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I-MAG (acronym of Islamic Magazine) is a free online non-profit islamic English magazine founded by editor-in-chef "Hayat Alyaqout" and others in February 2005. I-MAG reflects a collaborative teamwork theme based on volunteering; as the editorial board consists of youth from around the world, who gather together via cyberspace. It is affiliated with Nashiri E-publishing House, another non-profit project. Its slogan is "Enlighten your I" - based on hope that it would enlighten its readers.


I-MAG's website states::"I-MAG believes in critique and critical thinking, in hopes of presenting intellectual enlightenment. I-MAG sees itself not merely as an electronic publication but rather as an intellectual enlightenment project that plays a part in the social economy; an economy in which responsible and free information is the main merchandise."

Also, is an internet magazine for young people on the east coast. [] is a new internet magazine for young people that was set up by Jack Howson in 2006. It comprises reports, reviews, games and competitions. The key feature about i-mag is that all it's content is updated and edited by young people. The website is set to be a promising asset for young people on the east coast.


I-MAG contains sections which cover many including:
* Books in Focus
* Calligraphy
* Capita
* Excel
* Eye on I.T.
* Graph-Art
* In Depth
* Macrophone
* Med-Aware
* Media Perspectives
* Non-profit Organisations
* Occidental View
* Photo-Great
* Pinnacle
* Soul Searchers

The diverse content of the magazine aims to appeal to non-Muslims, to encourage them to find an enriching content about Islam.


I-MAG is available for free download via I-MAG’s [ website] as a PDF, as PDF resembles the look of a normal paper magazine, In parallel, PDF can be read on any operating system.


I-MAG was firstly published as a monthly magazine, for the first four issues; February 2005, March 2005, April 2005 and May 2005. It temporarily stopped for three months, in order to apply a process of evaluation and renovation. Since, I-MAG has returned back as a quarterly magazine, starting from the fifth issue, which was published on September 2005.

* February 2005 : First issue
* March 2005 : Second issue
* April 2005 : Third issue
* May 2005 : Fourth issue
* June-August 2005 : Evaluation & Renovation
* September 2005 : Fifth issue (Fall 2005 )
* December 2005 : Sixth issue (Winter 2005 )



External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Nashiri E-publishing House]
* [ Hayat Alyaqout's website]

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