Edith Konecky

Edith Konecky

Edith Konecky is an American feminist novelist who, despite a relatively small body of work, can lay claim to a large literary achievement with [http://www.feministpress.org/Book/index.cfm?GCOI=55861100970630 "Allegra Maud Goldman"] (1976), a coming-of-age novel that chronicles the growth of a young female artist.

In brilliantly comic, deceptively simple vignettes, Konecky depicts the world of a nouveau riche Jewish American family in the early part of the 20th century. In her later novel, [http://www.hamiltonstone.org/catalog.html#aplaceatthetable"A Place at the Table"] (1989 & 2000), Konecky explores similar territory through the eyes of an older, more experienced heroine, Rachel. Her most recent works are a collections of short stories, [http://www.hamiltonstone.org/catalog.html#pastsorrows "Past Sorrows and Coming Attractions"] (2002) and a novel, [http://www.hamiltonstone.org/catalog.html#view "View to the North"] (2004).

Konecky is Jewish.


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