CMP Information

CMP Information

CMP Information (CMPi) is the European magazine and events business of United Business Media plc. CMPi is based in the UK and operates internationally with operations in 16 countries.

CMPi has approximately 1,200 employees in the UK, US, Asia, Europe, India and South America and in 2006, generated around £170m in revenues. [cite web |url= |title= About CMP Information |accessdate=2007-10-15 |format= |work= ]

Markets served

Its products, including magazines, exhibitions, conferences, awards, information products and websites, are targeted at business professionals across a range of markets; including construction & architecture, commercial property, licensed trade, travel, agriculture and ingredients.

Notable publications

* Building
* Travel Trade Gazette
* The Publican
* Farmers Guardian
* Property Week
* Music Week
* Daltons


CMPi has recently made a number of acquisitions including Energy Events UK Ltd., proprietor of Energy Solutions Expo event, for GBP 1 million in cash. [cite web |url= |title= United Business Buys Energy Events UK For GBP 1 Mln [UBM.L] |accessdate=2007-10-15 |format= |work= ]


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