List of runestones

List of runestones

Rune stones are stones with runic inscriptions dating from the early Middle Ages but are found to have been used most prominently during the Viking Age.

List of stones

"Compare" Megalithic Standing stones, Pictish stones, Gaelic High crosses and Ogham inscriptions.

Image stones

*The Ardre image stones
*The Stora Hammars Stone and the Tängelgarda stone, Lärbro parish

Elder Futhark runestones

*Einang stone (4th century)
*Kylver Stone (5th century)
*Björketorp Runestone (transitional, 7th century)
*Stentoften (transitional, 7th century)
*Eggjum stone (8th century)
*Rök Runestone (transitional, ca. 800)
*Tune Runestone (250-400)

Younger Futhark runestones

*England Runestones - a collection of 30 runestones that refer to Viking Age voyages to England, from Sweden, Norway and Germany.


*Jelling stones
*Snoldelev Stone
*Hedeby stones (now Germany)


*Kingigtorssuaq Runestone


*Granavollen Runestone
*Vang stone
*Dynna stone


*Varangian Runestones - inscriptions that mention voyages to the East ("Austr") or the Eastern route ("Austrvegr").
*Ingvar Runestones - 26 Varangian runestones that were raised in commemoration of those who died in the Swedish Viking expedition to the Caspian Sea of Ingvar the Far-Travelled.
*Serkland Runestones - six or seven runestones which are Varangian Runestones that mention voyages to Serkland, the Old Norse name for the muslim world in the south.
*Greece Runestones - 29 Varangian runestones that talk of voyages to Greece, i.e. the Byzantine Empire.
*Viking Runestones - Stones that mention Scandinavians who participated in Viking expeditions in western Europe, and stones that mention men who were Viking warriors and/or died while travelling in the West.
*Jarlabanke Runestones - a collection of 20 runestones written in Old Norse related to Jarlabanke Ingefastsson and his clan.
*The Ramsund carving
*Sparlösa Runestone

;District of Hälsingland
*Hälsingland Rune Inscription 21

;District of Medelpad
*Medelpad Rune Inscription 1
*Medelpad Rune Inscription 18

;District of Skåne
*Sjörup Runestone

;District Uppland
*Uppland Rune Inscription 11
*Uppland Rune Inscription 13
*Färentuna Runestones - Inscriptions numbered U20, U21 and U22
*Uppland Rune Inscription 29
*Uppland Rune Inscription 35
*Uppland Rune Inscription 53
*Uppland Rune Inscription 69
*Uppland Runic Inscription 77
*Uppland Rune Inscription Fv1976 107
*Broby bro Runestones - Inscriptions numbered U135, U136 and U137
*Hagby Runestones - Inscriptions numbered U152, U153, U154 and U155
*Lingsberg Runestones - Inscriptions numbered U240, U241 and U242
*Hargs bro runic inscriptions - Inscriptions numbered U309, U310 and U311
*Snottsta and Vreta stones - Inscriptions numbered U329, U330, U331 and U332
*Granby Runestone - Inscription U337
*Uppland Rune Inscription 489
*Uppland Rune Inscription 1011
*Uppland Rune Inscription 613
*Uppland Rune Inscription 678
*Uppland Rune Inscription 701
*Uppland Rune Inscription 705
*Uppland Rune Inscription 755
*Uppland Rune Inscription 871
*Uppland Rune Inscription 932
*Uppland Rune Inscription 933
*Uppland Rune Inscription 934
*Uppland Rune Inscription 956
*Vaksala Runestone Uppland Rune Inscription 961

;District Östergötland
*Östergötland Rune Inscription 165
*Östergötland Rune Inscription 179
*Högby Runestone
*Kälvesten Runestone
*Ledberg stone


*Piraeus Lion, Venice

American rune stones

The following rune stones, found in the United States, are all surrounded by controversy:
* The Kensington Runestone is located at Alexandria, Minnesota.
* The Heavener Runestone and others associated with it, in and around Heavener, Oklahoma.
* The Vérendrye Runestone, found near Minot, North Dakota.
* The three Spirit Pond runestones, found in Phippsburg, Maine, in 1971.
* The Leif Eriksson Runestone found on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts in 1926.

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