The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

Infobox Album
Name = The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

Type = Album
Artist = Defiance, Ohio
Released = December 4, 2007
Recorded = June/September, 2007
Genre = Folk punk
Length = 24:33
Label = No Idea Records
Producer = Mike Bridavsky
Last album = "The Great Depression"
This album = "The Fear, The Fear, The Fear"

"The Fear, The Fear, The Fear" is Defiance, Ohio's third full length album. The album was originally scheduled to be released on No Idea Records during [ the Fest] in Gainesville, Florida, but was delayed until December 4th.As with all of the band's recordings, the album is available for free on [ the band's website] . It was recorded at Russian Recordings in Nashville, Indiana.

As the name of the album (which is derived from a line in track five, "Eureka!") and many of the track titles indicate, the major lyrical theme of "The Fear, The Fear, The Fear" is fear. Other major themes include anxiety, worry, isolation, monotony, and acceptance.

This album marks a shift in sound for Defiance, Ohio, with Ryan Woods taking up an electric bass instead of his usual double bass.

Track listing

#"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" - 1:47
#"The List" - 3:25
#"The Things We Won't Let Settle But Let Set" - 3:22
#"The Condition" - 1:49
#"Eureka!" - 1:19
#"Now, Now, Now" - 2:41
#"Anxious and Worrying" - 2:09
#"The Years, The Fears, The Sleep" - 2:04
#"Oh, Cheri" - 2:37
#"Expect The Worst" - 3:10


On this recording, Defiance, Ohio is:

Geoff Hing - guitar, vocals
Ryan Woods - bass, vocals
Will Staler - drums, guitar, vocals
BZ - violin, piano
Sherri Miller - cello, banjo, vocals
Theo Hilton - drums, guitar, piano

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