Stock horse

Stock horse

Stock horse may refer to any of the following:

*The Australian Stock Horse
*A horse used for competition based on the movements of a working ranch horse, including:
**cutting (sport)
**working cow horse
**team penning
*An outdated term for reining or working cow horse competition.
*A working horse on a ranch
*Any of the western riding or "stock horse" breeds developed for ranch work in the United States, including, but not limited to:
**American Quarter Horse
**American Paint Horse
*Any other breed of horse used for ranch work or for stock horse types of competition.
*Any breed or type of light riding horse of a phenotype that includes a powerful build with heavily-muscled hindquarters that appears suitable for work as a stock horse. This includes some representatives of a variety of breeds and crossbreeds. Among breeds with stock horse-type representatives include:
**Morgan horse
**Arabian horse
**Pony of the Americas

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