UTS (Mainframe UNIX)

UTS (Mainframe UNIX)

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name = UTS

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developer = Amdahl Corporation / UTS Global
source_model =
kernel_type =
supported_platforms = IBM mainframes (and compatible)
ui = Command line interface
family = Unix SVR4
released = May 1981
latest_release_version = UTS 4.5
latest_release_date =
latest_test_version =
latest_test_date =
marketing_target =
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language = English
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working_state = Current
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website = [http://www.utsglobal.com/Unix.html UTS Global]

UTS is an implementation of the UNIX operating system for IBM mainframe (and compatible) computers. Amdahl created the first versions of UTS, and released it in May 1981, [Citation
first = Lars | last = Poulsen
title = IBM 360/370/3090/390
date = 2001
url = http://www.beagle-ears.com/lars/engineer/comphist/ibm360.htm
] with UTS Global later acquiring rights to the product.


UTS Release 4.5 includes these notable enhancements and new features:
* Filesystem parallel mount processing
* Resource profiling facility
* New network controller configuration tool
* Maintenance package version tracking command
* 4745 asynchronous terminal device driver

System requirements

UTS Release 4.5 supports the following S/390 model processors and their successors:
* Amdahl 5990, 5995A, 5995M series of ECL processors
* Amdahl Millennium Global Server series of CMOS processors
* IBM ES/9000/9021 series of ECL processors
* IBM G4, G5 & G6 Servers (the 9672 R and X series of CMOS processors)


The UTS project had its origins in work started at Princeton University in 1975 to port UNIX to the IBM VM/370 system. Team members there were Tom Lyon, Joseph Skudlarek, Peter Eichenberger, and Eric E. Schmidt. Tom Lyon joined Amdahl in 1978, and by 1979 there was a full UNIX version 6 system on the Amdahl 470 being used internally for design automation engineering. In late 1979 this was updated to the more commonly ported UNIX version 7. The commercial versions of UTS were based on UNIX System III and UNIX System V.

See also

* Linux on System z
* OpenSolaris for System z
* UNIX System Services in OS/390 and its successors


External links

* [http://www.utsglobal.com/Unix.html UTS Global home page]

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