The New Kid

The New Kid

The New Kid is the 2nd episode of Recess on ABC

Written by Paul Germain & Joe Ansolabehere

Directed by Chuck Sheetz

Courtland Mead as Gus 1st appear on Recess!


In the school classroom, Gretchen creates a thorough discussion with Miss Groetke as a diversion while the rest of the gang change the dials on the clock forward to make it so that its recess. Just as the kids are about to leave the classroom, a military sergeant enters the class and presents his son "Gustaf P. Griswald", who then introduces himself to the remainder of the class. Once all the kids are enjoying recess, TJ attempts to talk to the 'New Kid', but is quickly apprehended by Vince who tells him that the rules say you cannot talk to a 'New Kid' for at least 48 hours. TJ however pays no attention and proceeds to show Gus around his new school. While doing this, King Bob is being paraded across the playground but notices Gus and asks for his name. After hearing that Gus is a new kid, King Bob proclaims to everyone that Gus will now be known as the 'New Kid'.

The episode continues to revolve around Gus' troubles with fitting in at the new school, as nobody on the playground wants to associate with the 'New Kid' as they are seen as being somewhat like an Alien. TJ then sees how upset Gus is and decides to call on favours from people around the playground, and eventually persuades everyone to call Gus by his first name instead of calling him the new kid. Everything goes well until Gus is confronted by King Bob, which frightens the rest of the kids resulting in everyone going back to calling Gus the 'New Kid' again. However Gus decides he's had enough and gives a heartfelt speech to King Bob proclaiming that his name is Gus P. Griswald and thats what he will be called from now on. King Bob is overwhelmed by Gus' speech and tells him that he can have his first name back. The episode ends with the last 'New Kid' before Gus arguing that ironically he had to wait for years before he could have his name back, whereas Gus only had to wait several days, upon which King Bob says, "You should have just asked!".

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