The Zebra Kid

The Zebra Kid

The Zebra Kid is a ring name used by several professional wrestlers, who would often wear zebra print tights and sometimes masks to the ring.

Users of the ring name and gimmick include:
*In 1948 George Bollas became known as "The Zebra Kid" (being the first to do so) because of stretch marks on his body from fluctuating weight, while wrestling in Los Angeles. Bollas used the Zebra Kid gimmick throughout the United States, Canada, England, continental Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East.
*Louie Lipp reportedly claimed to be the original Zebra Kid, although he seems to have provided no documentation of this claim and the date he wrestled as Zebra Kid is not clear.
*Len Montana (Leonard Passafaro), a wrestler from Northern New Jersey began using the gimmick intermittently between 1951-54 and reused the gimmick in mid 1961.
*Karol Kowalski, another New Jersey, used the name The Super Zebra Kid, often when teaming with Montana through 1951-53.
*Billy Sandow also used the gimmick in 1951.
*Jim Austeri, would also use the name in 1958-59, when teaming with Bollas as The Zebra Kids. Austeri played The Zebra Kid #2..
*Earl Patrick Freeman, used the gimmick while in Japan.
*Austin Washington used it in 1959.
*Jim Lancaster used it in late 1960s into the early 1970s.
*"Dynomite" Jack Evans used it in Georgia during 1972
*Jerry Fletcher used it in Florida during 1973
*Ray Elmore wrestled under a mask as The Zebra Kid, though he was often called "The New Zebra Kid".
*Wayne Petty used the gimmick in Tennessee around 1977.
*Sean Regan used the gimmick in Great Britain during 1977-78.
*Eric Fontaine used the gimmick during 1990-91 in Wichita, Kansas.
*Alex Perez used the gimmick in Texas.
*Big Ben Morgan, used the gimmick at some point.
*Roy Bevis, one of the more recent incarnations of The Zebra Kid, is a 2nd generation British wrestler.


* OWW profile for the Zebra Kid ( [ Bollas] ), ( [ Elmore] ), and ( [ Evans] )

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