The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation develops innovation and entrepreneurship in the New Brunswick region by promoting investment, collaboration, and research and development programs. The foundation operates investment funds for research projects, enterprise innovation, venture capital investments, and incubator investments. It also offers programs for facilitating partnerships and information networking between the private sector, academic institutions, research organizations, and government authorities. The foundation is based in Fredericton, Canada.


The NBIF supports the development of innovation in New Brunswick by focusing its investment activities on research and development projects and early stage companies that are centered within the following strategic industries*:

Knowledge Industry

* Information and Communication Technologies: internet solutions/e-commerce, software development, system integration, e-learning, e-health, security solutions, new media, network technologies, wireless applications, communications * Geomatics: hyrdographic and ocean mapping, mineral mapping * Engineering: computer, electronics, architectural, ocean technologies, medical

Life Sciences

* Biotechnology: bio-medical engineering, bio-pharmaceuticals, genomics, breeding and pest management, bio-informatics, crop science and bio-pesticides, bio-products * Marine Science: aquaculture, salmon physiology and shellfish ecology, equipment development, oceanography, fish health, genetic collections of marine life * Wood Science: forest protection, forest improvement, pulp and paper science, forest pest management, propagation/breeding, genetic collection of trees

Advanced Manufacturing

* Plastics and rubbers: packaging, wraps, containers, vessels, signs, pipes and hoses * Metalworking: fabrications, building materials, transportation equipment, conveyors, harvesting equipment and containers * Electronics: communication devices, switches and circuits, sensors, probes, smart materials, gaming devices, nano

Value-Added Natural Resources

* Agriculture: value-added products, food safety, new product development * Forestry: silviculture, wood composites, engineered building materials, furniture, paper and allied products * Minerals: value-added from metallic minerals such as lead and from industrial minerals, particularly limestone and potash, development of new exploration technologies targeting deeper seated mineral bodies, finding new methods of treating reactive acid tailings and ways of extending the life of present mines * Aquaculture and Fisheries: fish and shellfish, alternative species, value-added fish and seafood products

Energy and Environmental Technologies

* Energy Generation: alternate energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro/marine, bio-fuel, geothermal * Energy Storage: fuel cells, advanced batteries, hybrid systems * Energy Infrastructure: expanded natural gas distribution, bio-fuel processing technologies * Water and Waste Water: water treatment, conservation * Air and Climate: emission control, clean-up/safety, monitoring/compliance, trading and offsets * Recycling and Waste: recycling, waste treatment, bio-remediation

*The examples provided are simply for information purposes and are not intended to be all encompassing.

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