Erin (disambiguation)

Erin (disambiguation)

Erin may refer to:

* Erin, the ancient Irish name for Ireland
* A popular name
** Erin Gruwell
** Erin Brockovich
** Erin Sanders, an actor that plays Quinn Pensky in "Zoey 101"
** Erin Hunter, pen name for the authors of the "Warriors" and "Seekers" series
** Erin O'Connor, English model

* A town:
** Erin, Tennessee, a city in Houston County
** Erin, New York, a town in Chemung County
** Erin, Ontario, in Wellington County
** Erin, Wisconsin
** Port Erin, a town on the Isle of Man

Erin may also refer to:
* HMS "Erin" (1913), a battleship of the Royal Navy
* Érin is a commune in the département of Pas-de-Calais, France
* Hurricane Erin, any of several hurricanes named Erin
*Erin, a game produced by Alternative Armies based on the Invasion Cycle Myths of Celtic Ireland

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