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caption=MLI-84M1, Expomil 2005.
type=Infantry fighting vehicle
service=1985 - present [ Pancerni 1] ]
design_date=late 1970s - 1985
production_date=1985 - ?
variants=See Variants
crew=3 (commander, driver and gunner) + 8 troopers [ Pancerni 2] ]
length=7.335 m
width=3.3 m
height=2.942 m
weight=17.6 tonnes
armour=Protects against 14,5 mm caliber heavy machine gun fire
primary_armament=25 mm Oerlikon KBA autocannon
secondary_armament=2×9S415 ATGM launchers or 9M14-2T "Maljutka-2T" or Spike
engine=Perkins CV8T-400 caterpillar C9
engine_power=396 hp (295 kW)
suspension=individual torsion bar with hydraulic shock absorbers of 1st and 6th road wheels
clearance=400 mm
fuel_capacity=600 l
speed=90 km/h
pw_ratio=22.5 hp/tonne (16.8 kW/tonne)
vehicle_range= 700 km

The MLI-84 is a native-made Romanian infantry fighting vehicle currently in service with the Romanian Land Forces. It is basically a stock BMP-1 with a lengthened hull, and a 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 heavy machine gun mounted on the roof of the troop compartment.

Development history

In late 1970s Romania purchased a license to produce BMP-1 IFV from USSR. At the same time it received permission to modify the construction in order to adapt it to its industry.

The decision of improving the old Soviet IFVs came in 1995. As a result of Romanian-Israeli cooperation project the new modernized MLI-84M variant was created. Since then, the Romanian Ministry of Defense spent over US$ 155 million to upgrade 99 vehicles.


The most important improvement in the MLI-84 was the replacement of UTD-20 6-cylinder 4-stroke V-shaped airless-injection water cooled multifuel 15.8 litre diesel with the Roman 8V-1240-DT-S 8-cylinder 4-stroke V-shaped liquid cooled diesel engine developed in Romania. The new engine is more powerful as it develops 355 hp (265 kW) but it is heavier and bigger and because of that the engine compartment had to be rebuild in order to fit the new engine. The fuel capacity was increased to 600 liters. Because of these modifications the length of the hull of the vehicle was increased by 60 cm (7.335 m) which in turn resulted in wider gaps between the roadwheels. The vehicle is also wider (3.15 m) and higher (2.11 m). The ground clearance has increased from 370 mm to 400 mm. The new engine has increased vehicle's maximal road speed to 70 km/h.

The armament wasn't modified but the 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 anti-aircraft heavy machine gun placed on a rotatable mount fitted to the left rear troop compartment roof hatch. It is operated by the trooper sitting next to the left rear door of the troop compartment which makes operating it while the infantry is dismounting impossible.

Because of the mentioned modifications and additions, the weight of the vehicle increased to 16.6 tonnes and although the vehicle can still travel across water with little preparation, the amphibious ability was weakened.

Production history

MLI-84 production began in 1985 and 170 vehicles were produced until 2000.


* MLI-84 - Basic copy of BMP-1. [ "JED The Military Equipment Directory"] ]
** _ro. MLI-84 Punct de Comanda Batalion - MLI-84 converted into a battalion command vehicle with a large superstructure instead of the turret.
** _ro. MLI-84 Tractor Pentru Evacuare Tehnica - MLI-84 converted into an ARV with its turret replaced by a large three-section hydraulic crane controlled from outside the vehicle, winching frame mounted on the rear of the top of the hull, stowage box on the left hand side of the rear of the top of the hull and two stowage boxes on the right hand side of the top of the hull.
** _ro. MLI-84 Vehicul de Evacuare Medicala - MLI-84 converted into an armoured ambulance.
** MLI-84M - MLI-84 modernization fitted with a new Israeli OWS-25R overhead mount turret armed with 25 mm Oerlikon KBA autocannon and two 9S415 ATGM launchers. It is also equipped with two banks of four smoke grenade launchers. Because mounting of the new turret increased the weight of the vehicle to 17.6 tonnes, a new more powerful engine had to be fitted. The new engine is the Perkins CV8T-400 caterpillar C9 engine developing 396 hp (295 kW) which is the same engine as the one found in recently acquired MOWAG Piranha III IFVs by the Romanian Land Forces. However the vehicle lost its ability to travel across water with little preparation and has to be specially prepared before entering water. The vehicle also became even wider (3.3 m) and higher (2.942 m) than its predecessor. Because of the more powerful engine being fitted the maximal road speed (90 km/h) and maximal road range (700 km) have both increased. The 9S415 ATGM launcher capable of firing 9M14 "Malyutka" (NATO: AT-3A Sagger A), 9M14M "Malyutka-M" (NATO: AT-3B Sagger B) and 9M14P "Malyutka-P" (NATO: AT-3C Sagger C) ATGMs also has been replaced and there are two different variants, each with different ATGM launcher replacing it:
*** MLI-84M armed with ATGM launcher capable of firing Yugoslavian 9M14-2T Maljutka-2T antitank guided missiles instead of the 9M14 Malyutka.
*** MLI-84M armed with ATGM launcher capable of firing Israeli Spike antitank guided missiles instead of the 9M14 Malyutka.


* - Romanian Land Forces operate 400 MLI-84 IFVs of which 99 were upgraded to MLI-84M standard. Those 99 vehicles are operated by the 282nd Mechanized Brigade.



External links

* [ MLI-84's description on Romanian Ministry of Defense oficial website]

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