List of players from Germany in Major League Baseball

List of players from Germany in Major League Baseball

This is an alphabetical list of 42 baseball players from Germany which had played in Major League Baseball between 1872 and 2007.

*Jeff Baker
*Heinz Becker
*Rob Belloir
*Mike Blowers
*Fritz Buelow
*Bob Davidson
*Pep Deininger
*Ed Eiteljorge
*Fred Gaiser
*Ron Gardenhire
*Emil Geis
*Charlie Getzein
*George Heubel
*Glenn Hubbard
*Edwin Jackson
*Jack Katoll
*Steve Kent (baseball)
*Ben Koehler
*Marty Krug
*Bill Kuehne
*Craig Lefferts
*David Lenz
*Tom McCarthy
*George Meister
*Bill Miller
*Joe Miller
*Fritz Mollwitz
*Will Ohman
*Dave Pavlas
*Reggie Richter
*Skel Roach
*Dutch Schesler
*Dutch Schliebner
*Mickey Scott
*Gus Shallix
*Frank Siffell
*Joe Straub
*Marty Swandell
*Bun Troy
*Stefan Wever
*Tony Welzer
*Bill Zimmerman


* [ German born players Baseball Reference]
* [ West German born players Baseball Reference]

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