Infobox Company
company_name = Ferd Holding
company_type = Private
foundation = 1778
founder =
location = Bærum, Norway
key_people = Johan H. Andresen, Jr. (CEO)
Grace Skaugen (Chairman)
area_served = Norway
industry = Holding
products =
services =
revenue = profit NOK 6,602 million (2006)
operating_income = NOK 1,192 million (2006)
net_income = NOK 985 million (2006)
num_employees = 2,253 (2007)
owner = Johan H. Andresen jr.
subsid = Swix
homepage = www.ferd.no
footnotes =
international = yes

Ferd is a Norwegian conglomerate that operates within industry and finance as well as a real estate portfolio. The group is owned by Johan H. Andresen jr. and dates back to 1778. The company owns among other things Swix and Elopak. The group also has a number of venture and private equity holdings.

The company operates in several business areas including:

*Ferd Capital and Ferd Invest - an investor in private and public companies in Norway making investments from the company's balance sheets
*Ferd External Managers - a fund of funds making investments in hedge funds, private equity funds and mutual funds
*Ferd Real Estate - manages approximately 70,000 square meters of real estate
*Ferd Venture - one of Norway's leading venture capital investment firms
*Herkules Capital (formerly Ferd Private Equity) makes private equity investments


The company dates back to 1778 when the Andresen family started a tobacco factory. In 1849 the family bough J. L. Tiedemanns Tobaksfabrik that it owned until it was merged with Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni.

In 1957 the group established Elopak that produces systems for packaging of fluids and in 1978 it bought the sport equipment manufactuer Swix. The name Ferd dates from 2001.

Herkules Capital

Ferd Private Equity, renamed Herkules Capital after its spinout in 2008, makes private equity investments on behalf of third party investors through leveraged buyouts and growth capital infusions [" [http://www.altassets.com/news/arc/2008/nz12916.php Ferd Private Equity spins out, renames itself Herkules] ." AltAssets, March 17, 2008] Herkules currently manages approximately NOK 6.25 billion. Ferd Private Equity was established in 2003 with Ferd serving as the cornerstone investor in the group's first fund. Ferd raised a new fund in 2006 and completed a spinout in March 2008.


External links

* [http://www.ferd.no Ferd] (company website)
* [http://www.herkulescapital.no/ Herkules Capital] (company website)

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