The three letter acronym CDI may stand for:

* Capacitor discharge ignition, an ignition system common for motorcycle engines
* Carbonyldiimidazole, a peptide coupling agent
* Cargo Disposition Instructions
* Category Development Index is a measure used in the allocation of media, and promotion for a specific product category or genre
* Category Development System
* Center for Defense Information
* Center for Domain Integration
* Comitê para Democratização da Informática (committee for democratization of computer science)
* Chief of Defense Intelligence, a military position
* Chak De India, a Hindi super-hit movie starring Shahrukh Khan as a women's Hockey coach.
* Children's Depression Inventory
* Christian Democrat International
* Chronic daily intake
* Chung Dahm Institute
* Churchill Downs Incorporated
* Civilian Disabling Injury
* Coherent Diffraction Imaging, a lensless nanoscale imaging technique
* Collateral Duty Inspector, a maintenance position doing quality assurance
* Collector Diffusion Isolation, in semiconductor manufacturing
* Collège des Ingénieurs, an educational institution in France and Germany
* Color Discrimination Index, a measure relevant for appraisal of color rendering
* Color Doppler Imaging, a technique of imaging with ultrasounds
* Combined Drug Intoxication
* Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas, Mexico's National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples
* Common Direct Injection, a synonym of common rail
* MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory, a tool for gauging the vocabulary of infants and toddlers
* Compass Directional Indicator, part of aircraft navigational equipment such as AHRS, EFIS, CTOT, Vertical & Horizontal Gyro
* Conditioned Diphase, a form of diphase modulation
*Concours de Dressage International
* Conformation Dependent Immunoassay, a proprietary immunoassay method to directly reveal and measure minute amounts of infectious prion proteins in brain tissue
* Controlled Demolition, Inc., a major Building implosion contractor
* CD-i, Compact Disc Interactive, interactive multimedia CD player and format developed and marketed by Royal Philips Electronics N.V.
* Contrat à durée indéterminée, French for open-ended contract (lit. "contract of undetermined duration"), the usual form of employment contract in France
* Course deviation indicator, an aircraft navigation instrument
* Cranial diabetes insipidus, an endocrinological disorder
* CREST Depositary Interest
* Custodial Detention Index, a list of US residents compiled by FBI during 1939-1941, and later used for Japanese American internment.
* Current density imaging, a medical imaging technique using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
* Customer data integration
* Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation, a [ research program at National Science Foundation]
* Cyrel Digital Imager, a direct laser engraving flexography plate printing device

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