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Origin = Helsinki, Finland
Genre = Cello Metal
Chamber music
Instrumental Rock
Symphonic Metal

Years_active = 1993 – present
Label = MCA Music, Inc.
Zen Garden
Jive Records
Zomba Label Group
Sony BMG
Associated_acts = Hevein Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Three Days Grace Tekijä Tuntematon
URL = [http://www.apocalyptica.com www.apocalyptica.com]
Current_members = Eicca Toppinen Paavo Lötjönen Perttu Kivilaakso Mikko Sirén
Past_members = Max Lilja Antero Manninen

Apocalyptica is a Finnish cello metal band, composed of classically trained cellists and, since 2005, a drummer. Three of the cellists are graduates of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. Their music features elements from classical music, neo-classical metal, [ [http://www.fye.com/Apocalyptica-Neo-Classical-Metal_stcVVproductId3397605VVcatId458240VVviewprod.htm FYE: Neo-Classical Metal - Apocalyptica Apocalyptica / CD / 2005 ] ] thrash metal, and symphonic metal.


Apocalyptica was formed in 1993 [ [http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/esearch/searchResult.jsp?configType=BBCOM_SIMPLEDEFAULT&pubList=Billboard&an=bbcom&action=Submit&kw=&exposeNavigation=true&keyword=Apocalyptica&searchType=ARTICLE_SEARCH&submit.x=38&submit.y=22 Billboard Music Charts - Latest Music News - Music Videos] ] when four cellists, Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Max Lilja, and Antero Manninen gathered to play Metallica covers at Sibelius-Academy.They performed 1995 in an after-Christmas party as a "Jailhouse Band" at the Teatro Heavy Metal Club.That evening the line-up was Toppinen,Lilja,Manninen and Perttu Kivilaakso- who was about to join the band permanently later,at 1999. Among the audience was Kari Hynninen, who worked for the independent label Zen Garden Records. After listening to Apocalyptica's set, Kari Hynninen signed them on the spot to Zen Garden Records.

In 1996, Apocalyptica released their debut studio album, "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos", which consisted solely of Metallica covers played on cellos. In 1998, Apocalyptica released their second studio album, "Inquisition Symphony", which was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa. "Inquisition Symphony" once again contained covers of Metallica, but also contained covers of Faith No More, Sepultura, and Pantera. For this album the band also decided to include three original songs written by Eicca Toppinen.

In 1999, Antero Manninen left the group, and was replaced by Perttu Kivilaakso. In 2000, Apocalyptica released their third studio album, "Cult", which now featured 10 original songs, and only 3 covers. And it was after the recording of "Cult" that an Apocalyptica track was first seen featuring vocals, Path Vol. 2. In 2002, Max Lilja left the group and joined Hevein, leaving Apocalyptica with only three members.

In 2003, Apocalyptica released their fourth studio album, "Reflections", which consisted for the first time of all original songs. "Reflections" featured a more experimental sound, instead of the previous acoustic style arrangements found on "Inquisition Symphony" and "Cult". Dave Lombardo from Slayer played drums on five songs from "Reflections". As he was unable to join the band on stage on the following tour, the band hired Mikko Sirén, who would stay with the band for future tours as well as the recording of the next album.

In 2005, Apocalyptica released their fifth studio album, "Apocalyptica". This album featured a number of guest musicians including Ville Valo of HIM, Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus, and once again Dave Lombardo. They also recorded the Intro for Bullet For My Valentine's album The Poison.In December 2005 Mikko Sirén was announced as an official bandmember after having played around 200 shows with the band.

Apocalyptica released their sixth studio album, "Worlds Collide", on September 17 2007. It was produced by Jacob Hellner. To the surprise of many, the album includes a cover of the German version of David Bowie's song "Heroes". Till Lindemann of Rammstein, for whom they opened on the Reise, Reise tour, was the guest vocalist on the track "Helden". This album, "Worlds Collide" was released on April 15, 2008 in the United States.

To end 2007, the band toured Europe successfully, selling out many of the venues they played. Year 2008 the tour has continued in US and contained a numerous amount of festivals in Europe.Band has played approximately 850-1000 concerts during their career in about 50 countries.

Apocalyptica announced a large world tour for 2008, so far including concerts in Europe, North America and Mexico. They have sold over three million albums to date.

In June 2008, during the Rock in Rio concert in Lisbon, Apocalyptica joined the Greenpeace "energy [r] evolution campaign" and played the Beethoven 5th symphony from the stage. [ [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ6At2GmDbI Apocalyptica supports Greenpeace campaign. Video on YouTube.] ]


Current members

* Eicca ToppinenCello
* Paavo LötjönenCello (1996–present)
* Perttu KivilaaksoCello (1999–present)
* Mikko Siréndrums (2003–present,a permanent band-member since 2006)

Former members

* Max LiljaCello (1996–2002)

essional members

*Dave Lombardo of Slayerdrums (2003–2007)
* Antero ManninenCello (1996–1999, 2002-present)
* Toryn Green - Lead Touring Vocalist (2008-present)

Guest musicians

* Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace (“I Don't Care”) rhythm guitar and vocals
* Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot (“I'm Not Jesus”) [ [http://www.videostatic.com/vs/2007/week18/index.html#entry-33586006 Apocalyptica – Tony Petrossian, director] ]
* Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil (“SOS (Anything But Love)”) [http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=72337 Blabbermouth.Net - Lacuna Coil, Gojira Members To Guest On New Apocalyptica Cd ] ]
* Dave Lombardo of Slayer (“Last Hope”, “Betrayal/Forgiveness”, "Prologue [Apprehension] ", "No Education", "Somewhere Around Nothing", "Resurrection", "Cortége")
* Emmanuelle Monet of Dolly (“En Vie”)
* Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus (“Life Burns!”, “Bittersweet”)
* Ville Valo of HIM ("Bittersweet")
* Linda Sundblad of Lambretta (“Faraway Vol.2”)
* Marta Jandová of Die Happy (“Wie weit” / “How Far”)
* Mats Levén of Therion, Krux (“SOS”, “I Don't Care”)
* Matt Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine (“Repressed”)
* Matthias Sayer of Farmer Boys (“Hope Vol.2”)
* Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Nailbomb, ex-Sepultura (“Repressed”)
* Nina Hagen (“Seemann”)
* Till Lindemann of Rammstein (“Helden”)
* Sandra Nasic of Guano Apes (“Path Vol.2”)
* Till Lindemann of Rammstein (“Helden”)
* Tomoyasu Hotei (“Grace”)
* Toryn Green of Fuel ("I'm Not Jesus", " I Don't Care") Worlds Collide North American Tour 2008

Covered artists

Apocalyptica have covered songs by the following artists:
*Edvard Grieg
*Faith No More
*David Bowie
*SlayerOften people mistake the String Quartet Tribute Series for Apocalyptica covering bands other than the ones mentioned above.



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*1996: "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos"
*1996: "Apocalyptica (Christmas Single)"
*1998: "Inquisition Symphony"
*2000: "Cult"
*2002: "Best of Apocalyptica" (Japan only)
*2003: "Reflections"
*2005: "Apocalyptica"
*2006: "Amplified // A Decade of Reinventing the Cello"
*2007: "Worlds Collide"

Apocalyptica in media

* On Angelzoom' album "Angelzoom", they provide music to the track "Turn the Sky".
* Three songs from the album "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos", "Enter Sandman", "Wherever I May Roam" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", appeared in the soundtrack to the 1998 movie "Your Friends & Neighbors."
* The song "Hope Vol. 2" served as the title song for the 2001 movie "Vidocq".
* Kivilaakso recorded the main themes of the video game "" released in 2003.
* Their cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" appeared in the 2004 Metallica film "Some Kind of Monster".
* The song "Bittersweet" served as the theme music for the video game "" released in 2005.
* On Grip Inc.' album "Incorporated", Toppinen provide music to the track "(Built To) Resist".
* Apocalyptica recorded the main theme "Boy s T'enyu" (meaning "Fight with the shadow") feat. Triple X for the sport drama movie "Shadowboxing" released in 2005.
* On Rammstein' single "Benzin", remixes the song as "Kerosiini" and performance live on Concert in 2007 in Budapest, Hungary the songs Mein Herz brennt and Ohne Dich.
* In 2006, Apocalyptica were featured briefly in the OOMPH! filmclip, "Die Schlinge" ("The noose") playing their cellos as the members of OOMPH! played their instruments (and sang) on a set of gallows in accordance to the song title.
* Apocalyptica played during the counting of votes in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki. They played a medley of the songs "Worlds Collide", "Faraway", and "Life Burns!".
* On Waltari' album "Space Avenue", they provide music to the tracks "Purify Yourself" and "Look Out Tonite".
* In the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 in London, Finland's representatives, dancers Jussi Väänänen and Katja Koukkula, chose Apocalyptica's cover of the Metallica song "The Unforgiven" as the background music for one of their numbers. The couple won the competition.
* French figure ice-skater Brian Joubert chose a medley of "Enter Sandman", "The Unforgiven" and "Nothing Else Matters" played by Apocalyptica for his Free skating program for the years 2006-2007 and 2008.
* On The 69 Eyes' album "Angels", they provide music to the track "Ghost".
* Apocalyptica contributed a remix of "S.O.S. (Anything But Love)" done by Justin Lassen to the original soundtrack of horror movie "The Midnight Meat Train".
* Grace can be found on the NHL 09 soundtrack
* Apocalyptica played with Hanna Pakarinen the song S.O.S (Anything But Love) live at Emma-gaala on 8 March 2008.


External links

* [http://www.apocalyptica.com Apocalyptica - official website]
* [http://www.harmageddon-music.com Harmageddon Publishing - official sheet music]
*YouTube channel|ApocalypticaVideos
* [http://www.youtube.com/ApocalypticaCello Live videos]
* [http://www.soundshock.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=372&Itemid=53 In depth interview with Mikko Sirén]
* [http://www.project961.com/iplaylist/artist/203437/?_show Apocalyptica On Demand]

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