zad's whip and Rion refuses to leave without Tzur. One of the Zad's guardians is about to strike him, but Mel takes the hit instead and lays on the ground with Adam happily on top. Seth uses Twisting Chaos to carry them and Eric tries to take Rion but he breaks free and transforms to defeat the entire Zad group after they killed Tzur. Finally, they all get through the portal and head to the temple to meet the other Defenders.

Episode 28) Dark Equinox Part Two

Malco and Flinch have stolen the Nova stone to free Nazmul but have no success in freeing him. On the day of the equinox, the Defenders find the portal to the Dark Realm as well as objects that belonged to their parents. In the Dark Realm, Brackus betrays Kara and tries to escape first, but is left to contend with the wrath of Leizel. Back in Rados, the Defenders are attacked by the Zads. Adam stays to hold them off, shoves Rion after the others when he volunteers to help, and barricades the tunnel. They open the portal while Kara simultaneously places her boots and Warrior stone at the Tower of Nowa, but the Ethos in Rados try to keep the Defenders from saving Kara and closing the portal. Using powerful attacks, the Ethos overwhelm them and fuse the Shift Stone to its beacon. Erik then wishes that they had those other Defenders Tzur mentioned right now. Seth notices Erik's father's tools and then realizes that their parents "are" the others. While Erik uses the tools to pry out the Shift Stone, Mel activates a device belonging to her mother, which repels the Ethos. Brackus, who has lost an eye, tries to get rid of Kara for good but is thrown into a swarm of wraiths thanks to Rion and his new guardian, Arvengus. A small affection has been made between Rion and Kara. As they get out, Erik gets the Shift Stone out of its pedestal, sealing the portal. With the other Ethos imprisoned, Alnar sends Kara off for special training while Rion stays with the others; they are his new family. Meanwhile, the Ethos make an alliance with the Order of Infinis (just Malco and Flinch) and declare the battle for Rados has just begun.

Episode 29) The Healer

The Defenders find their new dojo, but it turns out that it needs a little work and cleanup. Erik and Mel are in the library when they find a reserver stone, which has recorded Doku and his fellow warlords in their discussion about taking over RaDos. Rion jumps the gun and causes a battle to break out when they arrive, leaving Seth poisoned at the hands of Doku. They followed Doku's rumor to a mysterious healer, with the power to almost cure anything. Except this healer, is Brackus - who now suffers from amnesia and carries a special stone to perform his miracles with. He also manages to save the Defenders in the rematch with Doku and the warlords by buying the Defenders time to escape and destroying Doku's vicious guardian. Now the Defenders have decided to tag Brackus along but only Rion trusts him, and must watch over him. Meanwhile, Malco is still trying to break open the nova stone when a few feet away, Doku and his cohorts land. He swears that next time, Brackus won't get the better of him. After they leave, Malco then begin to pound the Nova stone on a tree stump, despite Flinch's objections that it won't just crack - or will it?

Episode 30) Guardians for Sale

Once the Defenders finish cleaning up their new dojo, the Defenders once again meet Bo, who bought a mutated and uncontrollable guardian. The dealer, Si'i, who sold one to Bo, had been illegally creating guardians from old ones and selling them to the public. After a "demonstration" to the Defenders just what these creatures are capable of, Si'i manages to merge the Defender's guardians into one mutant being - containing vicious powers of absorption and damage. It later channels the mistrust the Defenders have to Brackus and tries to attack him. The Defenders manage to reverse the mutation with the help of Rion and Erik's modifications to the mutation weapon. Brackus had also issued this dealer to create the "ultimate guardian", capable of wiping out the Defenders; all but Rion still don't trust him.

Episode 31) The Magnificent Two

The Defenders must now recover the Nova Stone that Malco and Flinch stole from them, Erik is left to train Rion as Mel and Seth go on their search. Here, Cole (The villain from the Town that Time Forgot) comes and takes over a site to make an unbreakable armor. With the help of Brackus, they are able to defeat Cole (and his new Guardian, a twisted version of Anaconduit, Brackus' Guardian). However, As Anaconduit returns to Brackus, past memories as an evil warlord return to him as well, and he laughs evilly before setting off to follow Erik and Rion. As for Mel and Seth, they too meet an old friend - Zad. They both combine their spell powers to freeze him within the confines of "Twisted Frost Blast" (combination of Frost Blast and Twisted Chaos).

Episode 32) Regenesis

The Defenders once again re-unite at Port Reevus, after Rion jumps the gun and causes a fight to break loose. They are now on the search for Brim, who has been released from the Dark Realm and is imprisoned. The Defenders, with help from Brackus, defeat the creature (a twisted version of the Doomhunter) to escape safely, although Seth is almost dragged into Brim's prison. Malco and Flinch manage to escape with Brim. A Tracker stone leads them high up into the mountains, where a special crystal is required to cut open the Nova Stone; thus freeing Nazmul. Brackus, with his memories restored, temporarily ditches the Defenders (who were trapped until an avalanche) to "settle the score" with his old friends. Malco and Flinch's efforts are in vain as Nazmul is destroyed, but not before absorbing a large amount of Malco's strength. The Ethos later find his weakened body, and figure that he might be of some use.

Episode 33) Malco Redux

The Ethos emissaries use their power to merge with Malco giving him a tainted color and purple sigil designs. When he is accidentally awakened by Flinch, he speaks for the first time. Meanwhile, the Defenders try to find the cause of why Rion turns dark incarnate. Melosa discovers the existence of an old monastery at Yan-Suma where the Wizards of Yan first banished the Ethos at an old quarry filled with flat stones. Given a riddle and staff from a cloaked old man, the Defenders discover the monastery with a disk from Aaron and the Warrior Henge. After defeating a caterpillar-like creature by destroying the mirrors around it, they are attacked by Malco and Flinch. Rion gets impaled by shrapnel, forcing Erik to take him back to Brackus. Seth and Mel proceed while Omnikragg holds off Malco. They discover the Orb of Ogama-Yan that, if aligned with five other Yan objects, can protect Rados from the Dark Realm. However, Malco attacks again and holds Seth above a bottomless well to get the orb. As he throws the two into the well, the monastery crumbles around them. The two survive thanks to the staff and walk into a tunnel, not knowing the old man was following them, showing that he has sharp teeth.

Episode 34) Back Track

Erik, Rion and Brackus come upon the wreckage of the monastery where later, Seth and Mel appear to have survived the collapse. Meanwhile, Flinch orders all Zads to take care of the remaining Defenders. Mel finds an Eternity Stone, which she accidentally took from Malco. Brackus and Rion explain that with a Wizard's powers, they can travel through time. However, time travel is to be taken with caution as history should not be tampered with. Mel does not heed their warnings, and travels back in time to the siege of Yan-Suma and meets her grandmother. In this time, the Order of Infinis and Yin-tos troops are allied with the Wizards of Yan. However, Mel accidentally thinks Nazmul is trying to help the Ethos and freezes the weapon meant to stop them, known as the Celestial Abyss. As a result, the future is changed and the Zad have become more pig-like, bigger and more vicious. Inside the temple, the Defenders and Brackus (somehow unaffected by the changes) find a tablet dictating how the Ethos used illusions to distract the defenses of the monastery and form a sneak attack in the underground tunnels. In the past, Mel's grandmother warned her not to inform too many people of the future, while Rion transforms and defeats the Zad. Using Eric's knowledge of time, he sends a message to Mel in the past through the use of Robotus, informing her about the ambush. Mel then informs the Wizards of the ambush, and they set up their own trap within the temple. They manage to get to the weapon and defeat the Ethos. As a result, the future is restored, the Zad in the future disappear, and a tablet showing Brackus using the weapon is put in place, to symbolize the Wizard's victory. Mel insists to her grandmother that the weapon mustn't be disassembled. She then gives Mel five stones, that will reveal the icons (the name given to the Celestial Abyss pieces) location when the time is right. Mel returns to the present using the Eternity Stone and reunites with the Defenders.

Episode 35) We're No Guardian Angels

Seth and Rion have a large dispute after Brackus goes on his trip. Seth decides to leave Rion at the dojo and brings the other defenders with him to check out a distress signal. A prison break has occurred at Gatashin Prison, where the Zads spring Si'i. They kidnap Si'i so Malco can get information about modifying his Guardianizer. Malco realizes that Rion is a large threat to him, and wishes to control him by transforming him into a guardian. While the Defenders are still at Gatashin Prison, Rion responds to another distress signal, which turns out to be a trap. Flinch awaits Rion there with a modified Guardianizer and turns Rion into a mutated guardian. Rion goes berserk and wrecks a town. The Defenders return to find out about Rion's disappearance, so they traveled to the second distress signal. They find Flinch running away from Rion, the destroyer, and demand an explanation. Flinch confesses that he tricked Rion and turned him into a guardian. They need to lure Rion back to the Guardianizer, so Seth offers to be turned into a mutated guardian, however he will be under mind protection from Mel to avoid going berserk as well. He confronts Rion and forces him to calm down, also saving the village from the volcano's magma. He succeeds, and brings Rion back to the Guardianizer, after hearing Mel scream (The Ethos attempted to reclaim the Guardianizer after Flinch ran). Mixing up the stone's settings, Flinch turns Seth and Rion back to their original forms. Si'i then gets struck with falling debris after attempting to throw off Flinch. Unfortunately, Si'i falls into the lava pool and the Guardianizer's final use turns him into a mutated guardian. He then flies away, leaving the Defenders behind. Seth and Rion make up for their earlier dispute, and become allies once more.

Episode 36) Von Faustien

A woman and her son run away from a creature that has Ethos sigils engraved on it. Just as it is about to attack her, a man shoots at it and the creature is absorbed into his gun. Later, Mel finds out the location of the first Icon, but the dojo's warning systems pick up a disturbance which the Defenders immediately respond to. Upon arriving, they meet the same man from earlier, named Von Fautien, and Mel recognizes another of the creatures as an Ethos war dog. It is eventually defeated. Von Faustien tells his life story to the Defenders: when the war against the Ethos was over, he was left with no family. With Ethos beasts still on the loose, he dedicated his life to hunting them down, even if it meant that others are hurt in the process. He shows them to the tomb where the first icon is located, only to find that a woman, Lady K'tash, has gotten there first and is waiting for them. While the others fight against her with little luck, Seth goes to find the Icon. When he finds it, K'tash comes to claim it. Using his visor, Seth discovers that an Ethos is inside her, as well as Von Faustien. K'tash takes the Icon and unleashes the tomb's vicious Guardian: the Desecrater. It manages to swallow Rion, but is defeated when Mel feeds it a large consumption of water, causing it to explode. Von Faustien has gone after K'tash and is traced by Seth, who puts a tracer on his vehicle. In a small town, Von Faustien threatens to use an Annihilator stone to finish K'tash off. However, the Defenders arrive and figure out that the Ethos inside him was what caused his behaviour. K'tash uses her swords to awaken the Ethos inside Von Faustien, who frees the Ethos guardians and accidentally activates the Annihilator. With his gun, Erik has to make the decision whether to save his friends or Von Faustien, who is about to leave with K'tash. He chooses the latter and Von Faustien kills the Ethos guardians as K'tesh flees. The Annihilator is about to explode, but Erik uses his gauntlet coupled with a crystal Faustien gave him earlier to save the town. Just as Rion is about to call it a day, Mel finds the next Icon. Meanwhile, K'tash brings her piece to Malco who reveals another of their kind. As she leaves, Malco thinks of his plan to convert Rion to the Ethos.

Episode 37) Notes From The Underground

K'Tash takes one look at the Orb of Ogama-Yan before leaving. Just then, Kara sneaks in and replaces the orb with a stone in fear of traps, and leaves. Meanwhile, Mel furiously tries again with her wizard stones. When she puts them in Seth's hands, they activate, directing them to a desert. Elsewhere, Malco discovers that the orb is missing, so he seeks out Kor Yin-an, the Yan-nega wizard who tried to betray the Wizards of Yan to the Ethos and was imprisoned in a state of permanent undeath. Awakening the traitor, Malco asks for the location of the next icon in exchange for a chance at revenge against Melosa. Meanwhile, the Defenders arrive at their destination only to sink into the ground. Seth meets a young paranoid girl named Jeo and saves her from giant worms. She brings him back to her home underground, where her grandmother has the other Defenders hostage. They convince her they are not a threat. Jeo secretly shows Seth the next Icon, which she and her grandmother call the Source, the means that keeps them alive underground. Knowing that if the Ethos get it first, everything would have been wasted. While Seth distracts Jeo, the others try to take the Icon, only to be confronted by Kor Yin-an, who Melosa recognizes as the old man who gave her the staff ("Malco Redux"). Kor reveals that it was his intention to change the past through use of a projection but she stopped it and now he plans to get his revenge. With his powers, he easily deflects all of their attacks. However, Kara appears to Mel, restoring her powers so that she can use the Tracker Stones as armor against Kor Yin-an. They enter a battle to the finish. When Mel has him at the end of her spear, with everyone yelling for her to finish him, her emotions take over and Kor takes the Icon. The underground settlement begins to cave in, but Mel uses her powers to bring it to the surface, allowing Jeo and her grandmother to experience their greatest wish: To see the upper world. Seth apologizes to Jeo for not telling her about the Icon, but she forgives him as she was able to see the world above ground. Mel mentions to Erik and Rion that she thought she saw Kara, but only she was able to see her. In a nearby tree Kara watches them and then disappears.

Episode 38) The Horn of Neglos

Lady K'Tash once again plays a foul trick on the Defenders. She awakens the giant golem, Atagor-Am and implants a Champion stone to merge with Seth's right hand, hampering his abilities to cast spells and his health. The Defenders search for Brackus, who may hold the key to removing the stone. After traveling to a desert town in search of him, a merchant tells them of another healer: Adaham. They come to the place where the healer was supposed to be but finds that this magical healer is a phony and was actually Adam. He enjoying his life of luxury with his new girl. Mel doesn't seem to care that much but wants him not to be such a coward. Meanwhile Atagor-Am traces the Defenders down and attacks them. Adam tries to run away but Mel stops him. Seth is annoyed at this and remarks that they don't need him. He tries to cast Twisted Chaos, but it ends up as a miscast and hits Mel. The stone in Seth's hand draws the giant over to him in an attack but Mel steps in front of Seth and her amulet shows. Atagor-Am refers to her as Gatanou, confusing everyone. He breaks out of his memory callback and grabs Adam. Brackus was also in town, but was meeting with Flinch, about plans to overthrow Malco's order by reclaiming the parts to the Celestial Abyss and using it against the Ethos once more. Then Brackus would assert himself as the one, true ruler of RaDos. Atagor-Am destroys the pub the two were in and Brackus sees Adam in danger. He comes running and turns the giant into sand. Brackus explains that the giant will reform and always follow then due to the stone. one time he prayed amongst the town searching for a suitable host body for his bride. The only way he can be destroyed is in the Horn of Neglos. The Defenders, Brackus and Adam head to the cave but Atagor-Am reforms and attacks them, knocking all of them of their stormers. He grabs Mel and disappears into the sand as she throws the Phase Stone. Adam yells her name as she is swallowed with the giant into the desert floor. Mel awakens in a cave and is chained to an arch. A coffin belonging to a woman (who oddly looks likes like her) below her in a ledge. Atagor-Am chants the woman's name and a mask levitates onto Mels face. Meanwhile, Erik traces Mel to the horn of Neglos. Brackus says he fears that Atagor-Am has found a host for his bride and Rion explains "He wants to marry Mel!" Seth and Adam look at each other and say "No Way" as Adam then speeds ahead in concern. As the defenders arrive, they see the spirit of Gatanou is about to possess Mel. Mel is unable to summon Draykor, as a guard is locked onto her amulet. Adam rushes ahead trying to distract the giant but is thrown away. He looks back at Mel and once again yells her name in concern as the other catch up. They engage battle once more with the giant. But this time, the creature had a weakness - it needed the urns (which contained his spiritual essence) to be intact, or it would be destroyed. It was also able to summon a guardian from the stone fused into Seth's hand to protect it's weakness from Rion and Erik. Seth and Adam try to free Mel but the effort failed. Seth then discovers that the energies found within the Champion Stone are equal to that of the creatures they were facing. Brackus told him he couldn't remove the stone without damaging Seth's body. Seth had no choice but to accept the consequences. Brackus then uses Devastation of Infinis to turn Seth's right hand into stone. Rion ends up destroying the urns with Argent Warrior. Adam rushed into Mel and her chains break as both fell on the floor. Adam again on top of her said "You know people are going to talk". Disgusted, Mel pushed him off and rushed to Seth. Erik, enraged, grabs Brackus and asks him what did he do. Seth told him that he ordered Brackus to do what needed to be done.

Episode 39) The Tower

Doku and his cohorts reactivate an ancient tower that the Wizards of Yan built after the war with the Ethos - with the help of Adam - enabling it to fly. Meanwhile, Seth is having a hard time adjusting with his rock for a hand. He and Mel try a Wizard technique to restore his hand but not success. Just then, the Dojo's detection systems discover the tower and Mel, Erik and Rion leave to stop it. However, against the other's recommendations that he stay, Seth tries on a mech arm that Erik was designing for him but didn't get the Infimatter stabilized, giving him a more darker outlook. Later, the Defenders reached the Castle, on its way to Arboth. Doku detects their approach and arms the tower's defenses. Then Seth, who just came in, was tractored by Adam and taken prisoner. Doku then betrays Adam, revealing that he had been copying the tower's codes then will drain Arboth's di-gata energy, allowing him to restore his lost eye and right arm. Seth, corrupted by his prosthetic, decides to go along. Adam, realizing that the power drain will destroy Arboth forever, tries to dissuade Seth, but Seth states that he didn't owe Rados anything. Adam is furious, and yells at Seth, saying he is not fit to be a Defender, let alone their leader. Doku manages to restore his flesh and as Seth begin his restoration, Brackus breaks in, overpowering the former Lords of Infinis. Outside, Erik comes up with a plan to stop the tower - by sacrificing their guardians. While they succeed, despite Rion and Adam's initial doubts, Seth realizes what he done just to save his hand. He reverses the tower's polarity, returning his hand to rock and the energy to Arboth, as well as the other's guardians. Using his rock, Seth sabotages the towers systems and passes out. Brackus then saves him just as the tower comes crashing down. Seth admitted what wrong he had and quits the Di-Gata Defenders. Saying "I'm not fit to be a Defender".

Episode 40) Hunter and Hunted

Kara comes back, but she acts very strangely and not her normal self. She shows them the Orb of Ogama-Yan she had stolen, intent of using it to find the remaining icons, but she disregards Seth's leaving and doesn't seem to be disturbed by Brackus' change of heart. Meanwhile Seth is busy trying to survive, begging for Flat Stones (the currency in RaDos). He gets mugged for not putting up a fight against two men. He then meets a man, who then takes him into his home. He offers Seth food, drink and a place to stay. The man then takes Seth out into a garden to help him "think". But it was a test created by Aaron, the house's owner, to see if he was worthy. Seth manages to destroy the tree guardian, by grabbing a stick and lighting it with his stub arm. Seth then has dinner with Aaron, who tells Seth who he really is: An ex-assassin who worked for the Armies of Yin around the time when Seth's father was still alive. Aaron also tells Seth that he will take him to Barrier City and use a special book to restore his lost hand. Seth unwillingly agrees and rests for the night. During the night, Lady K'Tahsh pays a visit to Aaron, asking for his assistance in the tracking of Si'i, the human-guardian hybrid from We're No Guardian Angels. She and Malco believe that even in his morphed state, he would prove to be a powerful beast for the Ethos. Aaron agrees to helping them after he is done with Seth. The next day, Seth is tricked into fighting for his life instead of being healed like promised. Aaron was using Seth so that he can gain something he wants: A trophy of a Di-Gata Defender, which are hardened warriors in his opinion. Back at the Dojo, a villager from the mining town comes to the Defender's dojo and tells Rion that he has seen Seth. Because of the arguments going on between the others, Rion sets out alone to get Seth back, knowing they need him back. Rion then has a fight with the two men who had robbed Seth of his Flat Stones, and they were forced to tell him where the man that took Seth lived. He arrives to the island by boat, then runs into Aaron and fights him. After Seth lost Aaron, he finds a boat by the shoreline. Inside the boat, he finds a helmet with Rion's Guardian henge on the top, and sees a Di-Gata blast from the distance. Seth then helps Rion engage Aaron is melee combat. Eventually, Seth tackles Aaron and they both tumble down a hill, where Aaron is now dangling on the edge of a cliff. Seth, with Aaron's crossbow in hand, tells him to finish him, for he deserved a warrior's death. Seth ignores his pleads and merely pushes him off the edge into the water below. Seth then admits he shouldn't have quit the team, so he returns with Rion. While the Defenders were sleeping, Kara sneaks into the Shield control console and turns it off. Saying she doesn't need them in finding the icons. With the shield down, the dojo is revealed to enemy attackers. Especially to a Zad raiding party in the forest outside the dojo. This also gives some evidence that Kara has become evil.

Episode 41) The Heart Stone

A young woman named Lydia calls on the Defenders to help her when she is attacked by Amphibigors. Mel, Erik, and Adam go to help her, while Seth, Rion and Kara stay behind. While Lydia is unharmed, the Amphigors get away with her special 'Heart Stone'. She tells them that the Amphigors have her brother, and they volunteer to help her. Meanwhile, Seth tests out the new mech arm Erik has made for him, and they are suddenly attacked by the Zad. Kara defeats them with her dark new guardian and powers. Erik repairs Lydia's vehicle, but they crash when Erik and Adam (who is driving) get into a fight. Melosa is captured by Lady K'Tahsh, while Adam, Erik, and Lydia continue to pursue the Amphibigors, much to Adam's concern for Mel. Seth and Rion receive Melosa's distress call and split up. Rion goes in one direction and chases K'Tahsh, but fails when she disables his stormer with an energy whip. Adam, Erik and Lydia sneak into the Amphigor's camp to take the Heart Stone, but are interrupted when some Amphibigor warriors attack them. Seth arrives and defeats them with the new and improved mech arm, and Lydia reclaims the Heart Stone. She then decides to leave without rescuing her brother, who suddenly arrives unharmed with the Amphigor princess. He explains to Lydia that the Amphibigors were willing to share the Heart Stone's energy with their village. It turns out that Lydia is a thief, who wants the Heart Stone for her village and not the savage Amphibigors. Lydia escapes, but the Amphigors and the Defenders catch up to her. She threatens to destroy the Heart Stone with a Bakorian stone-presser. As she backs up, Lydia trips on a log and drops the stone presser, causing it to activate. Seth manages to destroy the device with Bedlam, but is struck with some of the Heart Stone's energy. The Amphibigors put the stone back in their generator, which manages to take minimal damage. Meanwhile, Kara looks for a device, and she manages to strike a deal after Brackus eavesdropped on her communication with an agency. Lady K'tahsh takes Melosa to a hidden tribal village, where the people prepare to apparently sacrifice her to the human-guardian hybrid Si'i (who was hiding in that region).

Episode 42) Shape Shifted

The human tribe places a strange necklace on Melosa, drawing Si'i towards the village. K'tahsh and her Yin-tos men wait for him, ready for tranquilization. However, K'tahsh wants Si'i to have Mel as the main course. Just then, Rion bursts in, and frees Mel. They place the necklace on the tribe's chief who is grabbed by Si'i and turned into energy for him to swallow. K'tahsh's men then subdue the human-guardian hybrid and has the entire tribe massacred. Meanwhile, Seth, Erik and Adam have just arrived back at the dojo from their Amphibigor mission, with Kara once again asking for the key to the Tomb of Al-Mortigar. After telling her off, Seth goes to her room and goes into a conversation with Kara. However, he notices in an ultimate mirror that she has no reflection. He later traps her in a forcefield and demands she reveals who she really is. "Kara" is actually the shapeshifter Kali who breaks out. Barely getting away, Seth tells Adam and Erik to get the Orb of Ogama-Yan while he tracked Kali. But things get complicated when Adam and Erik meet "two" Seths in the orb room. To determine which one was the real one, Erik asks them what they go to Arboth to get when Seth merged with Kragus. The one carrying the orb says pure di-gata ore but the other says the Megalith separated him and Kragus. And so, the Seth with the orb changes into a hideous shape and goes into the vents. Outside, Mel and Rion are just returning when the dojo's defenses start shooting at them; Seth had implemented a lockdown. Erik is tricked by Kali (as Adam) into revealing the shutdown codes, his old locker combo and Seth reveals where the key to the Tome is. Kali gets by Mel and Rion and has contacted her superiors. Brackus has also come to have their agreement fulfilled. But instead of giving him the orb, Kali starts to strangle him just as Si'i comes in. Worse, she had set the dojo to self-destruct. Rion and Seth begin a descent into the core but accidentally set off a trap, releasing slugs that explode and produce a sticky slime, forcing Mel to help. They reach the core but it is too hot for them to rearrange things. They use their guardians as substitutes. But once things cool down, their guardians somehow merge with them. They race out to see Si'i drain Kali of her energy and run off with the orb. Seth tells Erik to put her on life support because she is a Radosian. He asks her where in the "real Kara", is. She changes to Kara's form, telling him she is imprisoned in her underwater lair.

Episode 43) The Empty Book

Kara is imprisoned in a mysterious jellyfish by the aquatic Mortigarians. The other Defenders arrive to free her (Adam and Erik are wearing breather masks while the others breathe thanks to their guardians merging). The Mortigarians demand the Tome of Al-mortigar in two days, at the Chi'Brek monument, otherwise they won't see Kara again. Arriving in Barrier city, separating from their guardians somehow, Seth meets with members of the Ogaman Federation to see the Tome. However, Aaron the Hunter only promised for him to see the Tome and it cannot be removed. As he leaves, an Ogaman colonel sends his men after Seth only to be caught and their uniforms stolen. Seth and Rion disguise themselves as janitors, Mel and Adam go as the Ogaman soldiers while Erik takes over the power grid. When Adam and Mel run into ID trouble, Seth and Rion put up a convincing distraction to lure away the guard. Once inside, Erik disables the power grid to the forcefield surrounding the tome, allowing Adam and Mel to try to lift but it weighs a ton. In the confusion, the soldiers shoot Adam, but he is saved by the Tome, which he is carrying. Unfortunately, this damages it beyond recovery. However, Brim's name is on the cover, so Rion contacts Brackus as to where his last location was. They return to Mount Altamor where they find it is Malco's base. Brim is frozen in a block of ice, surrounded by sigil slayer eggs. They split up; Seth and Mel retrieve the icons while the others rescue Brim. The latter run into a little trouble with the parents of the eggs but got out with ease. Elsewhere, Flinch had drugged K'tahsh and contacts Brackus to tell him that allowing the Defenders the icons was a success. However, K'tahsh had woken and was listening in on their conversation. As the Defenders make their way to the monument, Brim says there could be another way to save Kara. Arriving at the monument, both sides demand what they want. The Mortigarians call the humans "invaders" because they believe that humans came from a dying planet and took over. Seth refuses to believe him and hands over Brim. Just as one part of the exchange was made, K'tahsh crashes the party and takes the icons. Erik proceeds to free his sister, just as the Mortigarians arm a plasma cannon at them. The others cover it with their attacks, causing it to explode, knocking their ship out of the sky. Erik and Kara hug, despite that they are covered in jellyfish slime. But Kara is confused that they would let the Mortigarians have Brim. Mel tells Kara that Brim had the memories of the lost sigils transferred to Erik allowing him to be able to carve stones (thanks to an old wizard spell), just like how Brim does. As they leave the monument, the viewer is shown carvings that depict that RaDosians (humans) have arrived on RaDos from another world.

Episode 44) The Di-Gata Redemption

The Defenders respond to a distress call, only for it to be a trap made by the Ogaman Federation, led by Bo, who arrests Erik for destroying the Tome of Al-mortigar. As he was being imprisoned, the Wizard stone put him a vision, revealing the third icon, protected by a monster. Before the Defenders leave, Erik makes Adam promise to look out for Kara. Erik is put with a cellmate who thinks he's a wizard. Worse, he accidentally gets into a fight with the prison muscle, who had connections with the guards. While on washer duty, he hides from the guy, learning that he is working for Malco to force him to reveal the icon's location. He sends a pigeon with a message to the others, who tried to appeal to the judge but were rejected. He is soon attacked. Afterwards, he is sent to solitary confinement. Outside, Kara tells Adam that taking the Tome was stupid and as Defenders, they should uphold the law. When they receive Erik's message, they go to Bo, who won't help until he gets a call that there is a prison riot. While everything is happening, Erik (with two stones engraved with Mal-ra and Orn-ra) flashbacks to when Kara found his stones and tried to be like him, accidentally stinging her legs. He wakes up, finding his cellmate in his cell, taking him elsewhere. Beneath the prison, it is revealed that it is also a prison for a creature called the Rath Marak that is not of Rados, which caused a human transport to crashland long ago. According to legends, a wizard who mastered the lost sigils was able to contain it, with the cost of his life. The monster was released and ate the prison muscle with his two companions. Erik was almost eaten as well, but the Defenders arrive and Kara saves him. However, every time the creature was hit, it gets bigger and stronger, it even withstood the Nova Stone. With no choice left, Erik uses the two stones to drain its energy, but the power was too much. Kara tries to help Adam when he is stuck under a large chunk of stone, but he insists that she should help her brother, so Kara takes his place. The creature is destroyed but with a great cost: the loss of Kara, whose spirit now lives within the life stone.

Episode 45) Absolution

Erik travels to an ancient mystic monument with hopes of bringing Kara back. The other Defenders storm Mt. Froza, but find that it has been abandoned. There Rion yells at Adam for sending Kara to her demise. Adam insists it wasn't his fault. Meanwhile Malco, K'Tash, and Flinch, with Si'i and a random young woman, arrive at an abandoned cave, where the girl is sacrificed with an Ethos spell to create a floating base. At Mt. Froza, Rion feels the effects of the spell and transforms, attacking Adam in rage. Adam flees, sporting a serious injury on his arm. Rion leaves, assumedly to finish the job. Seth and Mel contact Brackus, who meets them in Jobu, giving them a special amulet that should force Rion to revert to normal. Meanwhile, Erik is attacked by a creature, Marak, of the same race as Tzur. He falls into a volcano, but realises that it is a test of faith, and jumps into the lava, an illusion. Adam takes refuge to treat his wound, and then sets off to find Erik in hopes of getting him to tell the others it wasn't his fault. Erik undergoes another test, being attacked by swamp creatures. Remembering the last test, he willingly lets the creatures get him. Marak leads him to a building where he says that Kara awaits him. Mel, Seth, and Brackus successfully force Rion out of his transformed state, but are attacked by Si'i, who'd escaped from Malco's base. Flinch and K'Tash take him out, and are unknowingly followed to the new base, which, unfortunately, is capable of teleporting, and impossible to track. Erik sees Kara in the room, but is unable to touch her. Kara tells him that what she had done was what had to be done, and reminds him not to forget his duty to Rados, before vanishing. Adam shows up, and begs Erik to clear him with the others, but Erik, also believing him responsible, attacks. Adam insists that all he'd done was tell Kara that Erik needed more help than him. Erik doesn't believe him, and continues fighting, saying that he'd rather have died instead. Adam tells him that Kara'd had the courage to do her duty, but Erik tells him that he knew nothing about duty, that every time things got tough, he'd abandon the Defenders. Adam explains that he DIDN'T care about anyone else, or the good of the realm, until he met the Defenders, and felt like he was part of something important when working alongside them. Erik then forgives them, and they vow to make sure that Kara's sacrifice would not be in vain. Erik says he feels like Kara will be watching over him. As they set off to find the others, a small furry, catlike animal that had accompanied Erik transforms into Kara's ghost who asks Marak if Erik will be okay. Marak says that he isn't sure, but that Erik has a chance with good friends like Adam.

Episode 46) The Lost Children

A number of children have recently gone disappearing. The Defenders are busy searching when Erik finds an orb that's made of a metal not from Rados. Rion suggests he be bait, but he is captured. A crazed man, known as the Professor, is searching for evidence that humans are descendants of interstellar travelers. But in the mines is a virus that is harmful to the fully grown, but children are immune to said virus, which is why he's making THEM work. He sends Rion down through the hole to see what's down there, and Rion discovers an otherworldly ship. Meanwhile, the orb Erik had found suddenly begins to head towards the dig site, with the Defenders close behind. When they arrive, the professor, the children, and a few guards go down into the hole, while the other guards try (though unsuccessfully) to hold off Seth, Mel, and Erik. The Professor leaves the children with the guards while he inspects the ship, telling the guards to destroy them if the Defenders show up. But the Defenders make quick work of them, and Seth and Rion follow the Professor while Mel and Erik get the children to safety. The Professor successfully traps Seth and Rion, and recognizing the orb as the ship's power cell, plugs it in, activating a recorded warning left by the ship's captain Iridian. She warns any trespassers that on board is the Totenkof virus, which they'd tried to escape on her homerealm, and that she was forced to land or RaDos as the Wrath Norak killed several of her crew members. The virus is only effective when airborne, and should not be released, as there is enough to destroy the entire realm. Although Iridian bears no resemblance to humans, the Professor hypothesizes that her people evolved from exposure to the sun. Seth and Rion escape as the ship takes off, but Rion pushes Seth into an escape pod, taking on the Professor alone. In the duel, the protective suit that kept the Professor safe from the virus was broken, killing him. Rion manages to crash the ship into the lake, destroying the virus and getting out just in time himself in another escape pod. Meanwhile, Kor Yin-an demands to Malco that he be allowed to take his revenge on Melosa. But the Ethos lords refuse and have warped their deal. Deciding he had served his usefulness, Malco has him destroyed and shatters his shackles that bound him. But in his undead state, Kor survives and takes the Icons, to take revenge against the Ethos by destroying them with it. Malco orders K'tash to hunt Kor down and destroy him again.

Episode 47) The Spell Zone

Mel has a nightmare where Kor attacks her. She wakes up and the others comfort her. The Wizard stones soon surround Rion, giving them the location of the fourth Icon -- at the Pinnacle. Erik stays behind to monitor, carve new stones and make dinner. The others make it to the Pinnacle but Kor had also arrived. In the ensuring fight, where the undead is invincible, Rion encounters his "other" self. Though he conquers it, Kor takes the Icon. He tells Rion to relay to Mel to meet with him at the Spell Zone, in a courthouse. Meanwhile, Brackus meets with K'tash, using a stone to control her and release the Ethos inside. He is protected through use of a spell, which prevents the Ethos from touching him. He gives an offer to the Ethos -- control of the Celestial Abyss and sole consumption of all Di-Gata energy in Rados; the Ethos agrees. Back at the Pinnacle, the Defenders stumble upon a recording of Kor's trial. The Wizards punished him with the most barbaric and brutal punishment ever -- Arkham Mal Rash, the most barbaric punishment that hasn't been used for centuries, only to be used when someone harms a fellow Wizard. Knowing that Rados lies in the balance and as the last Wizard, she holds the responsibility, Mel accepts the challenge. She meets with Kor, who tortures her a few times before they enter a duel to the death a second time. Kor was very mad that the Wizards didn't hear him, blaming them for not making peace with the Ethos, saying he did not have authorization and that he was trying to save himself. Mel knows that if he is to be freed, she must end it. So, she used her powers to throb her spear right through Kor, destroying him. She takes the four Icons just as the Courthouse collapsed. Meanwhile, two kids Erik encountered at the mine (Azura and her brother) where the ship was buried, broke into the dojo, claiming they want to be trained as Defenders. After a futile chase all around, Erik accepts them, but not before having them clean the dishes. Brackus, who just arrived, is very suspicious as to why the kids have arrived; he and Erik decide to keep an eye on them.

Episode 48) Mel on My Mind

K'tahsh finds out where the four Icons are -- in possession of the Defenders (which they took from defeating Kor Yin'an). Meanwhile, Brackus is busy training the kids in brutal combat but they quickly best him. That's when Seth, Mel and Rion return. Reluctantly, Rion and Seth decide to train the kids. Erik continued on his |carving of the Lost Sigils. But the materials he used from the Dojo cannot withstand the process. He goes to collect Dakocite from the mining town he previously saved. Brackus meets a small pet of the kids' which sprays a pink toxin in his face. Mel manages to clear it away with her powers, but the toxin makes Brackus fall in love with her.

At the Ethos Citadel, Malco is tirelessly trying to subdue Si'i, the humanoid guardian. Flinch calls Brackus, who is still infatuated at being a Sigil Slayer breeder. In his confused state, Brackus tells Flinch to make a necklace of Sigil Slayer eyes. Eventually, Rion gets sprayed and falls in love with Mel, causing a mixed up love triangle. Seth then puts hard pressure on the kids, having them carry heavy objects up a mountain. After they've completed their task, Seth asks them why they want to be Defenders. Their response was they want to protect the Realm very much. Mel calls Erik on how to reverse the "love state": Dakocite Dust. He sends Joshu (the child who lives at the mining town) to get them the Dakocite.

The Ethos emissaries in Malco decide to personally take down Si'i. They then murmur their plans to continue using Malco's body until their plan is complete. Afterwards, the body will be destroyed. Managing to get away, Malco tells Flinch to run and send for help, just as the Ethos take over him. Meanwhile, K'tash breaks into the dojo, under the cover of the confusion that the creature's toxin has caused, but can't find the icons. Mel accidentally gets sprayed, looks in the mirror and falls in love with herself. K'tash falls under the impression that Brackus is making a convincing distraction, with no knowledge of what had transpired here. Seth enters the room and breaks the confusion with Dakocite Dust, K'tash flees. Seth gets sprayed by the creature himself, but the toxin has no effect on him. Rion asks Brackus why Seth wasn't affected by the toxin. Brackus hypothesises that Seth may already had feelings for Mel, and the toxin only works when this condition isn't met. He then asks Rion where the real location of the Icons was.

Episode 49) Complications

Brackus continuously trains Roodu and Azura with a Sigil seeker, ignoring their pleas to try casting real stones. When he leaves them, they seem to be hiding something. Meanwhile, the Defenders discover that the Von Faustien's Ethos parasite is missing from the vault. Just then, Maia (whose magical vision has changed, allowing her to see the future) arrives with a whole group of kids wanting to be Defenders. Suspicious, Seth interrogates Roodu and Azura about the vault but they claim they don't know anything. When he leaves, it was revealed that Roodu took Brackus' Guardian stone. Seth then suspects Brackus and has Mel check his tent. Inside, she finds a locket with a picture of a much younger Brackus and a woman who looks like K'tahsh named Torash. She then finds a recorder detailing that Brackus hopes to earn everyone's trust. She brings the recording to Seth, who is in the process of strangling Brackus, just as the Ethos container falls from Maia. Suspicions change and Seth banishes all the kids from the dojo after discovering that Roodu and Azura stole Dark Viper and caused it to go on a rampage. Brackus offers to take the children home, but instead he gives them a map, offering them a chance to train under him in secret. He goes his own way on his stormer. When he's alone, he contacts Flinch, who is in charge of caring for the sigil slayers, but he had bred them to be controlled by an unspecified crystal. But once the conversation is over, he is attacked by K'tahsh, who was eavesdropping on the communication. While fighting, Brackus tries to explain that he was trying to barter for K'Tahsh's life so they could rule Rados when the maelstrom is over; she relents. He sarcastically remarks that he should have married her when he had the chance -- if he had not left her to the mercy of the Ethos.

Back at the dojo, the Defenders have left no stone unturned in search of the Ethos, and come to the conclusion that the Ethos parasite perished due to a lack of a host. But Seth isn't so sure that things add up, realizing Maia could not have stolen the canister since the crime occurred before her arrival. Later, Rion has a dream of the fifth icon -- in the Wizard Tower. But in the dream, an Ethos ends up possessing him. When he wakes up and goes to tell the others of his dream, he does not see his reflection in a nearby mirror. In his place, there is an Ethos instead, hinting that he may have become the parasite's host.

Episode 50) Night Fall

Air date: June 29th, 2008 Screen captions for Episode 50: Nightfall:

Episode 51) Twilight

Malco uses the Celestial Abyss to open a portal to the Dark Realm. Rion comes to stop him, only to be laughed at for the restraining sigil on his forehead prevents him from using his full power and is simply blasted away. Rion then wakes up looked in the mirror, still in his prime Radosion form. Angry, he shatters it.

Meanwhile, the others are erecting defenses around the dojo. Seth goes out for a recon mission. While Erik is digging trenches, Rion comes, demanding that they remove the restrainer, but Erik doesn't know how. Furious, Rion runs off, not knowing that Erik picked up a massive amount of sigil energy emanating from him. After a talk with Mel, she uses her powers to find out what's wrong. Then suddenly, an Ethos comes out of him. After a small battle, Rion comes to his senses and encases the Ethos in an orb, which gets electrified. Going for the next step, they decide to restore his original form.

At the Ethos citadel, K'tash rides on Si'i, ordered by Malco to retrieving the last Icon. K'tash then leads a legion of sigil slayers towards the dojo. Their movement is spotted by Seth but he is ambushed by a few strays. He defeats one, but gets detached from his mech arm. He is saved at the last moment by Maia, who warns him that the others are in danger.

At the dojo, Erik (in carver robes), prepares to use an intimidating-looing machine on Rion but something goes wrong and another ethos comes out of him. The second Ethos explains that Rion is formed of Ethos essence and only he can stop the others. Erik defeats the Ethos using the lost Sigil stones. Once the Ethos is gone, Rion is restored to his normal. But an attack from the sigil slayers disrupts things. They bypass the wall and are held back by auto defenses. Seth returns just in time and Erik reattached his mech arm. As they prepare for battle, Rion leaves to face Malco alone. But things turns for the worst when a fleet of Mortagarian airships join forces with the slayers.

Episode 52) Di-Gata Dawn

Rion arrives at the Ethos citadel, his arrival seen by Maia. He tries to fight Malco but the giant simply awakens his Ethos side. He gives the last Icon, completing the Celestial Abyss. But Malco had no intention of freeing his brothers, just to simply feed on their energy and become a god.

Meanwhile, at the dojo, the Mortagarians demand the Icons but Seth said that Rion took them. The leader informs him that Rion is a failed Wizard experiment meant to use Ethos-created warriors. Erik accepts that humans did invade Rados and offers the Mortagarians his Primordial stones as a peace offering and asks their help in defeating the sigil slayers, so they could build a new future together. The leader is pleased with such an act and allows Erik to use the stones in battle. But as the fight goes on, the Defendrs and Mortagarians are overwhelmed and forced to fall back. Adam comes in and saves Mel, who was pinned down by rubble. When they try to retreat back to the dojo, their path is blocked by K'tash and Si'i. Erik uses the Primordial stones to seal K'tash beneath the earth, causing the slayers to go wild. The Mortagarians remain to deal with the rest of the slayers while the Defenders follow Si'i to Malco. Malco becomes alerted to their approach and sends Rion to stop them. With his skills, he nearly kills them but Adam uses the Phase Stone to remove the restraining sigil, bringing about his beastly form. His Ethos side tries to regain control but Rion returns to normal. Together, they go to face Malco. But Rion's encasement attack is simply repelled, throwing them against the wall. Malco prepares to destroy them only for his true personality to expel the Ethos from him. Angered at his betrayal, they kill him. Rion transforms into his other form and takes out two Ethos but the remaining one subdues, only to be attacked by Si'i, whom Rion was able to call in the ancient language. The Ethos simply turned him back to human and threw him out of the citadel. Absorbing tons of energy, the Ethos becomes Mega Ethos, growing to large size and absorbing all Di-Gata energy in Rados. Erik and Flinch try to modify the Celestial Abyss to contain the Ethos but even the Defenders lose their energy, save Rion. He puts on the icons, granting him a similar armor to his beast form. He faces against his foe, who tris to consume him only for Rion to destroy him. All Di-Gata energy returns to the realm and the Defenders look to the sunrise to a new future. But down below, Maia sees a number of bright orbs in the sky.

Season 3 (Invasion Rados Saga?)

This is not confirmed yet. The creator of Di-gata Defenders, Greg Collinson, states that if there is going to be a season three it "will" be called Invasion Rados.

Teasers from the end of season two imply Invaders from another planet may be attacking Rados.

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