Ricochet (comics)

Ricochet (comics)

Ricochet was an alternate identity used by the fictional superhero Spider-Man, and later adopted by college student Johnny Gallo, who appeared in the Marvel Comics' series, "Slingers".

Ricochet (Peter Parker)

Fictional character biography

When Spider-Man was accused of murder during the "" storyline, he donned several different costumes to continue saving lives without anyone knowing it was him. One of the identities he adopted was that of Ricochet. Starting with leather jacket with an R on it, his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker created a costume and weapons to match it. This persona was similar to his Spider-Man persona, but even more jocular, and he relied primarily on his agility. When he cleared his name, he abandoned the costume.

Although the hero called Black Marvel later gave Johnny Gallo a duplicate Ricochet costume, Spider-Man remained in possession of the original. It has not been seen since.

Powers and abilities

In addition to his regular abilities, the Ricochet costume included flying disc-like weapons which he wore on his sleeves.

Ricochet (Johnny Gallo)


caption=Ricochet from "Slingers" #1. Art by ChrisCross.
character_name=Ricochet II
real_name=Johnny Gallo
species=Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Slingers" #0
creators= Joseph Harris
Adam Pollina
alliances=Loners Slingers
powers=Superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination, danger sense.|

Fictional character biography

Johnny Gallo was a college student who lived with his widowed father, trying hard to conceal his secret from both his father and his girlfriend, Kathy. The secret that he was a mutant endowed with hyperactive agility and the ability to sense danger before it happened. But the Black Marvel presented him with the Ricochet costume, and the chance to be part of his team, the Slingers. Johnny accepted, and became the new Ricochet. As Ricochet he could freely use his powers to help people, without revealing his mutant nature. Much like Spider-Man, Ricochet enjoyed joking during the heat of battle, even though his humor did annoy his teammates (especially team leader Prodigy). However, one of his teammates, the Hornet, became his closest friend, and gave Ricochet special throwing disc weapons to use in battle. His other teammate, Dusk, was attracted to him, but he didn't share the feeling. Ricochet fought crimelords, mutated vermin, and even Spider-Man himself, using his leaping abilities and reflexes.

Ricochet learned that the Black Marvel had made a deal with Mephisto, the demon king, to get the costumes and find the youths to become the Slingers, and Mephisto had the Black Marvel as his captive. When offered the chance to save Black Marvel, Ricochet was the first to suggest abandoning their "mentor", but Hornet convinced him to free Black Marvel. Shortly after, the Slingers disbanded.

Later, Ricochet joined another team of teen heroes, Excelsior, now called the Loners, with the goal to dissuade young people from becoming superheroes, noting that all of his efforts had not earned him one ounce of fame and recogntion; though it was revealed that he blamed himself for the Hornet's death at the hands of a brainwashed Wolverine. During the aftermath of M-Day, when a majority of mutants lost their powers, Ricochet was one of the few who kept his abilities.

The Initiative

Johnny is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the program, according to "Civil War: Battle Damage Report". He is currently in Los Angeles alongside other "retired" superheroes.

Powers and abilities

Ricochet has the mutant power of superhuman agility, enabling him to leap great distances. He has incredible reflexes and coordination, and when combined with his leaping powers, can seemingly bounce off walls (ricocheting, as it were). His mutant powers also give him a "Danger Sense", that functions much like Spider-Man's "Spider-Sense", allowing Ricochet to sense danger before it happens. Thanks to Hornet, Ricochet has special throwing discs which he stores on the sleeves of his jacket. These discs can bounce off walls and targets with incredible force. Later, Hornet gave Ricochet new discs that could explode on impact. Ricochet's super reflexes and coordination enable him to throw his discs with amazing speed and accuracy.

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