Marvin "Mouth" McFadden

Marvin "Mouth" McFadden

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colour = #236B8E
name = Mouth McFadden

caption = Lee Norris as Mouth
first = "Pilot"
(episode 1.01)
last =
cause =
nickname = Mouth
alias =
age = 22 (fastforward)
born = 1988
death =
occupation = | title =
family =
spouse= Millicent Huxtable(girlfriend)
Shelly Simon (ex-girlfriend)
Gigi Silveri (ex-girlfriend)
Erica Marsh (ex-girlfriend)
children =
relatives = Leo (uncle)
Mel McFadden (grandfather)
Joe McFadden (father)
episode = 85
portrayer = Lee Norris
creator = Mark Schwahn

Marvin Leonardo "Mouth" McFadden is a fictional character on the CW television series "One Tree Hill", played by Lee Norris. He is a close friend of Lucas Scott.

Fictional character biography

eason 1

Mouth, as he is always referred to, is a teen wanting to be a basketball commentator and he began pretending to be one during Lucas Scott's River Court "games". At this time, he is also best friends with Jimmy Edwards. He creates [ ] when Lucas joins the Ravens and thus realizes his dream to be a commentator. On the charity night, he is bought by Brooke Davis for the night and holds the record ($200). He has a crush on her ever since.

eason 2

whose boyfriend he later becomes.

eason 3

In the beginning of season 3 it is revealed that Erica dumped him and he is soon caught in a rivalry between Rachel Gatina and Brooke. He hires Gigi Silveri to replace Jimmy as his co-commentator and is also chosen by Peyton Sawyer as her fantasy boy since Jake Jagielski is away and they become very good friends. He falls for Rachel but rejects her when she tells him that she is responsible for the time capsule incident which led to Jimmy and Keith Scott's death. He later tries to patch things up with her (after learning that she has had extensive plastic surgery due to having been overweight) but she ends up with Cooper Lee before he has a chance.

eason 4

In season 4 he tells Rachel that she'd better become a good person because she can't stay that way after she triggered a crash accident which endangered Cooper Lee's, Nathan Scott's and her life. He also begins to date Gigi but still has several issues about being nothing more than girl's great friend Mouth. They then break up when Gigi realises that she won't be able to handle a long distance relationship after his senior year is over. In "Pictures of You", Mouth asked Shelly Simon to the prom and she said yes. In "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers" he gave his virginity to Shelly. Shelly left straight afterwards and told him to never call her again. In "Prom Night at Hater High", Mouth attends the prom with Brooke. However when Brooke leaves to check on Peyton, he leaves with Rachel. Rachel is leaving that night to join her family on holiday, as she was expelled. Mouth decides to go with Rachel and they go on a trip together. ("You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love"). Rachel later leaves with a man, and Mouth is arrested for sleeping on a park bench. His friends Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, Haley and Skills drive to Honey Grove, Texas to rescue him. They eventually attend the Honey Grove prom. ("It Gets the Worst at Night"). After learning that Jimmy Edwards had been removed from the yearbook he had Gigi print a special version which many students (including Lucas) signed for Jimmy's mother. At the big post graduation party, Mouth is reunited with Shelly. While they aren't speaking much during the party, when Mouth over hears a guy calling Shelly a slut, he defends her. The guy pushes Mouth to the ground to which Mouth responds to by punching the guy out. Next he fulfills his fantasy of kissing Brooke. Finally, he ends his night with the gang at the river court commentating on a one on one game between Nathan and Lucas.

eason 5

Mouth auditions for a post as a reporter but gets turned down because he doesn't have the face for it and instead gets a job in the archiving department.One Tree Hill Episode 5x02: "Racing Like a Pro"] He then tries to confront his boss about her hate towards him and they end up making out. [One Tree Hill Episode 5.03: "My Way Home is through You"] They begin an affair which eventually lands him on a job but he begins to feel bad about it.One Tree Hill Episode 5.06 "Don't dream it's over"] When he meets Milicent, he begins dating her and gets fired as a result. [One Tree Hill Episode 5.07 "In Da Club"] but since his boss is fired for sleeping with yet another employee he is allowed to keep his job and even gets his first assignment. His relationship with Milicent hits its first problem when Rachel comes back in town but he chooses to stay with her [One Tree Hill Episode 5.11 "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side"] and then attends Lucas's failed wedding [One Tree Hill Episode 5.12 "Hundred"] He then welcomes Milicent to move in with him and gets his first big break and a work offer in Omaha, which he turns down to stay with Milicent. He is then assigned to cover the Ravens's game but refuses to have Lucas's blow up aired, getting recycled as an assistant [One Tree Hill season 5 episode 17Hate is Safer Than Love] . After helping the new sports guy during a broadcast, he announces he quits, effectively taking the Omaha offer [One Tree Hill season 5 episode 18 What Comes after the Blue] .

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