Finite element updating

Finite element updating

Finite element model updating is a process of making sure that finite element analysis results in models that better reflect the measured data than the initial models. It is part of Verification & Validation (V&V) of numerical models.This process is conducted by first choosing the domain in which data is presented. The domains used include time domain, frequency domain and time-frequency domain. The second step is to determine the part of the models that are thought to have been modelled incorrectly. The third task is to formulate a function, which has the parameters that are expected to be design variables, and that represents the distance between the measured data and the finite element model predicted data. The fourth step is to implement the optimization method to identify parameters that minimize this function. In most cases, a gradient-based optimization strategy will be used. For nonlinear analysis, more specific methods like Response Surface modelling, Monte Carlo Optimization and genetic algorithms can be used.


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