Italian Republic (Napoleonic)

Italian Republic (Napoleonic)

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Repubblica Italiana"
conventional_long_name = Italian Republic
common_name = Italy
continent = Europe
region = Italy
country = Italy
era = Napoleonic Wars
empire = France
status_text =
status = Client state
year_start = 1802
year_end = 1805
date_end = March 17, 1805
event_end = Monarchy proclaimed
p1=Cisalpine Republic
flag_p1 = Flag of the Repubblica Cisalpina.svg
s1 = Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic)
flag_s1 = Flag of the Regno Italico 1805.png

image_map_caption = Northern Italy in 1810
capital = Milan
government_type = Republic
leader1 = Napoleon Bonaparte

The Italian Republic ( _it. Repubblica Italiana) was a short-lived (1802-1805) republic, located in Northern Italy. It was a vassal state of the First French Republic of Napoleon.

The Italian Republic was the successor of the Cisalpine Republic, which changed in its constitution to allow the French First Consul Napoleon to become its president. The new constitution changed the name to the republic, which therefore consisted of the same areas that had comprised the Cisalpine Republic, primarily Lombardy and Romagna.

In 1805, following Bonaparte's assumption of the title of Emperor of the French, the Italian Republic was transformed into the Kingdom of Italy ("Regno d'Italia"), with Napoleon as king and his stepson Eugène de Beauharnais as viceroy.

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