Split (disambiguation)

Split (disambiguation)

Split is the largest coastal city in Croatia.

From its common usage to refer to a division of parts, split may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment

* A split (poker), dividing of winnings in the card game
* A split (ten pin bowling) where multiple pins are left gap between them
* A split (gymnastics), a figure (or move) in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics
* Split (film), a 1989 sci-fi movie
* Split (single), a song by KMFDM
* Split (Huntingtons and Darlington album), a 2000 split album by the Huntingtons and Darlington
* Split (Groundhogs album), a 1971 album by The Groundhogs
* Split (Lush album), a 1994 album by Lush (band)
* Split (Patricia Barber album), a 1989 album by Patricia Barber
* A split album, a music album with multiple artists
* A split jump, a type of jump in figure skating
* In blackjack, a split is doubling the wager and have each card be the first card in a new hand. This option is available only when both cards have the same value.


* Heterozygosity or a genetic split
* A split (mathematics), a property of an exact sequence
* A phonemic split, sounds in language dividing
* A split (phylogenetics), a bipartition of a set of taxa in phylogenetics
* A split personality

Other uses

* Split (Unix), a Unix software utility for dividing input into multiple files
* A split is a size for a wine bottle (half of a standard sized bottle).
* A stock split, a corporation dividing its shares on issue
* A banana split, a dessert
* A split, a type of air conditioning system, where some elements are located in an outdoor unit and other ones are mounted in the air handling unit.
* Netsplit, IRC term for disconnection of a given node
* Split screen (film), a visual technique in film and television
* Split screen (computer graphics)
* The split being, A common plot element in Fiction

ee also

*Separation (disambiguation)
*Division (disambiguation)
*Segmentation (disambiguation)
*Splitter (disambiguation)

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