Unaffiliated voter

Unaffiliated voter

Unaffiliated voter is a term in United States electoral politics used to describe those citizens who register to vote, but wish to remain without a party affiliation. Other terms used to describe these citizens include independent and undeclared.

There are various reasons why voters choose to remain unaffiliated. Possible reasons include:
*disillusionment with the two major parties (Democratic and Republican)
*affiliation with third parties which do not have a listing on voter registration cards
*to remain "undisclosed" and hide their preferred party.


In recent years affiliation among the Democratic Party declined 8% from 1988 to 2004 and affiliation among the Republican Party declined 2%, unaffiliated voters increased 9%, from 16% of the electorate to 25% of the electorate. [http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A7329-2004Jun26.html] . Also 41% of college undergraduates are self-identified unaffiliated voters [http://www.independentnation.org/articles/independent_pres.htm] .

"According to a September 3, 2006 Washington Post article, A Nation of Free Agents, by Marc Ambinder:"

"Independent voters comprise about 10 percent of the electorate, but the percentage of persuadable independents has shot up to about 30 percent. In the 27 states that register voters by party, self-declared independents grew from 8 percent of the registered electorate in 1987 to 24 percent in 2004, according to political analyst Rhodes Cook. Consistently, about 30 percent of U.S. voters tell pollsters they don't belong to a party."

Alaska 60%

New Jersey 59.1%

Massachusetts 49.8%

Conn. 44.4%

N.H. 42.1%

Maine 40.8%

Iowa 38%

Colo. 33.4%

Kansas 27.2%

New York 26.1%

Ore. 25.7%

Ariz. 25.5%

Del. 23.4%

Calif. 22.3%

Florida 20.8%

La. 20.7%

Nevada 19.3%

N.C. 18.7%

N.M. 17.7%

Neb. 16.2%

Md. 15.4%

S.D. 14.4%

W. Va. 11.9%

Pa. 11.7%

Okla. 10.5%

Wyo. 10.2%

Ky. 6.5%

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[http://www.Unaffiliated.us Unaffiliated Voters Center] - This Unaffiliated Voters Center gives support and advice in getting a voice for Unaffilited Voters in all areas of the country. Unaffiliated Voters Groups often serve as a gathering house for Unaffiliated Voters. The purpose of these groups is to be a central source for Unaffiliated voters to be reached, and as a way of holding question and answer forums with those in Office and those running for office.

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