Jelebu is one of the largest districts in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, consisting more than 100,000 in population. Jelebu borders both the Nilai district and Selangor. Jelebu is a suburban district with blossoming semi-agricultural industry.

Jelebu has an infamous recorded history of British and Japanese colonization as compared to other parts of Negeri Sembilan. Numerous priceless colonial artifacts were discovered in the small semi-agricultural town of Sungai Muntoh, which was a once-booming mining town a century ago. These artifacts are now displayed in the state museum. Titi and neighbouring Sungai Muntoh were the most developed towns of all mining sites in Jelebu. The booming tin industry was one of the main reasons of the massacre in Titi, where more than 1,500 people (mainly Chinese) were killed. Altogether, there were about 5,000 people killed under the Japanese-led army during World War II.

Jelebu has the warmest climate in recorded Malaysian history. The southwestern part of Jelebu is arguably the driest place in Malaysia.

The rubber and the mining business made Malaya one of the richest in natural resources during the British colonial period. Jelebu was one of the districts that produced some of the world's best quality rubber and steel. Pineapple production there is ranked one of the top in Peninsular Malaysia. For some unknown reasons, Jelebu is home to some of the state's biggest and most advanced rehabilitation centers.


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