Absolute Beginners

Absolute Beginners

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preceded_by = City of Spades
followed_by = Mr. Love and Justice

:"This article is about the book Absolute Beginners. For the film, see Absolute Beginners (film). For the David Bowie song, see Absolute Beginners (song). For The Jam song, see Absolute Beginners (The Jam song)."

"Absolute Beginners" is a novel by Colin MacInnes, written and set in 1958 London, England. It was published in 1959. The novel is the second of MacInnes' London Trilogy, coming after "City Of Spades" (1958) and before "Mr. Love and Justice" (1960). These novels are each self-contained, with no shared characters.


The novel is written from the first person perspective of a teenaged freelance photographer, who lives in a rundown yet vibrant part of West London he calls Napoli. The area is home to a large number of Caribbean immigrants, as well as English people on the margins of society, such as homosexuals and junkies.

The themes of the novel are the narrator's opinions on the newly-formed youth culture and its fixation on clothes and jazz music, his love for his ex-girlfriend Crêpe Suzette, the illness of his father and simmering racial tensions in the summer of the Notting Hill race riots.

Plot Summary

The novel is divided into four sections. Each detail a particular day in the four months that spanned the summer of 1958.

"In June": This section takes up half of the book and shows the narrator meeting up with various teenaged friends and some adults in various parts of London and discussing his outlook on life and the new concept of being a teenager. He also learns that his ex-girlfriend, Suzette, is to enter a marriage of convenience with her boss, a middle-aged gay fashion designer called Henley.

"In July" has the narrator taking photographs by the Thames, seeing the musical operetta "H.M.S. Pinafore" with his father, has a violent encounter with Ed the Ted and watches Hoplite's appearance on Call-Me-Cobber's TV show.

"In August": The narrator and his father take a cruise along the Thames towards Windsor Castle. His father is taken ill on the trip and has to be taken to a doctor. The narrator also finds Suzette at her husband's cottage in Cookham.

"In September" is set on the narrator's nineteenth birthday. He sees this, symbolically, as the beginning of his last year as a teenager. He witnesses several incidents of racial violence, which disgust him. His father also dies, leaving him four envelopes stuffed with money. Suzette has separated from Henley, but still seems uncertain as to whether she should resume her relationship with the narrator. The narrator decides to leave the country and find a place where racism doesn't exist. At the airport, he sees Africans arriving and gives them a warm welcome.

Characters in "Absolute Beginners"

* The narrator - An unnamed photographer who turns 19 in the last section of the book. He makes most of his money by selling pornographic pictures, but is interested in having an exhibition of his other work. He lives in an attic flat in a building in London's W10 area.
* Crêpe Suzette - the narrator's ex-girlfriend. She is a promiscuous negrophile who intends to enter into a sexless marriage with her boss.
*The narrator's parents - his mother runs a boarding house and prefers the company of her boarders to that of her second husband, the narrator's father. She has a stormy relationship with the narrator, who keeps a photographic darkroom at the house as an excuse to visit his father. His father has been writing a book called "The History of Pimlico" for several years.
* The Fabulous Hoplite - an occasional rentboy and part of the Knightsbridge-Chelsea set, who lives in the same building as the narrator.
* The Wizard - a baby-faced sociopath who works as a pimp, best friend of the narrator whom, after a falling out, joins with the far-right thugs during the riots.
* Henley - a gay fashion designer who claims to be 45 and who intends to marry Suzette.
* Verne - the 25-year-old half-brother of the narrator.
* Mr. Cool - a young black man, born in London, who lives in the same building as the narrator and who is threatened by the local teddy boys to leave the area.
* Wilf - Mr. Cool's white half-brother.
* Call-me-Cobber - an Australian media celebrity and presenter of the ITV chat show "Junction!"
* The ex-Deb-of-Last-Year - a young upper class female friend of the narrator's, who goes out with Call-me-Cobber.
* Ed the Ted - a pasty-faced Teddy Boy who has left his old gang and became part of a mob of racist hooligans.
* Zesty-Boy Swift - an unsuccessful pop singer who became a highly successful songwriter.
* Dido Lament - a gossip columnist.
* Big Jill - a lesbian in her twenties who lives in the basement flat of the narrator's building. She controls young, lesbian prostitutes.
* Dean Swift - one of the narrator's pornographic models. A junkie and a lover of modern jazz.
* The Misery Kid - a devotee of old-style jazz.
* Mannie Katz - a poet friend of the narrator's; married to Miriam and father of Saul.
* Vendice Partners - Dido's ex-lover who works at a Mayfair-based advertising agency.

The narrator also encounters a left-wing trade unionist called 'Ron Todd' in a jazz club . In 1985 a real-life trade unionist called Ron Todd actually became general secretary of the TGWU.


Although MacInnes turned forty-four in the summer of 1958, the book is written through the eyes of an eighteen-year-old, who is part of the new vibrant and affluent London youth culture of coffee bars, Modern Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll music, and Italian scooters and clothes. As such, it chronicles the first years of what would become the mod subculture in the 1960s. MacInnes has the narrator use a very stylised form of speech. For example, when the narrator and Zesty-Boy talk about why Vendice no longer uses Dido's newspaper for advertising, MacInnes writes it as:

'And why has Partner's pimpery taken their custom away from Dido's toilet-paper daily?' I asked Zesty-Boy.
'It may be that Dido's slipping, or the paper's slipping, or just that everything these days is falling in the fat laps of the jingle kings.'
'I wonder why Dido doesn't do a quick change and crash land in the telly casbah?'

The narrator is never given a name. When asked it by a girl at a party, he avoids the question. When pressed, he says, sarcastically, David Copperfield. He is variously addressed in the book as "blitz baby", "kid", "teenager", "child", "infant prodigy" and "son": all terms that emphasize his youth. The majority of the other characters are given nicknames or referred to by their job titles, rather than by their real names.

Film Adaptation

The novel was adapted into a musical film directed by Julien Temple and released in 1986. The narrator was given the name Colin, after Colin MacInnes, and was played by Eddie O'Connell. Patsy Kensit played Crêpe Suzette and David Bowie performed the title song and appeared as advertising man, Vendice Partners.

The film used many of the characters of the book, but changed some of their motivations and the story's ending. It also made more use of the idea of older characters exploiting the young, which was merely hinted at in the novel.

The novel was republished by Penguin Books to tie in with the films release. The cover showed O'Connell and Kensit in front of a stylized silhouette of the London skyline.

Paul Weller

The singer-songwriter Paul Weller, who was born in 1958, has described the novel as 'a book of inspiration'. This quote has been used on the cover of the 1986 paperback edition. Weller also chose the book when he appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Desert Island Discs.cite episode |title=Desert Island Discs with Paul Weller |url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/factual/desertislanddiscs_20071216.shtml
series=Desert Island Discs | serieslink=Desert Island Discs |network=BBC |station=Radio 4 |airdate=2007-12-16
] His group The Jam released a single called "Absolute Beginners" in 1981. It reached number 4 in the UK charts. His second band, The Style Council recorded the song "Have You Ever Had It Blue?" for the 1986 film.

Release details

*1959, UK, MacGibbon & Kee, Pub date ? ? 1959, Unknown binding
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*1970, UK, Ballantine Books (ISBN 0-345-21917-1), Pub date 12 April 1970, Paperback
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*2001, UK, Allison & Busby (ISBN 0-7490-0540-8), Pub date 14 March 2001, Paperback


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