Russian Sign Language

Russian Sign Language

name=Russian Sign Language
nativename=Русский Жестовый Язык "Russkij Žestovyj Âzyk"
family=Related to Austrian Sign Language and French Sign Language

Russian Sign Language is the sign language of the deaf community in Russia. It has a grammar unlike the (spoken or written) Russian language, although there is a "signed Russian" which has been used on television in interpreted news programs.

The Moscow Bilingual School for the Deaf, which uses Russian Sign Language in classrooms, was opened in 1992.

Much of early research on Russian Sign Language was done by Galina Lazarevna Zaitseva, who wrote her 1969 PhD thesis on spatial relationships in Russian Sign Language, and in 1992 devised the now standard term for Russian Sign Language "Russkii Zhestovyi Yazyk". Ongoing research into the language takes place at the Centre for Deaf Studies in Moscow.

Use in films

*"Пыль ("Dust")" (2005)

ee also

* Russian Manual Alphabet

External links

* [ Russian Sign Language Project at Stanford University. - Online Video Glossary]

* [ Russian Sign Language at Ethnologue]

* [ MBDSA] website of the charity that supports the Moscow Bilingual School for the Deaf

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