Punjwood is the informal name given to Punjabi cinema, the Punjabi language film industry in the state of Punjab in India.

The term Pollywood is also often used in the place of Punjwood, both have disputed origins, as "Pollywood" or "Punjwood", a portmanteau of the words Punjabi and Hollywood.

Until now Punjwood has produced between 900 and 1,000 movies. The average number of releases per year in the 1970s were nine, in the 1980s were eight, and in the 1990s were six. In 1995, the number of films released was 11 (with no hits); it plummeted to 7 in 1996 and touched a low of 5 in 1997.

First film

K.D. Mehra made the first Punjabi film "Sheila" (also known as Pind di Kudi), which was a super hit film; Baby Noor Jehan was introduced as an actress and singer in this film. Sheila was made in Calcutta and released in Lahore, the capital of Punjab; it ran very successfully and was a hit across the province. Due to the success of this first film many more producers started making Punjabi films. [ [http://www.tribuneindia.com/2004/20041219/spectrum/main5.htm Noor Jehan lives on in her songs - The Sunday Spectrum] ] K.D. Mehra then made his second film Heer Sial, in which M.M. Billoo Mehra assisted him. This film had new artists Balo and M. Ismail and Baby Noor Jehan. This film also ran very successfully. [ [http://mazhar.dk/film/singers/noorjehan/career.htm Baby Noor Jehan as Singer & Childstar (1935-1941)] ]

Due to the vast Punjabi community in Lahore and Punjab, Lahore soon became a big film market. Studios opened up and many artists, producers, directors and technicians from Bombay and Calcutta shifted to Lahore. Some prominent names were Shanta Apte, Motilal, Chandra Mohan, Hiralal, Noor Jehan, Mumtaz Shanti, Wali, Syed Attahullah Shah Hashmi, Krishna Kumar and Shanker Hussain. Many journalists like B. R. Chopra, Ramanand Sagar has also settled in Lahore. B.R. Chopra was running his Film magazine "Cine Herald". Ramanand Sagar was associated with "Evening News" and Syed Attahullah Shah Hashmi took out the film paper "Adakar". These journalists were totally dependent on the Lahore Film industry.


In 1947, India was divided into two parts: India and Pakistan - Punjab itself was split between the two nations, West Punjab becoming part of Pakistan and East Punjab become part of India. This greatly affected Punjabi cinema because most Muslim artists and directors, along with most of the Muslim population, moved to Pakistan, while Sikhs and Hindus moved to Bombay. The artists and directors who moved to Mumbai made it big in Bollywood.

The 1950s

Many attempts were made to keep Indian Punjabi cinema alive. Film-makers made films like Posti, Do Lachhian, Bhangra, etc. Some of them succeeded. Movies like Posti and "Do Lachhian" were hits but weren't able to revive Punjabi cinema. And to specify why such movies became hits, there is only one reasons: the music and songs. The songs of movies would run for months and years on Radio. So people became interested and really wanted to watch the films. But many didn't enjoy Punjabi films that much.Fact|date=July 2008

The 1960s and first hit in India

In 1964 released a big-budget romantic Punjabi film of Padam Prakash Maheshwary titled "Satluj de Kande". This film had big star like Balraj Sahni, Nishi, Wasti, and Mirza Musharraf, music by Hans Raj Behl. This was the only Punjabi Film by Balraj Sahni and was a super hit and it also earned a national award. "Satluj de Kande" was telecast thrice on National Channel of Door Darshan (Indian National TV channel). Then in 1969 released religious film Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai. Starring Prithviraj Kapoor, IS Johar, Vimmi, Som Dutt, Nishi, Suresh, David. The film was a direct ducces. The film was the first really major successful Punjabi film in Post-Independent India with a major cultural impact on Punjabi Sikhs at home and abroad and is credited with the revival of the Punjabi Film Industry in India. People stood in km long lines to buy a ticket for the film.

Aftermath - The 70s

After Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai, movies started releasing in huge number. Hindi movie actors (who where from Punjabi descent) got interested in Punjabi movies. The next year saw releases such as Kankan De Ole (Dharmendra, Asha Parekh and Ravindra Kapoor), Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar (Dara Singh, Balraj Sahni, Ram Mohan & Asha Sachdev). 1971 saw no major releases. Again in 1972, Dara Singh starred in a movie. This time he paired with Prithviraj Kapoor in Mele Mitran De. 1973 saw only one major release Man Jeete Jag Jeet. This film starred Sunil Dutt, Radha Saluja and Ranjeet in lead roles. Again it was a religious film. 1974 saw many releases like Do Sher (Dharmendra & Rajendra Kumar), Bhagat Dhanna Jatt (Dara Singh & Feroz Khan), Sacha Mera Roop Hai (Manmohan Krishan) and Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam (Shaminder Singh & Radha Saluja). The best of them was Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam. This could have two reasons: 1. Because its a religious historical film. 2. It had many special appearances from Bollywood superstars: Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Johnny Walker, Dara Singh etc. 1975 saw 1 major release: Teri Meri Ek Jindri. Along with Dharmendra this movie introduced his cousin brother Veerendra. 1976 saw many releases: Daaj (1976) Giddha (1976), Main Papi Tum Bakhshanhaar (1976), Papi Tarey Anek (1976), Santo Banto (1976), Sardar-E-Azam (1976), Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun (1976), Taakra (1976), Yamla Jatt (1976). Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun was the biggest hit and starred Dara Singh. This movie ran into conflict with the Sikh political parties as the film had Khalsa Fauj soldiers wearing fake beards. The year 1977 wasn't a major one. Jai Mata Di, Saal Solvan Chadya, Sat Sri Akal, Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha released amongst others. Saal Solvan Chadya was a highlight because of the cameo-appearance by Rekha. "Sat Sri Akal" was another hit film. It starred Sunil Dutt, Shatrughan Sinha and Premnath in lead roles. In 1978 where released Udeekan, Dhyani Bhagat, Jai Mata Sheranwali, Jindri Yar Di etc. Udeekan was a drama film and was a hit. The first ever remake in Punjabi cinema was released in 1978. The film was Walayati Babu. It was remade from an older Punjabi film. The film is famous because the special appearance given by Amitabh Bachchan. 1979 was a big year. In this year movies like Guru Manio Granth, Jatt Punjabi, Kunwara Mama, Sukhi Pariwar, Til Til Dalekha released. Guru Manio Granth was a religious film and an instant hit. Jatt Punjabi had a big cast + special appearance by Manoj Kumar was a hit. Til Til Da Lekha was a hit. It won Punjab State Govt. award for Best Story Writer and Second Best feature film 1979. The first-ever mystery film released. The film was Wangaar (The Challenge). It failed to become a hit.

The 80s

In 1980, the first Punjabi film to have achieved the national award was released. That film was Chann Pardesee. It starred Raj Babbar, Rama Vij, Amrish Puri, Om Puri and Kulbhusun Kharbanda Another film Fauji Chacha was also a hit. 1981 saw only 1 hit: Balbiro Bhabhi. This film has Veerendra in the lead role. This is the first role of Veerendra that was really appreciated. 1982 saw 2 major releases: Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da and Sarpanch. Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da was a religious film which was a hit because of the songs and the acting. This film established Gurdas Mann as a star. Sarpanch once again was a hit-performance given by Veerendra. In 1983 many movies released. But Putt Jattan De was the biggest hit of them. The movie was one of the first multi-starrers and had good songs. The film was a superhit. 1984 saw another hit from Veerendra in the form of Yaari Jatt Di. This film was the first one to be shot more than 50% in U.K.. Mamla Garbar Hai again was a hit given by Gurdas Mann. The film's songs where especially loved. 1985 saw two hit films. One was Mohammad Sadiq's Guddo. The other was Veerendra's Vairi. 1986 saw 1 major hit in the form of Long Da Lishkara, this one stars Raj Babbar, Gurdas Mann, Om Puri and Nina Deol. In 1987 two major hits from Veerendra where given: Patola and Jor Jatt Da. Punjab was shaken with the sudden assassination of Veerendra during the filming of Jatt Tey Zameen. The back-bone of Punjwood was dead. There was no real superstar more of Punjabi cinema. All other actors who gave hits in Punjabi Cinema where Bollywood actors from Punjabi descent. But Veerendra was a real superstar of Punjabi cinema. The death of Veerendra gave an opperunity to give side actors or villains like Gugu Gill & Yograj Singh to become heroes. 1988 saw nothing majors. In 1989 released critically acclaimed Marhi Da Diva. The film starred Raj Babbar, Pankaj Kapur, Kanwaljeet Singh, Parikshat Sahni and Deepti Naval.

The decline - The 90s

1990 saw 1 major releases. Qurbani Jatt Di (Gugu Gill, Yograj Singh, Gurdas Mann, Dharmendra, Raj Babbar & Priti Sapru) directed by Preeti Sapru herself,film turned out to be hit at the box office.Second Release was Dushmani Di Agg which was last film of Veerendra also starring Gurdas Mann n Priti Sapru,it also did well at the box office

1991-Anakh Jattan Di starring Diljit Kaur,(Gugu Gill etc too did well,followed by films like Jor Jatt Da,which also managed to recover its cost.But it was Badla Jatti Da which turned out to be major success of the year.Udeekan Saun Diyan got critical acclaim,but not commercial success."Sounh Menoo Punjab Di" starring Satish Kaul,Rama Vij, Mehar Mittal and Pal Randhawa was also one of releases of the year,film was directed by Sukhdev Ahluwalia one of most successful director's of Punjwood, had great music by Surinder Kohli.

1992-film like vaisakhi starring Deep Dhillon & Sunita Dheer got critical acclaim but not commercial success.Jatt Jiyona Modh turned out to be major hit of the year. Also released Yograj Singh's Jagga Daku which did some moederate business. Film like dil da mamla flopped at the box office.

1993-Sucha Singh Soorma, Mirza Sahiba, Lalkara Jatt Da,saali adhi gharwali etc films managed to do quite fine business,but were not major success.Preeti's mehndi shagnan di was losing project for her.Kudi Canada Di also flopped.

1994 - "Kachehri" not only got critical but also commercial success,later it also got national award. Second release Tabahi starring a newcomer Vishal Singh was another hit of the year. Guggu Gill's vairee also did quite well at the box office.But film like jigra jatt da flopped at box office.

1995-Naseebo & Qahar both starring kimi verma got critical acclaim,but not commercial success.Naseebo managed somehow managed to recover its cost.Pratigya starring (Gugu Gill, Gurdas Mann, Preeti Sapru & Dara Singh did well at the box office.Same Year Jaildaar,Nain Preeto De & Sir Dhad Di Baazi did well.Gurdas Mann's baghawat could not do that well.Jakhmi Jagirdar,Mera Punjab etc also flopped.

1996-it was beginning of Punjabi cinema's declain,only film sukha starring Vishal Singh did well at the box office,but rest of films like deson pardeson,dhee jatt di,vichoda,gawahi jatt di,jorawar etc all flopped at the box office.Dara Singh,Vindoo,Farha's rabb diyan rakhan too flopped.

1997-films like mela,truck driver,sardari,preetan de pehredaar,pachtaawa etc all flopped at the box office,even guggu gill's films were flopping.Train to Pakistan was mixture of Hindi & Punjabi,but it was later dubbed into Punjabi,it was meant for film festivals more than cinema release.

1998-Gugu Gill'spurja purja katt mare, Dara Singh,Ravinder Maan,Vishal's laali,Kalbhooshan Kharbanda,Tanuja's dildaara,suche moti etc all flopped.Even big budget film like sarbans daani guru gobind singh too flopped.Main Maa Punjab di later got national award,but it was also commercial faliure.But 1998 ends with positive note as Jaspal Bhatti's mahoul theek hai turned out to be theek mahoul for Punjabi cinema.It was first big hit after films like jatt jiyona modh(1991) & badla jatti da(1992)

1999-After mahoul theek hai,Gurdas Mann & Divya Dutta's shaheed e mohabbat not only got critical but commercial success too.Avinash Wadhwan & Upasana Singh starring teriyan mohabbatan,Gugu Gill,Pankaj Dheer,Preeti Sapru,Manjit Kular,Upasana Singhetc starring muqqader,tera mera pyar,nadiyon vichde neer,door nahin nankana etc all flopped at the box office.Rajniti which was also made in Hindi also flopped.Just like 1998,1999 also ends with positive note as Raj Babbar'S shaheed udham singh did well.so 1999 was having two major hits shaheed e mohabbat and shaheed udham singh with critical acclaim.

The rise - The 2000s

Raj Babbar'S shaheed udham singh was last release of 1999,it released in the last week of year.After that in 2000 there was just single release Dard Pardesan De starring Avinash Wadhawan,Upasana Singh,Paramveer,Deepshikha etc flopped in punjab badly,but did very well in overseas.There were no releases in 2001.Just because Punjabi films were not doing well in punjab Avinash Wadhawan,Ayesha Jhulka starrer khalsa mero roop hai khas(2001) was released in overseas market,not in punjab and it was hit in overseas.In 2002 released Jee Ayan Nu. Singer-turned actor Harbhajan Mann acted and it was directed by cinematographer-turned director Manmohan Singh. The movie was made on a big budget (for Punjwood at least) - 90 lakhs, as normal flicks just cost you around 20-50 lakhs. Then in 2004, Asa Nu Maan Watna Da released. Again singer-turned actor Harbhajan Mann acted in it and it was directed by cinematographer-turned director Manmohan Singh. It was a huge hit again. 2005, released movies like Jija Ji, Des Hoyaa Pardes, Main Tu Assi Tussi, Yaaran Naal Baharan, Nalaik etc. Des Hoya Pardes was a major hit. 2006 saw movies like Dil Apna Punjabi (Again Harbhajan-Manmohan pair), Ek Jind Ek Jaan and Warish Shah. Warish Shah was so appreciated that it is being considered to be sent to the oscars. 2007 saw movies like Rustam-e-Hind, Mitti Wajan Mardi (again Harbhajan-Manmohan pair). With many directors taking keen interest and some Punjwood films doing better than big budget Bollywood films at UK box office, it seems there is some hope left for Punjwood to be revived and be an effective part of Indian Cinema as Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc films are.

Punjwood Superstars

Dheeraj Kumar-He started his career with Hindi films,later did Indirjeet Hasanpuri's Daaj(it was dheeraj's production) and film turned out to be super hit.After that while doing Hindi films,he also did few more Punjabi films too.Later he moved to TV productions.

Satish Kaul-he started with Hindi film,he was not a Punjabi,but Kashmiri,since he did some Hindi films of bhakhri brothers,they even signed him for their Punjabi films,later he did many Punjabi films,his major films were sassi pannu,ishq nimana,suhag chooda,patola etc.Later in Punjab's black days he stopped doing Punjabi films and moved to television.

Shashi Puri-he was part of Hindi films,later did few Punjabi films including saali adhi gharwali,duja vyah,udeekan saun diyan etc.

Shivendra Mahal - Famous supporting actor. Acted in more than 20 Punjwood movies and 17 Hindi movies. Besides that he has acted in innumerable serials in Hindi and Punjabi.

Veerendra - Cousin of Dharmendra. Acted in 25 movies in his 12 years career. Gave hits like Lambhardarni, Sarpanch, Yaari Jatt Di, Batwara, Nimmo, Vairee Jatt, Dushmani Di Agg, Jatt Te Jameen etc. He also did few Hindi films too. He can be called Raj Kapoor of Punjabi Cinema. If there is ever made a list of top 50 Punjwood flicks at least 10 will be Veerendra's. Although not so good looking, Veerendra was a superstar because of his directorial abilities and the touching stories he wrote. He made successful pair with actress Preeti Sapru. During shooting of the film Jatt Te Jameen in Punjab's black days, he was killed by terrorists. His son Randeep Varinder started doing modeling and was about to make his debut in home production dulla bhatti, but the film could not release.

Yograj Singh - Father of Yuvraj Singh,Acted in about 150 movies. Mainly villain but also hero in some movies. Is still remembered for his villainous role in Badla Jatti Da.He started as negative roles,but after Veerendra's demise there was shortage of punjwood actors,so coz of his popularity he was accepted as leading man too.His major films were yaar gariban da,badla jatti da,batwara,jatt te jameen,sucha singh surma,lalkara jatt da,mahoul theek hai etc.

Gugu Gill - He started as supporting actor,but just like Yograj Singh,he too was accepted as leading man after Veerendra's demise.In fact Guggu was more successful than Yograj.After Jatt Te Jameen's supporting role he did Jor Jatt Da as second lead.He played negative role in Preeti Sapru's qurbani jatt di.But His film with Daljit Kaur anakh jatti da success made him leading man of Punjabi cinema,followed by super success of films like badla jatti da,jatt jiyona modh,pratigya,jaildaar,vairee etc.By 1996 even his films were no more working at box office.Acted in about 30-40 films.He also did Hindi film smuggler.His recent release mehndi wale hath & majajan in which he played supporting roles did well at the box office.He is also doing Manmohan Singh's next Mera Pind with Harbhajan Mann

Gurdas Mann - He was a well-known Punjabi singer. He made his acting debut in the film "Ucha Dar Babe Nanak da" (1982). It was big success at the box office. He later did films like "Long Da Lishkara" (1986), ki banoo duniya da, "Pratigya" (1990), "Qurbani Jatt Di" (1990), "Baghawat", and "Kacheri" (1994). Most of these films did well at the box office. By the mid 1990's, he cut down work, but returned back with "Shaheed-E-Mohabbat" (1999), and it got National Award as well as commercial and critical acclaim. He starred in the flop Hindi film "Zindagi Khoobsoorat Hai" (2002) with Tabu. His other two films with Manoj Punj, "Waris Shah: Ishq Daa Waris" (2006) and "Des Hoyaa Pardes" (2004) received critical and commercial success. In both films, he was paired with Bollywood superstar actress Juhi Chawla. Waris Shah was India's official entry to the 79th Oscars in 2006. His recent release "Yaariyan" did not do that well in Punjab, but did fine overseas. Manoj Punj's death was big loss to him and to Punjabi cinema too. His forthcoming film is based on the life of Mumbai's Punjabi people.

Raj Babbar - He made his debut with national award winning "Chan Pardesi" (1980), and at the same time his career in Bollywood was also starting. In 1980, two of his Bollywood films "Insaf Ka Tarazu" and "Sau Din Saas Ke" did well at the box office. These were followed by some more good projects including "Umrao Jaan" (1981), "Nikaah" (1982), "Mazdoor" (1983), and "Aaj Ki Awaz" (1984). At the same time he also did two Punjabi films: "Aasra Pyar Da"(1983) and "Long Da Lishkara" (1986). Later he worked in another National Award winning film, "Marhi Da Deewa" (1989) with Deepti Naval and also the cult hit "Qurbani Jatt Di" (1990). He later did ucha pind, "Naseebo", and the acclaimed "Shaheed Uddham Singh" (1999) (for which he got screen award in critics category). His recent Punjabi films were "Ek Jind Ek Jaan" (2006) and "Yaaran Naal Baharaan" (2005).

Pankaj Dhir-He started his career with hindi films,got popularity with mega seriel Mahabharat.He did few punjabi films like qahar,muqadder,sardari,sarbans daani guru gobind singh etc

Vishal Singh-he started his career with hit like Tabahi,but it was quite sad that industry did not notice him,his second release Sukha too did moderate business at the box office.But may be coz industry was going through bad phase or Vishal himself made mistakes.That he could not shine like the way he should.His third film was laali by B.S Shaad,which flopped at the box office.Later he did a film called Ishq Na Puche Jaat,which is yet to release.There is no news about him.

Paramveer-Younger brother of famous Punjabi singer Ranjit Kaur he started his career with modelling,he did few Hindi serials,he first did a Hindi film called Milan starring big stars like Jackie Shroff & Manisha Koirala,later did a film Smuggler starring
Dharmendra & Reena Roy,after that he moved to Punjabi films and did films like dildaara,suche moti etc.His film Dard Pardesan De did well in overseas.Later he did a film called pardesi dhola,which is yet to release.During rough phase of Punjabi cinema he again moved to Hindi seriels.Later also started singing.Now he is having his own production and he direct music videos.

Harbhajan Mann -He started singing in 1992-93.He later even did a cameo in one Punjabi film.later appeared in Hindi film Papa The Great in a dance number in 2k.But it was in 2002 he actually made his acting debut with Manmohan Singh's big hit "Jee Ayan Nu" with Priya Gill. This was followed by the successful films "Asa Nu Maan Watna Da" (2004), "Dil Apna Punjabi" (2006), and "Mitti Wajja Mardi" (2007).His latest film Mera Pind with Manmohan Singh turned out to be blockbuster at the box office.There was news that he may also work in a film based on the life of Shiv Kumar Batalwai, but there is no recent news about that.

Meher Mittal -One cant imagine any Punjabi film of the era of 80s without him, his presence was more important than film's other cast or even leading man. He did films not just as a comedian, but also played leading roles in films like "Do Madari",maa da laadla & jatti. Very few people know that he also played negative role in Dara Singh's sawa lakh se ek ladao.

Diljeet Kaur-She is called Hema Malini of Punjabi films for her maximum silver jubilee hits,her major films were daaj,roop shakinan da,put jattan de,vairee jatt,mamla gadhbad hai,kibanoo duniya da,udeekan saun diya,patola etc,she also did many Hindi films including yash chopra's faasle,rajkumar kohli's jeene nahin doonga etc..she was also part of hits like mahaul theek hai and jee aayan nu,and subhash ghai's production ek aur ek gyarah with sanjay dutt n govinda,she was paired oppocite bollywood super star jacie shroff

Preeti Sapru-daughter of famous bollywood character actor sapru,she started her career with amitabh bachan's laawaris,and Veerendra noticed her and signed her for sarpanch,after that they did many films together,which were hits at box office,her major films were sarpanch,nimmo,ucha dar babe nanak da,pritigya,dushmani di agg,yaari jatt di,naseebo etc,she even directed films like qurabani jatt di and pratigya,she recently got married to an nri.She is not even Punjabi,but kashmiri,but her conytribution is huge to Punjabi cinema.

Rama Vij-she started her career in Hindi films,she was part of amol palekar's taxi taxi,she did Punjabi film chann pardesi,which was big hit and she became known name,this film got national award.She later did films like guddo,dheeyan raniyan and kachehri(an another national award winning film).She also did Hindi films too,she was even nominated for filmfare awards's supporting category for her performance in Karishma Kapoor's debut film prem qaidi.

Manjit Kular-she did quite few films in Hindi,and later made her debut with Super Hit Jatt Jiyona Modh,and went on doing many films like mirza sahiban,vairee,deson pardeson,jaildaar,main maan punjab di(national award winner),pachtawa etc.Her major Hindi films were tehkhaana,dil ka kya qasoor,dhadkan,ikke pe ikka etc.She did few tv serials too.She is settled in mumbai,she was last seen in 2006's hit Mehndi Wale Hath,where she played the role of evil mother in law.

Upasana Singh-she too did Hindi films before entering into Punjabi films,her first film badla jatti da with guggu gill was big success,she did some more films including dhee jatt di,saali adhi gharwali,teriyan mohabbatan,dard pardesan de,she even did rajsathani and bhojpuri films,and she was big actress of Hindi's b grade films in early and mid 90s.She was even called lady amitabh,later when b grade cinema was on declain,she did big bollywood films and played comic roles in films like insaf ki devi,judai,loafer,mujhse shadi karogi oppocite joney lever or shakti kapoor etc,now she is doing many tv seriels.

Amar Noori-she is famous singer of Punjabi music and wife of Punjabi singer
Sardool Sikander, she was known for her singing talent, but people got to know about her acting abilities when she did a seriel called bhano based on famous novel which was aired on jalandhar doordarshan. She got huge acclaim for her role and was also approached by B.R films for their productions, but she refused. It was later in early 90s when she starred in film called jor jatt da, but she got notice in film udeekan saun diyan also starring Diljit Kaur, she even did not mind playing strong supporting roles in films like badla jatti da, lalkara jatt da and dil da mamla and she stole the show from leading ladies of these films. She also did cameo in couple of films including Vaisakhi. She also did Hindi Film Shaheed Ajam starring Sonu Sood. She was last seen in Harbhajan Mann's Mitti Waajan Mardi.

Ravinder Mann-she started her career in Punjabi films with supporting roles in film like vairee, ucha pind etc. But became a leading lady after the success of Tabahi in 1994, very next year she starred in two other hits nain preeto de and pratigya. After that she did films like deson pardeson, laali, pachtawa, jorawar etc. She also played small part in national award winning film main maa punjab di, some of her films could not start including pardes with avinash wadhwan,in the meantime she played supporting role in Hindi film Smuggler starring
Dharmendra & Reena Roy and later also signed an another Hindi film tasveer, but her bollywood career was not bright enough. Even Punjabi cinema was going on bad phase and Ravindra left the films and got married to a doctor, there was a news some time back that her husband is no more. There is no news about her after that.

Satnaam Kaur-she started her career with sukhjinder shera's jor jatt da, and later did few films with Shivendra Mahal, she was not having much talent. She even did not get major Punjabi films, in the meantime she left Punjabi films and by last of 90s started doing Punjabi serials for channel lashkara, it was the time when she started accepting c grade Hindi films, upasana singh did b grade film with at least known major bollywood stars, but same was not about satnaam, she went on doing meaning-less c grade stuff and right know she is known name of such films as such films do quite well in small towns. There are some of her unreleased Punjabi films including Punjab and few more too.

Neena Sandhu- She too started her career with Jor Jatt Da, with a small role, later she got to play strong but supporting role in Jatt Jiyona Modh and in few more movies including jigra jatt da,ucha pind etc. When Suman Dutta walked out of Sucha Singh Surma, who was playing neena's sister in film, Neena was given her role, so she got to play double role. She did films mainly with
Yograj Singh including sucha singh surma, vichoda, jakhmi jagirdaar, etc. There were rumours that she is second wife of Yograj Singh, there is no recent news about her.

Divya Dutta-Divya started her career in 1994 with hindi films,she did films like suraksha,mehndi,iski topi uske sar,agni sakshi,but could not make a mark.She got praise for hindi-punjabi film A train to Pakistan based on Khushwant Singh's novel,after that she did work in full fleged punjabi film Shaheed E Mohabbat,it not only revived punjabi cinema,but also career of divya too in hindi films,she got to do major tv seriels and major films including 23 march 1931 shaheed,shaadi ka laddu,qasoor,veer zaara,baghbaan etc.Later she did two more punjabi films of Gurdas Mann's productions Des Hoya Pardes & Waris Shah,there are only hindi films she is doing at this point of time,but anchoring for punjabi shows.

Kimi Verma - Kimi Verma is daughter of a famous photographer, she made her debut with Naseebo(1995), she played title role in it,film was later dubbed into Hindi with title ek ladki punjab ki, she later did film called qahar, both were critically acclaimed films, her real name was kimi,but she was given name kavita kamal, but she again got the name kimi. After these two films she moved to mumbai and even participated in miss india contest, she later went on doing modeling, and appeared in many commercials. She made her comeback in Punjabi films with Shaheed Udham Singh, an another critical acclaim film, later she did manmohan singh's jee aayan nu, assan nu maan watnan da & mera pind-my home.Sat Shri Akal is her another release of the year.

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  • Meher Mittal — Mehar Mittal, is an Indian Punjabi actor (Punjwood) and producer. He was known and appreciated for playing comic roles in Punjwood films. He worked in over 100 Punjwood films in a career spanning three decades. Originally a lawyer in India, he… …   Wikipedia

  • Mehar Mittal — (Punjabi: ਮੇਹਰ ਮਿਤੱਲ) (1935[1] ), is an Indian Punjabi actor and producer. He is known for playing comic roles in Punjwood films.[2] He worked in over 100 Punjwood films in a career spanning three decades. Originally a lawyer in India, he… …   Wikipedia

  • Shivendra Mahal — Infobox actor name = Shivendra Mahal |200px caption = Shivendra Mahal puic| log=2007 October 26 birthdate = location = Punjab, India yearsactive = 1988 present spouse = children = notable role = filmfareawards= Shivendra Mahal is a Punjwood star …   Wikipedia

  • Cinema of Punjab — South Asian cinema Cinema of Afghanistan Cinema of Bangladesh Bengali cinema Cinema of India Assamese cinema Bengali cinema Bhojpuri cine …   Wikipedia

  • Hollywood-inspired names — Hollywood is such an iconic name that various other locations associated with the film industry are nicknamed with Hollywood inspired names. Most starting with the first letter(s) of the location and ending in the letters ollywood or wood .*… …   Wikipedia

  • Patola — can mean:* Patola , a Punjwood film from the year 1987 * Luffa species (Philippine usage) * Trichosanthes cucumerina (Sinhalese usage) * Trichosanthes dioica (Portuguese usage) * Patola, a district of Helsinki, Finland …   Wikipedia

  • South Asian cinema — refers to the cinema of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. The region of South Asia bears close cultural and religious ties with the regions of East Asia and South East Asia. Bollywood, of India s …   Wikipedia

  • Sardool Sikander — is a Punjabi folk singer, sometimes called The King of Bhangra making his first appearances on radio and television in the early 1980s with his introductory album, Roadways Di Laari . He has appeared in numerous films as an actor and musician. He …   Wikipedia

  • Yograj Singh — Infobox Cricketer nationality = Indian country = India country abbrev = IND name = Yograj Singh picture = cricket no pic.png batting style = Right handed batsman (RHB) bowling style = Right arm fast medium (RFM) tests = 1 test runs = 10 test bat… …   Wikipedia

  • Gugu Gill — Infobox actor imagesize = 150px name = Gugu Gill 200px location = Punjab, India yearsactive = 1981 present spouse = children = notable role = filmfareawards= Gugu Gill is a Punjabi film star who was one of the stars who ruled the Punjabi Cinema… …   Wikipedia

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