International Sustainable Energy Agency

International Sustainable Energy Agency

The International Sustainable Energy Agency or ISEA is a proposed international organization designed to address the critical need for a global commitment for a world-wide transformation to a 21st Century, safe, nuclear and carbon-free energy future, based to benign energy sources from our sun, wind, tides, and the heat of the earth in the form of geothermal energy. In 2003, the German Advisory Council on Global Change proposed considering the creation of an ISEA circa 2010 [ [ World in Transition – Towards Sustainable Energy Systems] , German Advisory Council on Global Change [] Berlin, 2003.]

Other international energy organizations

The Statute for the creation of ISEA says that for nearly fifty years, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), dominated by commercial interests, has promoted nuclear energy, while the International Energy Agency (IEA) established in 1974 during the OPEC oil crisis, is mandated to secure adequate supplies of fossil fuel.

Definition of sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is defined as energy which, in its production or consumption, has minimal negative impacts on human health and the healthy functioning of vital ecological systems, including the global environment, and that can be supplied continuously to future generations on earth. Such forms of energy include, but are not limited to the following: solar thermal, solar photo-voltaic (PV), wind, hybrid wind-solar, fuel cell, geothermal, small-scale (mini- and pico-) hydro-electric, tidal and wave. This definition specifically excludes nuclear and fossil fuel energy or their “improvements” as an option thereof. [ Nuclear power is sometimes presented as a sustainable, clean energy source. However, “(a)s long as the limited supply of rich uranium ores hold out, the nuclear energy fuel chain does indeed, after about 7 years of operation, produce less CO2 than a gas-burning plant. But when the uranium content of ores gets below around 0.05%, it becomes doubtful if nuclear power will lead to the production of any less CO2 than just burning fossil fuel directly.” (IVEM Centre for Energy & Environmental Studies, University of Groningen, Netherlands, April 2001).

Further, “at all stages of nuclear power generation, nuclear energy produces substantial amounts of waste and environmental pollution (from uranium mining tailings through to spent nuclear fuel, plutonium, and other highly radioactive wastes). [Although the nuclear reactor of a nuclear power station does not, in itself, produce any CO2,] the nuclear fuel chain is a significant source of carbon dioxide emissions; it causes radioactive contamination of the air, water and land…and encourages the proliferation of nuclear weapons…” (Pacific News Bulletin, January 2001.)]

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External links

* [ Statute for the creation of an International Sustainable Energy Agency (ISEA)] .
* [ ISO 13602-1:2002 Methods for analysis of technical energy systems] .
* [ A UN Environment Organization] , by Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf and Markus Knigge. Excerpts from "Global Environmental Governance - Perspectives on the Current Debate", Published in 2007 by the [ Center for UN Reform Education] .
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