List of Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi characters

List of Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi characters

This article is a list of characters from the anime and manga series "Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi" created by Syun Matsuena.

"Note - the names are in Western order, with the given names first."

The Ryōzanpaku Dojo

The Ryōzanpaku Dojo is home to elite fighters, who each specializes in different styles of martial arts. The dojo is infamous for its powerful members and is often challenged by other dojos or single fighters. Due to this, Ryōzanpaku charges its challengers and actually has a waiting list; this caused Kenichi to call them 'Dojo hunters'. Even though they charge, they still lack money, and to compensate for this, the members of the dojo often use their creativity in several things, including using an uncharted island for vacation, and building their own boat and cottage. During the YOMI arc Ryōzanpaku goes bankrupt. The master's job doesn't had enough money so they take little children as student for a few weeks to earn money. Despite being immesurably powerful the masters of Ryōzanpaku are all very odd and eccentric. They are all prone to immature behavior and have trouble interacting with normal people due to the fact that they unconciously release massive amounts of ki. They are also shown to be lazy procrastinators as only Kōetsuji and Ma are shown to bring in any steady income, and even those two are rarely seen doing anything when they aren't training Kenichi.

Kenichi Shirahama

:*First appearance: chapter 1:*Type: Sei

:Kenichi is a first year high school student, who likes to read "How to..." books. He was initially viewed as a weakling by the rest of his school and was ranked as the weakest student. In order to become strong enough to protect others, he becomes a disciple of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo, and eventually lives there, so he can fully embrace his masters' teachings. Despite his whiny nature, he grows to be a strong fighter when motivated, usually when using his skill to protect others, adversary and ally alike. Though he is no longer picked on by the delinquents at his school Kenichi's excessive mistreatment by others is one of the main sources of humor in the series. Isshinsai Ogata believes that he possesses untapped potential, and if he could unlock it, Kenichi would become the strongest in the world. :His masters always state that Kenichi has no talent at martial arts, however, Akisame stated that Kenichi is a genius at hard work. This is further reinforced in volume 15 of the manga, where Odin commented that Kenichi has mastered the essentials of the Seikūken in just a matter of days. Through his hard work, Kenichi has developed a unique fighting style since he instinctively combines all the different types of martial arts he learns from his masters: Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese Kenpō, and Muay Thai. He called it the Saikyou Combo. He has 4 so far. He sometimes creates new moves by combining the techniques from each style of martial arts. His physique also happens to be far above average as he has been through hellish training with his masters; his speed, stamina, muscle mass, and strength have all increased, and he can take very serious hits without much injury due to being knocked around on a daily basis at the dojo; Miu even commented on how Kenichi is a genius in getting beaten up. In the YOMI arc the masters said they trained his muscle that has both endurance and explosive power. Also Apachai said he implanted the hitting instinct into Kenichi. During his fight with Spark he use the Jiujutsu's sitting stance to counter her Drunken fist. He learned Meotode from Sakaki. This move is for real fighting. This move involves both hands to attack and defend he use it against Radin Jihan in their battle. He said he didn't practice it because he said the name is lame.

:Unlike most of the other characters, Kenichi tends to think logically, often crushing the dreams of young fighters who strive to create a strong gang in the future. He also sticks to his convictions; most notable is his belief to never hit a girl, no matter the situation, this vow often back fires as when women try to fight him they become extremely irritated, and probably mistakes it for sexism. He even cares about the enemy's health and always tries to help them. Despite his strong moral standards however Kenichi is not above buying perverted pictures of Miu and Shigure from Ma or going with him to spy on them while they're bathing.

:Later on, it is revealed that he and Odin, the First Fist of Ragnarok, were once childhood friends, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. Though Kenichi initially did not remember Odin, he was actually the one who gave a cat badge to Kenichi, which he later exchanged with Miu for a Yin Yang badge. Kenichi remembers a vow to become strong, but the vow that is important to Odin is one to fight for possession of the badge Kenichi got from Miu. During a visit to his old neighborhood to try to remember how Odin knows him, Odin fights and defeats Kenichi, taking his badge and exchanging it for one he'd gotten out of the same vending machine the other badges had come from.

:When he fights Odin during the final battle of the Anime, he is unable to defeat him with his usual style, because Odin had adjusted his Seikūken to counter it. However, when he imitates his masters' styles of fighting, he is finally able to overpower Odin by changing his rhythm, disrupting Odin's Seikūken. However Odin combines Sei and Dou together, giving himself immense power at the risk of burning himself out, and once again takes control of the fight. However, in order to save Odin from the destructive path he is on, Kenichi manages to regain his strength, and just when the strain on Odin's body reaches its limit, Kenichi uses his final attack. Odin admits his defeat and returns Kenichi's Yin Yang badge.

:During the YOMI arc, Kenichi fights against several different members of YOMI culminating in his defeat of YOMI's leader, Shō Kanō, in the finals of the D of D tournament. During his fight with Shou Kanou, Kenichi is able to comprehend the second level of Seikūken called "Ryūsui (flowing water) Seikūken", which he learned from fighting the Elder during the D of D Tournament. After the YOMI arc, Kenichi is defeated by Tirawit Kōkin, who took control of the karate club, and goes on a mission with Shigure in order to overcome his fear of death. During the mission, Shigure and Kenichi are discovered by a weapons expert who was faster than Shigure when she was a kid. In chapter 287, Shigure gives Kenichi a present from the Elder, which are Miu's father's battle gloves. On chapter 296, he's fighting against Boris. In chapter 304 Kenichi beat Boris.

Miu Fūrinji

:*First appearance: Chapter 1:*Type: Dō:Miu is a first year high school student, who also happens to be in the same class as Kenichi. She transferred into his school from Shouchiki Academy, a prestigious school in the area. She admits to Kenichi that she had no friends at her previous school because she "stood out" too much, implying that others were jealous of her; she now wears fake glasses in an effort to moderate her appearance. Without her glasses her looks always get her special treatment from men and admiration of other women as well their envy.

:Miu has a gentle nature despite being a strong fighter trained by her grandfather, the elder of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo, since childhood. Although, due to her training, she would accidentally throw people who try to sneak up behind her; a trait that her grandfather claims to be unintentional on her part. Miu is unbelievably acrobatic and flexible which she uses to her advantage in battle, Odin once described the way she fights as "being like a feather that can slice through the wind". Miu is quite eager to make friends, and treasures her friendship with Kenichi, but seems oblivious to his true feelings for her, though she does get jealous whenever another girl shows affection for him, especially Renka Ma and Yūka Izumi. She also becomes flustered when Kisara describes Kenichi as her boyfriend, replying in a panic that Kenichi is more like her little brother or a dog they picked up from the streets. Despite her friendly attitude, she dislikes it when people treat others, especially kittens, badly, which often prompts her to severely beat that person. In the anime and manga, Kenichi is never able to defeat or even hit her during sparring, despite his rising skill. She is a very good cook.

:Apparently, when a then six-year-old Miu and her grandfather passed through Kenichi's old neighborhood, she inspired Ryūto and Kenichi to become stronger after they witness her beat three thugs. Slightly before the fight, Kenichi exchanges her Yin Yang badge with his cat badge, something that she still treasures to this day. Though Kenichi initially did not remember their first meeting, Miu had suspected who he was from their first encounter in the series. When she first met Sho he said he knew about her father so she went with him to know about his dad but later stop by Kenichi. Elder said that Miu had a trauma that seems to involve the winter and her mother and father.

:At first, it is said that both Miu's parents are deceased, but it is later revealed that her father is still alive. It is shown that her father killed her mother, for unknown reasons. A Yomi member also refers to him as the leader of "One Shadow Nine Fists". During the D of D tournament she revealed her special move called 'Hyōi Kazekirihane' and it looks like a bird.

Hayato Fūrinji

:*First appearance: Chapter 6:*Type: Dou / Sei:Hayato is Miu's grandfather and the undefeated elder of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo, who is said to have beaten 500 Shaolin masters to near death. He is also known as the , a technique which allows him to create a type of barrier around his defense zone, and can thus neutralize all attacks that enter his defenses. His YOMI symbol is Stream. Though he is near-sighted, he makes up for it by possessing the "Inner Eye", an ability giving him a kind of foresight; he paces his opponents and memorizes their attack pattern in order for him to react before the opponent can even attack or defend. He also has a technique called Gungnir, which supposedly attacks with 100% accuracy. Besides Hermit, Odin is the only one to have ever met and trained with "Kensei-sama".

:His actual name is nihongo|Ryūto Asamiya|朝宮 龍斗|Asamiya Ryūto, and was Kenichi's friend when they were little kids, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. They apparently witnessed Miu's martial arts skills when the three of them were only six years old, prompting them to make a vow to become stronger. However, he had always coveted the badge that Kenichi got from Miu, and challenges him to fulfill the "promise" of 10 years ago to fight for its possession. When Kenichi loses to him in a battle, Odin takes Kenichi's Yin Yang badge, and subsequently bends his [Odin's] own Yin Yang badge in half, giving it to Kenichi as a loser's present. It also seems that he took a liking for Miu as a child, and claims Kenichi is not good enough for her.

:When he fights Kenichi in the final battle, Kenichi's skills prove to be no match against Odin's Seikūken. It is not until Kenichi begins to imitate his masters' style and techniques that he is able to finally overpower him, however, Odin becomes enraged and to the surprise of everyone but "Kensei-sama", he combines the ki of both Sei and Dou, and once again overpowers Kenichi. However, the powers of both Sei and Dou are not meant to coexist within one body; despite gaining ultimate power, he may destroy his own body, heart, and spirit. In order to save Odin from following the destructive path called the "Path of Asura", Kenichi manages to regain his strength. As their fight continues, the strain on Odin's body finally reaches its limit, thus he is unable to avoid Kenichi's final attack. As a sign of his defeat, he gives Kenichi back his Yin Yang badge, and is then taken away by Kensei-sama. In addition to having his hair turn white, and having a blackened eye, Odin is also wheelchair-bound due to the damage the Sei and Dou combination ki has done to his body. However, despite his handicap, he remains a formidable opponent.

:During their final fight, it is revealed that during their childhood, when Ryūto wanted the Yin Yang badge that Kenichi received from Miu, Kenichi refused, which is when they decided to fight for it. Apparently, the "unforgivable" thing that Kenichi did back then was give the victory to Ryūto, despite Kenichi being the one who actually won. Ryūto then bought his own Yin Yang badge, but after he got it, he realized that the badge was not what he wanted. In fact, he actually just wanted victory, which is what prompted him to enter the world of fighting; to search for complete victory.

:He is named after Odin, the chief God in Norse mythology.


:*Type: Dou:Berserker is the Second Fist of Ragnarok. He is often seen chewing bubble gum and hardly ever speaks. He has quite a calm disposition despite all the damage being done to Ragnarok. It is revealed that Berserker did not once study martial arts, but simply has a natural talent for fighting. He is a Dou type fighter, and can go into "Berserk Mode", unleashing more power. Berserker is said to be the most fearsome fighter in all of Ragnarok, and Loki even believes that he could be a better First Fist than Odin (though Loki may have simply said it in order to plant a seed of betrayal in Berserker). However, Berserker shows no interest in becoming a leader for any gang, and is actually afraid of fighting Odin, believing that the latter is much stronger than he is.

:Later, when Hermit defeats Berserker in the final battle, he is unwilling to admit defeat and attempts to continue on, despite his injuries. However, Kenichi tells him that one should not be ashamed of defeat because one learns more from it, which stops Berserker from moving further and takes his leave.

:He is named after Berserkers, Norse warriors. His sleeveless jacket also has Norway's flag pattern.


:*Type: Sei:Freya is the Third Fist of Ragnarok. Her real name is nihongo|Kaname Kugatachi|久賀館 要|Kugatachi Kaname, and she uses Kugatachi style jōjutsu. She joined Ragnarok in order to learn techniques from "Kensei-sama", but she has yet to meet him. Freya has her own personal (attack) squad called the "Valkyries" and believes that in order for women to be as strong as men, they have to resort to using weapons. Like Berserker, her true skills have yet to be displayed, however, she can use her weapons so fast that Kenichi is unable to follow her attacks, despite being used to his masters' fast moves.

:Despite strongly believing in the rules of Ragnarok, she is not completely heartless ; she let Kisara, a former loyal subordinate, go peacefully after she storms their headquarters and declares a challenge against Freya, saying that she had already been punished for her treachery by the Valkyries. After three Fists quit Ragnarok, she begins to wonder the mystery behind the Shinpaku Alliance since the Fists quit after meeting them. Kisara later defeats her in the final battle by breaking her staff, after which Freya refuses to continue, believing that once her staff is broken, it is already her defeat. In addition, she acknowledges that Kisara has become strong.

:She is named after Freyja, a Norse fertility goddess and leader of the Valkyries.

:Freya fights as part of Shinpaku during the D of D tournament.


:*Type: Sei:Loki is the Fourth Fist of Ragnarok. He uses a style similar to Karate that involves using all the joints in the human arms. Besides being a powerful fighter, he is also quite intelligent, using information about his opponents to his advantage. Despite his strength, Loki prefers to win by using any means necessary; he kidnaps Honoka in front of Hermit, after learning she is Kenichi's sister. His ultimate goal is unknown, but it seems that destroying Ragnarok is part of it; he plants seeds of doubt among the Eight Fists in order to have Ragnarok in disarray. Loki also has "shadows", underlings who look like him (except one that is obviously much fatter than the real one); he uses them to distract and confuse opponents. Berserker later defeats him after Loki attempts a Coup d'etat against Ragnarok. Someone said Loki is afraid of YOMI. ON chapter 306, Loki is seen sending information about YOMI to Niijima, who appears to be working with Loki to gather information about YOMI.

:Niijima states that both he and Loki follow the "Art of Evil", which is why Loki uses dirty methods to win. He is actually good looking without his goggles on, according to Takeda; he, Loki, and Hermit are among the five most handsome guys in Ragnarok.

:Number 20 from Ragnarok is usually seen working with Loki. She is his eyes and ears, and is mostly seen collecting information and creating weapons for him. :He is named after Loki, a mischievous being in Norse mythology.


:*Type: Sei:Siegfried is the Fifth Fist of Ragnarok, whose real name is nihongo|Hibiki Kugenin|九弦院 響|Kugen'in Hibiki. He is also called "the immortal composer" due to the fact that he composes music by using his battles as inspiration for his melodies. He has a tendency to hum or sing classical music during his fights and his attacks are named after different music scores and compositions. Like his namesake, he appears invincible, always getting back on his feet after taking a severe beating. This is actually due to his fighting style which uses counters and dodging an opponent's attack by the slightest margin. As such, he usually falls down on his own to fool his opponents. He is later defeated by Kenichi after being hit by a powerful punch Kenichi created himself. After their battle, he goes on a journey to find himself. Niijima later convinces him to join the Shinpaku Alliance, where he acts as the Alliance's combat leader, but mostly as Niijima's personal guard. :He is named after Sigurd, a hero in Norse mythology.- :As the threat of Yami becomes apparent, Siegfried travels to Tibet for further training. He sky dives into the arena where Shinpaku, which is short-handed due to injuries, is fighting the Capoeira team in the D of D tournament.:It is also revealed in the manga that Siegfried is very wealthy. He is solely responsible for providing all the funds necessary to reconstruct and renovate the Shinpaku Alliance's headquarters.


:*Type: Dou:Hermit is the Sixth Fist of Ragnarok. He uses Hikaken and Hakkyōken, which he learned from Sougetsu Ma, Kensei's older brother. His actual name is nihongo|Natsu Tanimoto|谷本 夏|Tanimoto Natsu, the president of the drama club at Kenichi's school. At school, Tanimoto pretends to be a kind and soft spoken student, which plays well seeing how he is popular with both teachers and students, and is considered to be the school's "prince". He claims to have only joined the drama club to practice lying, and is only nice because he perceives popularity as a way to control people. Tanimoto pretended to have befriended Kenichi, but in truth, he despises Kenichi's "false" justice. He later fights with Kenichi, but it ends in a draw. He was not satisfied with this and disappears for a short while in order to train.:When he returns, he meets Honoka after saving her from thugs, and ends up taking her to his house. Honoka befriends him and begins to visit his house often, where she usually ends up accidentally breaking things. He soon grows fond of her because she resembles his younger sister. He is shocked to learn Honoka is Kenichi's sister, and though he gets angry at Loki for using her as bait to lure Kenichi, he was not able to go against orders that Loki claimed to have come from Kensei, who had saved him as a child. However, Odin reveals that Loki had tricked him and Hermit leaves Ragnarok. Tanimoto returns to school telling Kenichi that he will stay there until he gets revenge for losing to him. After leaving Ragnarok, he is constantly pestered by Niijima to join the Shinpaku Alliance, but always refuses. Eventually, he comes to aid Shinpaku (in order to get revenge on Loki for using him) during their final battle against Ragnarok, and defeats Berserker in a grueling battle.:It is revealed that Hermit and his sister were orphans before being adopted by a rich businessman (Tanimoto was the man's family name). After the man died, Natsu inherited the company, but unfortunately, he lost the fortune due to corrupt members of the company. When the corrupt men tried to kill him, "Kensei-sama" saved him, which is why he is in debt to Ragnarok. To add to his misery, his sister died due to a disease. Her last words to him were "don't lose", these words affected him tremendously, to the point where he will continue to fight even if he is knocked unconcious as seen in his second fight with Kenichi. During the YOMI arc he possess loads of knowledge about YOMI and Yami especially Sho and Radin. Hermit transports Shinpaku to the D of D tournament in his own boat, but unlike the others, his intention is not to participate in it; but to find his old sensei, Sougetsu. He is briefly believed to be dead when his boat is blown up by the missile defenses of the private island where the tournament occurs. He later shows up alive on the island, finds Sougetsu and trains under him. He comes to the aid of the Shinpaku alliance in their fight against Fortuna and plays a pivotal role in defeating him.


:*Type: Dou:Thor, whose real name is nihongo|Yūma Chiaki|千秋 祐馬|Chiaki Yūma, is the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok. He fights using a combat-sumo fighting style and joined Ragnarok in order to make his dream of making the combat-sumo style mainstream. Despite being in Ragnarok, Thor has a high degree of honor, and considers upholding the rules of combat-sumo wrestling his top priority. He runs a fighting ring, where he is challenged by Kenichi. Before the duel, both state conditions: Kenichi's is to have Thor quit Ragnarok, while Thor's is to have Kenichi train under him. Kenichi wins the battle by throwing Thor out of the ring, and Thor honors their agreement, though he gets a severe beating from the members of the Eight Fists League because of it. Thor believes that the Shinpaku Alliance is composed of true comrades, unlike Ragnarok. Siegfried is the only person he believes to be his comrade. He later joins the Shinpaku Alliance as a favor to Siegfried. However, since he promised to quit "fighting", he defeats Loki's subordinates under the pretense of "practicing" his techniques.:He is named after Thor, the Norse Thunder God.:Thor participates in the D of D tournament as part of Shinpaku.


:*Type: Dou:Valkyrie, who's real name is Kisara Nanjō, is the most recent member of Ragnarok to be made a Fist, transforming what had been the "Seven Fists" to the "Eight Fists." Kisara is a kicking expert focusing on Tae Kwon Do. She hates, above all else, being treated as weak because she is a girl, due to a past opponent claiming he 'let' her win because she was female. However, she later develops a degree of respect for Kenichi after their fight, where he guards during the entire fight, in order to slow/stop Kisara's advance to ruin Miu's play. She calls Miu 'ushijichi', translated to "Dairy Cow", since she believes Miu's big breasts are excessive. :Later on, it is revealed that she has a very soft spot for cats, especially kittens. When she was little she used to have a kitten named Noir that ended up dying to protect her during a dangerous encounter with a stray dog. When Kisara later helps a stray kitten, she is unfortunately spotted by Miu and Kenichi who eventually tries to help Kisara find a new home for the stray. She ends becoming a target of the Valkyries, Freya's female subordinates, due to the suspicions of being a spy for the Shinpaku Alliance. When they finally attack her, she is unable to fight with her full strength due to her attempts in trying to protect the kitten. However, she is aided by Kenichi, and strangely Shigure, and is able to drive them away. After the fight with the Valkyries, she decides to officially resign herself from Ragnarok. Soon after, Siegfried convinces her to join the Shinpaku Alliance through her love of cats, by presenting three kittens and telling her that they'd join if she did, Niijima referred to this as a frontal attack. In volume 27, Kisara creates a powerful move that specializes in cats.:During her fight with the Valkyries, it was revealed that before becoming a Fist, Kisara was part of the Valkyries, and was one of Freya's most loyal subordinates. However, Kisara aims to be her "own master" and decided to quit since all the Valkyries used weapons. She seems to have some respect for Freya and wishes to be stronger than her, another reason why she quit the Valkyries.

:Kisara later participates in the D of D tournament with Shinpaku.

Divisional members

Taichi Kōga

:Kōga, also known as Kōga the Kicker, is the youngest known member of Kisara's team. Unlike Ikki and Ukita, he seems to bear hateful grudges against Kenichi, who he plans to take down himself, and Miu, whom he calls "Neko Shojo" (Cat Girl). Though he is a strong fighter, he possesses a carefree attitude, which usually earns him a beating from Kisara. He is very loyal to Ragnarok and is always eager to deliver punishments to those who betray the gang.:Kōga was originally teamed with Takeda and Ukita as part of the Three Man Army.

Ikki Takeda

:*Type: Sei:Takeda, also known as Takeda the Puncher, is part of the Three Man Army with Kōga and Ukita, and used to be a rising boxing star. However, an incident where he came to the aid of his friend caused harm to his left arm, leaving it paralyzed. He fights Kenichi to test how strong Kenichi is, but Kenichi defeats him by attacking his lower body, which is a boxer's weakness. Fortunately, Kenichi spares him and takes him to Akisame's clinic, where Akisame fixes his left arm. With this, Takeda acknowledges Kenichi's strength and quits Ragnarok to become a pro boxer once again. Being grateful, he often comes to Kenichi's aid on several occasions. Also, he, along with Ukita, later joins Niijima's organization, the Shinpaku Alliance.:In the second arc, Takeda becomes desperate to find a master similar to Kenichi, who has four of them. Eventually, he finds nihongo|James Shiba|ジェームズ 志場|Jēmuzu Shiba, an underworld former boxing champion and trains under him. Recently he has been fighting in the underground. He has been wearing a retainer from YOMI arc to D of D Tournament. He later participates in the D of D tournament as part of the Shinpaku Alliance and wins his first match in the quarterfinals of the "Chi" group. However, he is defeated and severely injured by Shou Kanou when Takeda fights him in a desperate attempt to rescue Miu Fūrinji, causing him to forfeit the remaining matches. It is also revealed in his fight with Shou that he harbors a secret crush on Miu. :During his training with James Shiba, he undergoes extensive and demanding training not unlike Kenichi's at the Ryōzanpaku dojo. As a result, his fighting prowess has been greatly increased, making him a reliable ally and strong asset for the Shinpaku Alliance. Unlike Freya and Thor, he is the only person who manages to block Shou's attack when he assaults them for attempting to rescue Miu Fūrinji and is not knocked out instantly like the other two, implying he is even stronger than Freya who is previously a Three of Cards of Ragnarok.

Kōzō Ukita

:*Type: Dou:Ukita, also known as Ukita the Thrower, is part of the Three Man Army with Ikki Takeda and Kōga Taichi. Ukita was originally from the Judo club before becoming a member of Ragnarok. While decrying Takeda as having the attitude of a "sportsman", he felt a strong enough friendship to stand with him against Ragnarok's edict of execution after Takeda quit Ragnarok. He also quits Ragnarok when he switches sides during an ambush on Takeda and rejoins the Judo Club. He, along with Takeda, later joins the Shinpaku Alliance. He appears to have a crush on Kisara.

hinnosuke Tsuji

:*Type: Dou :Shinnosuke (nicknamed "Shaggy Hair" by Kenichi) was an ambitious rival of Kisara's, often getting into arguments with other members about who was stronger. Though he has a rougher fighting style and fewer techniques than Kenichi, his fighting experience more than makes up for it. He had hoped to one day lead a gang stronger than Ragnarok, but his dreams were crushed by Kenichi's logical thinking. He initially had hordes of men as followers, but after he was beat by Kenichi's sneak attack, he lost all but two of them. Tsuji was not too angry at Kenichi since his two remaining followers stated that they stuck by him because he was their friend. He grows a bit of respect for Kenichi, and even informs him of Takeda's impending punishment at the hands of Ragnarok.

:Following his defeat by Kenichi, he goes into the mountains to train. He finds a master, who is a large old man wearing a bear skin that is over his head that strenches down to his legs. He then decides to teaches Tsuji his style of martial arts which is Koppou, in exchange that Tsuji leaves the mountains. According to Kōetsuji, this is a style that is possibly over a thousand years old and is one of the oldest japanese styles of Kenpou and which it revolveed around the kanji kotsu, which means in japan today, talent or skill to understand a clever technique in little time. However, in olden japan, Kotsu meant "core", which was for people the difference between those who knew the "core" and those who didn't was a in their understanding. Kōetsuji, also said that Tsuji's way of Koppou was a little different from how it is used in regular styles. One of the techniques that he had learned were "Tooshi" or as the the Elder called it, "Koppou no Tooshi" which means "pass through", it is a move that uses the palm to disrupt the brain. Tsuji was able to obtain a victory - of sorts - over Kenichi before Kenichi left for the D of D tournament. His skill has changed considerably but Kenichi can dodge it well. He also appears to harbor a crush on Miu.


:Kisara's principal lieutenant; joined Shinpaku when she does.

:He accompanied Shinpaku to the D of D tournament, but did not participate in the fighting.


:*First appearance: Chapter 4:*Name revealed: Chapter 5:Tsukuba is an upperclassman at Kenichi's school and a black belt in the Karate club. His style of martial arts is sport karate, which combines boxing and karate techniques. He is quite a strong fighter, as "he can take on two people from the Karate club at once, can break rocks with his bare hands, and break bats with a single kick," said by Kenichi during his mental meltdown. He was the referee for Kenichi's fight against Daimonji and quickly wanted to test Kenichi's skills after his win. Though he easily defeats Kenichi, he is not satisfied with his victory after he finds bruises on himself after his fight with him. When he later fights Kenichi the second time, Kenichi wins rather easily by using one of sport karate's fundamental weaknesses.

Takashi Furukawa

:Takashi first appears in episode 8 with a group of members that tried to capture Kenichi. When he fights Kenichi, he appears to hold his own, but he snaps after he starts to bleed from Kenichi's punch and resorts to using a knife, which quickly frightens Kenichi. Fortunately, Miu knocks the knife right out of Takashi's hand with Kenichi's belt. Later on, when Kenichi is on his way home, he tries to take Kenichi to Kisara once again. This time, after a long day spent training with Shigure, Kenichi is able to overcome his fear of weapons and easily defeats Takashi, during which he rants about how he had to spend the day dodging a sword because of Takashi.

Number 20

:Loki's underling. A master of spying and stealth, Number 20 is Loki's right hand girl. She is quite a good fighter too and has a taste for airsoft guns (carrying a FN P90 submachine gun) and dirty techniques. She dresses in military fashion and is never seen without her night-vision goggles.


nihongo|Yami|闇 is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power. Yami is divided into two divisions: the Hand-to-Hand Combat Division and Weapons Division. They use elements as symbol.

aiga Fūrinji (Ichiei)

:Miu's father and also heads the leadership council of Yami, known as "One Shadow, Nine Fists." It is heavily hinted that he was the killer of nihongo|Shizuha Fūrinji|風林寺 静羽|Fūrinji Shizuha, Miu's mother. James Shiba, Takeda's boxing Master, also referred to him as the person he had lost to in a fight (and subsequently lost his right eye and injured his left leg). His organization is directed towards promoting the killing martial arts, which is what they believe to be the true fighting arts. This puts them in opposition to Ryōzanpaku.

Isshinsai Ogata (Kensei)

:*Type: Dou/Sei:Ogata was originally going to be the very first disciple of Ryōzanpaku before Kenichi, however, the elder saw that he had evil intentions. He is revealed to be the true power behind Ragnarok under the name "Kensei-sama". He is a Dou Martial Artist. He is fully seen when he goes into the mountains of Yamigata, where he meets Kenichi. He shows Kenichi the path of Asura (which the Elder wanted Kenichi to witness) and it seems he grows an interest in Kenichi, wanting him to become his disciple, though Kenichi turns him down. After learning why Kenichi came to the mountains of Yamigata, he leaves to watch his battle against his disciple Odin. He even tried to stop their fight in order to have both as his disciples, but was dissuaded by the Ryōzanpaku crew. His true skills have yet to be shown, but he can easily kill a full grown Asian bear. He can deflect Alexander's sculputre with just his Seikūken. After Ragnarok crumbled, he is revealed to be one of the "One Shadow Nine Fists", the leadership group of Yami. His symbol is stream. He recently joined Yami. He helped Shou's training by using technology.

Alexander Gaidar

:Member of Yami, he is a master that specializes in SAMBO, a martial art used by the Russian military. One of the Nine Fists. An avid artist who can create statues with his bare hands, he is shown to be capable of switching from a nonchalant demeanor to a raging man in a second. He has taken up sculpting and painting in order to create an atmosphere of peace to distance himself from the constant fighting. His disciple, Boris draws with Kenichi in their duel in the Ryōzanpaku dojo. When Kensei meets to speak with Alexander about this on his submarine, he flies into a rage over his manipulating Boris into attacking Ryōzanpaku. His symbol is ice. After being defeated by Akisame, he surrenders and is sent to a highly secretive maximum security prison that no one knows, not even by Yami. In addition, he proceeds to disown Boris as his pupil. His defeat makes him the first among the Nine Fists to be taken out in their war against Ryōzanpaku.

ilcardo Jenazad

:Member of Yami, he is a master that specializes in Pencak Silat or Supreme Silat as he calls it. His is known as the Demon Fist God and his symbol is King. After Kenichi defeats his disciple he punishes him by causing an avalanche that buries him. One of the Nine Fists. It is not clear whether Silcardo was the Pencak Silat practitioner whom Hayato Fūrinji fought with years ago in an encounter prior to the story, as revealed by Miu to Kenichi, although this is strongly implied so. Evidences includes that both wear similar, if not identical masks. Silcardo has also described Kenichi as "Having the same smell as someone I met in the past." This could be a reference to the part where the Elder said to Kenichi "You remind me of myself when I was young."

Diego Carlo

:*First appearance: Chapter 199:*Type: Dou:Member of Yami, and a master level Lucha Libre wrestler. He is known as the Smiling Steel Fist in the Nine Fists due to his flamboyant and goofy personality. His YOMI disciple is Rachel Stanley. In the D of D tournament arc, he is the sole representative of the Nine Fists on the island and acts as the tournament's referee. His symbol is steel.

Akira Hongō

: Yami member, he is a master that utilizes karate, he was the master of Kanō Shō who died after being defeatd by Kenichi during the D of D tournament.He scorns on using science and technology as tools to measure one's level of martial arts, but does not hesistate to raise the obstacles and difficulty level for Shou when he was in an experiment. One of the Nine Fists. His symbol is sky. He's called GodHand.


:Yami member and arms dealer; the D of D tournament is held on his private island. Though he considers himself Master Class. He first crippled the Shinpaku Alliance, but was later defeated at the combined hands of its' wounded members and Hermit while his island was falling to Ryōzanpaku and elements of the US Military.

Christopher Eclair

:*First appearance: Chapter 146: A Yami member, he's part of the assassination division of Yami. He's a master that specializes on Savate, which is a martial art that uses kicks. Christopher, Sakaki and an Englishman called Mycroft used to team up together to fight the mafia and help the FBI. Their reputation makes most mafia fearful of them. Later Sakaki doesn't like their method like killing, or taking children and old people as hostages. Because of this reluctance, Christopher and his partner attempted to ambush him and Sakaki buried them in a desert alive. Sometimes he uses women to assassinate for him. During the beginning of YOMI Arc, he's defeated by Sakaki while fighting against Kenichi. Sometimes mistaken as a girl himself.

Li Tenmon

:*First appearance: Chapter 157:*Type: DouHe is a Yami member from China. He was contact for help to defeat Ryōzanpaku by Isshinsai Ogata (Kensei). He is a master in the Chichouken martial art. Ma Kensei remarks that he is a deadly fighter who is just as bloodthirsty as his brother Ma Sougetsu when Ma Renka mentions Hermit was searching for his master. He has a daughter who is a YOMI member from China and is a disciple from him. He often hit her if she did something wrong, like call him father instead of master. Though he may discipline her ruthlessly, but there are signs that he still cares about his daughter.

Unnamed Jujutsu Master

She is first mentioned in Kenichi's fight with Shō Kanō and then later shown in the Yami meeting. Shō noted that he was never able to land a hit on her though she still praised him afterwards.


YOMI is first mentioned in the manga as being Ragnarok's main rival. All members of YOMI are the leading disciples of Yami's "One Shadow, Nine Fists". Most YOMI members also seem to possess a nickname or an alias. There are currently eight active members following the deaths of Shou Kanou and Radin Jihan. They also use element as symbol just like Yami.

Kajima Satomi

:Member of YOMI and the disciple of Saiga. He has numerous scars on his body and he wears an eyepatch over his left eye, although it is unknown whether his left eye is blind. He becomes the leader of YOMI following Shou's death. He takes a keen interest in the ex-Ragnarok members of the Shinpaku Rengou and has actively persuaded them to join YOMI, threatening them with death should they refuse. He is also a good strategy board game player, in which he is shown to have beaten Tirawit in chess, and two unnamed YOMI members in Reversi and Shogi simultaneously. His nickname, as of chapter 294, has not been revealed yet. On chapter 306 he's seen training by hanging from a chain only using his toes.

hō Kanō

:*First appearance: Chapter 167:*Type: Dou / Sei:Nicknamed Suparna, a mythical creature in Hindu mythology said to possess beautiful wings; he is the disciple of Akira Hongou and leader of YOMI until his death in chapter 264. His symbol is sky.

:Shou is arguably the most powerful member of YOMI and the toughest opponent Kenichi has ever fought. He was bought from a black market selling gifted children and had received extensive training in martial arts for all his life. Although he is shown to have acted in a goofy manner under awkward circumstances, he is highly assertive and will not hesitate to direct his killing ki at anyone who stands in his way. His moves and fighting style greatly resembles Miu's. Shou chose Japan as their battlefield due to the large diversity of numerous martial arts.

:Shou possesses great power and astonishing speed unrivalled by any martial artist below master-level, making him a deadly opponent in combat. He frequently uses these traits to his advantage by quickly striking at his opponents' fatal spots with great precision before they can even react, let alone defend themselves and retaliate. He is even capable of injuring Kenichi despite the fact that Kenichi was wearing a virtually impenetrable chain mail given to him by Shigure. While in a research factility he was tested with a high tech device, and one of the scientists found his brain waves,and blood preasure were abnormal to the point where he suspected Shou of using steroids. His masters denied this, stating that such a phonomenom has long appeared in the body of master-levels long ago. He is also shown to have knocked out Freya and Thor effortlessly with just a single attack, with them unable to land as much as a wounding strike. Although Shou's primary fighting style is karate, he has received training from various other Yami masters as he was chosen as the sole successor of the One Shadow Nine Fists' martial arts. As such, he is able to combine his Sei and Dou energy like Odin after learning it from Isshinsai Ogata and his ultimate attack is a move which consists of all the fighting styles of the One Shadow Nine Fists, named "Nine Strikes One Kill". He owns a motorcycle...more than one, actually, since the one he used to try and take Miu away was trashed by Kenichi.

:Shou is a bird-lover and refers to people other than Miu and himself as 'The ones without wings'. In Kenichi's case, he calls him a 'worm' which must be squashed. Yet despite his cold personality, he is not without compassion and this makes him a complicated character in the story. He was shown to have spared the life of a young bird in the past despite being ordered to kill it by his master, and he had also assisted Fortuna's adopted children in their escape plan by covering up their departure from the island much to their surprise.

:Shou dies shortly after his defeat at the hands of Kenichi in the climax of the D of D tournament when he shields Miu and is fatally shot by one of Fortuna's soldiers. He passes away peacefully after Kenichi promises to protect Miu on his behalf and his body is currently in the possession of the military. His leadership role in YOMI is passed onto Kajima Satomi.

Radin Tidat Jihan

:*First appearance: Chapter 176: Also known as Nagaraja, roughly meaning "Serpent King" in English. Member of YOMI, he is the disciple of KING and uses Pencak Silat. His symbol is King. Radin is of royal descent and is the Crown Prince of Tidat, a fictional country situated on the Indonesia Archipelago. As such he acts in an aristocratic manner and he particularly despises revolutionists. Claiming 99.9% of the world's population are made up of worthless commoners, Radin ranks himself, and surprisingly Miu, to be the 0.1% who will achieve king hood and reign over the commoners. During his fight with Kenichi, he sees him as a revolutionist who is fighting against his own destiny as a commoner. Motivated by his belief that such revolutions should be crushed relentlessly, he will use any means necessary, no matter how unscrupulous they are, to stop these rebellions from succeeding. For example, he is not above using sneak attacks and deploying his guards to aid him, even though Kenichi was unarmed and fighting alone. Fiercely proud of his royal status, he feels greatly humiliated when Kenichi (whom he perceives as a commoner) stands on higher grounds and looks down on him and is further infuriated when Niijima throws stones at him.

: Following his defeat to Kenichi, his master, Silcardo Jenazad who was observing their fight all along grows impatient with Radin's unscrupulous ways and disowns him as his disciple. Jenazad claims that Radin has brought shame to Pencak Silat and is no longer of any use to him, proceeding to create a huge avalanche to bury Radin and Kenichi. When Radin challenged him on the grounds of lese majeste, Jenazad suavely tells Radin that his royal lineage does not matter as KING's status is far more superior than Radin, for he claims himself to be God.

: Kenichi attempts to rescue Radin but the Nagaraja remains defiant to the very end. He curtly rejects Kenichi's offer to escape with Natsu Tanimoto and gets buried alive by the snow. His last words were " No matter how despicable my ways are, including betraying others, exhausting every possible scheme available...however I will not stood so low as to accept the sympathy of my enemies...for I am the King!"

: It is perhaps worth nothing that although Radin is not explicitly shown to have died, he is presumed to be dead by other YOMI members, making him the first YOMI casualty. Back in Ryōzanpaku, Akisame reasons that Radin was fighting at a disadvantage when he follows his country's customs by fighting Kenichi barefooted on snowy grounds. This implies that Radin is very strong and if he and Kenichi fought equally, the outcome of the battle may have been different. He had challenged 10 dojos.

Tirawit Kōkin

:Member of YOMI and a Muay Boran (Ancient Muay Thai) practitioner. His nickname is Narasimha. His symbol is flame. He takes control of the school's karate club when he, along with three other YOMI members, transfers to Kenichi's school. He is a good strategist and plans things carefully in advance. Prior to fighting Kenichi, he uses the school's sports day to analyze Kenichi's fighting ability and dispatch his underlings to attack Kenichi first while he observes Kenichi's martial art style from afar. Tirawit is an extremely strong fighter. During his duel with Kenichi in chapter 281, it is shown that his attacks are so powerful to the point that he is able to forcibly penetrate and reduce the scope of Kenichi's Seikūken defense. Tirawit is also the person who causes Kenichi to fear death upon his defeat.

Ethan Stanley

: Also known as Pollux. Member of YOMI; he uses an unknown style that specializes in kicks. His master's name is uknown but his symbol is void. He is American and has a twin sister called Rachel. He participates in the D of D tournament with her as Team Gemini. He is one of the four YOMI members who transfers to Kenichi's school. He is shown to possess immense strength in chapter 278.

Rachel Stanley

:*First appearance: Chapter 176:*Type: Dou

: Nicknamed Castor and a member of YOMI; she is the twin sister of Ethan and a Lucha Libre wrestler. Her symbol is steel. She makes up the other half of Team Gemini alongside her brother and participates in the D of D tournament. She has a flamboyant personality and is an attention seeker. She is the only female among the four YOMI members transferred to Kenichi's school. She also join the gymnastic club with Miu.:Of Team Gemini she is the more aggresive of the two, she easily gets worked up when someone steals her show or is more outstanding at her. Other examples that indicate this is that she is the dominant one of the twins, she punches and kicks her little brother who scurries and begs her to stop despite the difference in size, and ignores his will and forces him to 'perform' in her staged scenarios. She also has a thing for battling and takes enjoyment in beating others up, she has to be almost literally dragged away from a fight after being attracted by Kenichi's unexpected charisma.:She displays her ability to manipulate and control the emotions of the crowd several times, an ability probably often exercised as she is always eager to be the centre of attention. Rachel stages her fight such that she brings out maximum interest of the audience, faking a hard battle, using her flamboyant but lethal moves to engage an opponent, and then always a dramatic end to a fight. As in pro wrestling,she decides the roles of the combatants, situating Kenichi as a 'bad guy' fighter and Team Gemini as a 'good guy' fighter by falsely claiming about Kenichi's misdeeds towards them before a crowd.:Her skill is unknown to be of to what extent, Sakaki said she use some unnecessary moves in a real fight and defeated the underground fighter easily however she must be extremely powerful as her enraged Master gives her permission to take out the all-powerful leader of YOMI, Shou Kanou, confidently. However their battle does not take place as a 'True Lucha Libre wrestler does not fight audienceless battles.' She had dojo hunt and defeated 12 dojos.:*Note that though Rachel was eager to battle Shou, her brother Ethan was with her at that time and it seemed to be a 2-on-1 situation. The presence of her brother may or may not be the reason behind her confidence in challenging the all-too-strong Shou Kanou.:Rachel has declared themselves to be gems that shine brilliantly in light as in comparison to Kenichi whom is described as a pile of clay moulded expertly to become a thing of exotic beauty. She also added that her gem will smash this priceless pottery one day.:Rachel transferred to Kenichi's school, and enjoys school life greatly due to the attention she receives there. She is on the basketball team as the only girl and star player. When her opponents protest against her on the team, she rebukes them by taunting that they are afraid of just a girl. Rachel loves school life to the point she attacks the troops sent by Boris' master to assassinate all of the students during a camping trip, as they are disrupting her way of glamour.

Boris Ivanov

: Member of YOMI and the leading disciple of Alexander; he uses Sambo. His symbol is ice. He is the first YOMI member to fight Kenichi in a duel and is one of the four YOMI members transferred to Kenichi's school. He is often seen wearing a military uniform and leads a troop of similarly attired underlings. He firmly believes that all commands are absolute and must be obeyed unquestionably. As such he frequently acts in a soldierly manner.:Boris leads a troop of soldiers with him while he goes dojo-hunting. They attack the dojos strategically like a real squad would. They also have equipment, for example, helicopters and even a telegram device used in battle.:Boris ignores the orders of everyone except his master, even that of the YOMI leader Shou Kanou. Only after he was told to submit to Shou did he willingly listen to Shou's order. Shou has displayed dislike to some extent of Boris, claiming his camo suit stood out too much and even directly telling Boris that he disliked him.:Boris has a one-track mind; after given orders by Shou to attack dojos,he does not stop as there is no clear order to do so. He even wanted to start from the beginning again. However his list was special such that it included an extra dojo, the Ryōzanpaku dojo, a plot by Ogata Isshinsai to start the war between Yami and Ryōzanpaku. Boris does not give up his mission in the face of the formidable masters of Ryōzanpaku, if anything he becomes more determined.:When Kenichi appears, Boris attacks without warning. Miu, in an attempt to protect Kenichi, was injured. Note that till this point Miu has rarely taken a hit before.:In the battle with Kenichi, Boris goes in a state of confusion as Kenichi not only counters all his Sambo moves, he even has the opportunity to strike back. Boris despite being a masterful reader of personality could only perceive Kenichi as a Come On penguin, which contradicted with the resistance Kenichi shows. He said that all YOMI had darkness in their heart but Kenichi had light in his heart. They draw in a well-matched fight.:The fight comes to an end as Boris's subordinates called Shou Kanou, who ordered a full retreat. Even over the line Shou's killing aura was felt and Boris relented reluctantly. He passed a declaration of battle to Kenichi, an ornament of white gold with his Flight insigma etched on top and left.:Boris was put into solitary for his actions by Shou, where he met Radin and advised Radin to try out the baffling Kenichi. He holds a degree of respect for Radin and believes him to be an even better judge of people then himself.:Lately Boris was posted to Kenichi's school under orders from the new YOMI leader. Whether willingly or not is unclear.

:Upon entering the school Boris acknowledged teacher Kyōko Ono as his stand-in commander. They developed a close relationship where Boris would help Kyoko out during events. However, Kyoko once expressed concern about Boris taking things too seriously, which made Boris doubt himself.

:Boris helps hold a camping trip, which he uses as an opportunity to attack Shinpaku and kill Kenichi with the aid of troops belonging to his master. Boris's troops attack several people, including Kyoko Ono, which led her to fall into the river in which he and Kenichi was fiercely battling. His troops come to finish the job. Flustered, Boris attepts to make a call to his master, and when there was no response, Boris tries to distract the soldiers from Kyoko Ono to 'fall back' due to 'extreme circumstances'. When the soldiers refuses, he deems this is an 'act of disobedience' and a 'staged revolt', and attacks the troops with Kenichi as a team.

:After saving their teacher, Boris and Kenichi continues their battle. Kyoko awakes momentarily to see them, and smiles to herself thinking "Boris has finally found a friend".

Ryūto Asamiya

Ryūto Asamiya anime voices|Ken Narita:*Type: Sei / Dō:Ryūto is known as the First Fist and Odin, and the leader of the "Eight Fists" and Ragnarok. He is a member of YOMI, and has mastered erecting nihongo|"Seikūken"|制空圏, a technique which allows him to create a type of barrier around his defense zone, and can thus neutralize all attacks that enter his defenses. His YOMI symbol is Stream. Though he is near-sighted, he makes up for it by possessing the "Inner Eye", an ability giving him a kind of foresight; he paces his opponents and memorizes their attack pattern in order for him to react before the opponent can even attack or defend. He also has a technique called Gungnir, which supposedly attacks with 100% accuracy. Besides Hermit, Odin is the only one to have ever met and trained with "Kensei-sama".

:His actual name is nihongo|Ryūto Asamiya|朝宮 龍斗|Asamiya Ryūto, and was Kenichi's friend when they were little kids, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. They apparently witnessed Miu's martial arts skills when the three of them were only six years old, prompting them to make a vow to become stronger. However, he had always coveted the badge that Kenichi got from Miu, and challenges him to fulfill the "promise" of 10 years ago to fight for its possession. When Kenichi loses to him in a battle, Odin takes Kenichi's Yin Yang badge, and subsequently bends his [Ryūto's] own Yin Yang badge in half, giving it to Kenichi as a loser's present. It also seems that he took a liking for Miu as a child, and claims Kenichi is not good enough for her.

:When he fights Kenichi in the final battle, Kenichi's skills prove to be no match against Odin's Seikūken. It is not until Kenichi begins to imitate his masters' style and techniques that he is able to finally overpower him, however, Ryūto becomes enraged and to the surprise of everyone but "Kensei-sama", he combines the ki of both Sei and Dou, and once again overpowers Kenichi. However, the powers of both Sei and Dou are not meant to coexist within one body; despite gaining ultimate power, he may destroy his own body, heart, and spirit. In order to save Ryūto from following the destructive path called the "Path of Asura", Kenichi manages to regain his strength. As their fight continues, the strain on Ryūto's body finally reaches its limit, thus he is unable to avoid Kenichi's final attack. As a sign of his defeat, he gives Kenichi back his Yin Yang badge, and is then taken away by Kensei-sama. :During their final fight, it is revealed that during their childhood, when Ryūto wanted the Yin Yang badge that Kenichi received from Miu, Kenichi refused, which is when they decided to fight for it. Apparently, the "unforgivable" thing that Kenichi did back then was give the victory to Ryūto, despite Kenichi being the one who actually won. Ryūto then bought his own Yin Yang badge, but after he got it, he realized that the badge was not what he wanted. In fact, he actually just wanted victory, which is what prompted him to enter the world of fighting; to search for complete victory.

:It is revealed in the YOMI arc Ryuto was formally inducted into YOMI upon Ogata's joining Yami. When he combined Sei and Do the damage left him having his hair turn white, and having a blackened eye, Ryūto is also wheelchair-bound due to the damage the Sei and Dou combination ki has done to his body. However, despite his handicap, he remains a formidable opponent. He is shown to have easily hold his own against Shou Kanou's henchmen and Miu Furinji on two separate occassions and does not seem to have any problem in executing the Seikkuken and Gungnir despite his condition.

:He is named after Odin, the chief God in Norse mythology.

Li Raichi/SPARK

:Daughter/disciple of Yami member Li Tenmon and a YOMI assassin. She is a small member of YOMI and was sent to test out Kenichi's skills, to be precise, to measure Kenich's standards in a battle. She believes after killing Kenichi she will earn the privilege to carry out assassinations and earn money for her poverty stricken farming family. She uses Drunken Fist of the Eight Immortals.:In real life she is a kind, affable girl with freckles who has come to Japan for 3 years. She shares many ideals with the plant-loving Kenichi.:In battle she dons guards all over her body, including a helmet silmilar to one used for cycling or skating. Her nickname SPARK originates from the sparks that come from friction as her guards hit the rough road several times due to her battling style. She is cold and determined to succeed in this state of mind-even unafraid to break her arm to escape from a hold.:Her skills while remarkable falls short of Kenichi-who defeats her without having to harm her bodily. She finally gives up on killing Kenichi as Kenichi has released her from a hold twice, allowed her a killing move and convinced her that it is not right to kill.

hinpaku Alliance

Shinpaku Alliance is a fighter group created by Niijima Haruo in order to gain power and as a means to achieve his goal of world domination. The alliance is first introduced in episode 21 of the anime when Niijima comes to Kenichi's rescue in his fight against Kisara's group. Since its initial introduction, Niijima has actively recruited members for the alliance and is successful in convincing a number of ex-Ragnarok members to join the alliance. Following Odin's defeat and the subsequent dissolution of Ragnarok, the Shinpaku Alliance is able to cement its reputation as the strongest fighter group in town.

In the YOMI arc, the Shinpaku Alliance participates in the D of D Tournament and manages to reach the final round of the "Chi" group. However due to the injuries sustained by its core fighter members throughout the tournament and their opponent being none other than the fearsome Shou Kanou himself, Shinpaku decides to forfeit the match. Non fighters are training by Nijima for information gathering.

The group is led by Niijima Haruo who supervises the activities of the group. Notable Shinpaku members include Shirahama Kenichi ("In Name Only"), Natsu Tanimoto (Hermit), Ikki Takeda, Kaname Kugatachi (Freya), Hibiki Kugenin (Siegfried), Yuma Chiaki (Thor), Nanjo Kisara (Valkyrie) and Kozo Ukita. It is unknown whether Miu Fūrinji is an official member of the alliance, although she is seen to be present in most group meetings in recent manga chapters.

Shirahama family

Honoka Shirahama

:*First appearance: Chapter 2:Honoka is Kenichi's 13-year-old younger sister, who cares for her brother greatly (hinting at a brother complex), often competing with Miu for his attention. The second time she visits the Ryōzanpaku dojo, she shows Shigure and Apachai how to properly make tea, which impresses them. Honoka soon becomes good friends with Shigure and Apachai, and consequently visits the dojo regularly to play with them. :She later befriends Natsu Tanimoto (aka Hermit) after he saved her from some thugs. When Loki appears, she demands why he wants to hurt her brother. As a result, both Hermit and Loki are shocked that she is Kenichi's sister, and Loki decides to kidnap her, despite Hermit's protests. In the end, however, Hermit ends up being the one to save her. :Honoka is also extremely talented in the game Othello, which she often plays with Apachai. As a result of trying to beat her, Apachai has become so good at the game that of the other masters, only Akisame can beat him, and then only barely.

Mototsugu Shirahama

:Mototsugu is Kenichi's protective father and is gradually impressed with Kenichi's growth as a man, but feels sad that his son is growing further and further away from him. He has two shotguns named Sebastian and Maximilian, which he often tries to take with him in order to take back Kenichi from the Ryōzanpaku dojo, however, his wife manages to stop him every time. Despite his foolish attitude, he is actually very skilled in its use (good enough for Shigure to say that he was pretty good), and when he finally shows up at the dojo (with a new hunting rifle his wife doesn't know about, named Rotowski) he is able to carry Kenichi under his arm, the gun in the other, reload while on the run, and has a good enough aim to stop Shigure's traps. He later wins a prize in clay pigeon shooting.

aori Shirahama

:*First appearance: Chapter 2:Saori is Kenichi's mother, who is the only calm and collected member of the Shirahama household. She always has to subdue her husband whenever he gets too excited and tries to go to the Ryōzanpaku dojo with Sebastian. She often praises her husband whenever he does something fatherly, which is often necessary because her husband usually breaks into tears after delivering an inspiring speech to Kenichi. Also has an uncanny resemblance to Renka Ma

Other characters


:A former pro-wrestler, he is the boss of the gangsters Miu defeated in the first chapter of the manga. He first makes an appearance when his men try to attack Kenichi and Akisame when they were searching for Miu, his fight is used by Akisame to show Kenichi how jujitsu fighter battle larger opponents. He appears later at a race track where Sakaki takes him out in one punch. He is probably a decent fighter but no where near the strength of the masters of Ryōzanpaku. His name is unmentioned, but his men call him sensei.:He calls Sakaki "Leather Jacket" and Akisame "Grim Reaper with a Mustache" and considers them monsters.

Haruo Niijima

:*First appearance: Chapter 1:Niijima is more of an acquaintance of Kenichi's, rather than a friend. Though both parties later consider each other a "bad friend", they are still a friend nonetheless. He is a member of the Newspaper Club, and investigates the life of everyone, usually ranking people on his palm pilot. He is a very sly person, who looks like an alien and has seemingly alien abilities (i.e. his hairs can stand on end like an antenna whenever he senses danger). He also watches Kenichi's progress with much interest and treats Kenichi as his subordinate. Unsurprisingly, Kenichi refers to him as a "demon-faced alien".:He wants to eventually rule the world, which he often daydreams of, to the point where Kenichi has to slap his face, bringing him back to reality after his face has suffered extreme swelling. To reach this goal, he formed an organization called the "Shinpaku Alliance" and dragged Kenichi into it. He also persuades some of the ex-Ragnarok members to join, usually using any means available, which results in a beating from Kenichi, Ukita, and Takeda. He is very adept at running away from dangerous situations, always leaving the fighting to the others, a trait which Kenichi learns from him, especially when fighting with women. Despite his often cowardly tactics, he shows himself to be a very cunning individual, thinking multiple steps ahead and planning for contingencies.:Despite the fact that he, as well as most characters, call him evil, he usually finds ways of helping his friends when need be, though does so in his own, odd way. He has a finishing move called "Shadowless leap from the charge", which he uses to escape by switching positions with a nearby enemy. He has amazing information gathering skill that he know where Hermit's master is but he can't find the orgization Yami or YOMI and he said they didn't exist. But he trained the non fighters fiercely. Even though he is not good in a fight, Niijima can actually run at speeds that even leave Kenichi in the dust.

Yūka Izumi

:Izumi is the president and only other member of the gardening club besides Kenichi. She is a shy and gentle girl with glasses and pigtails. She harbors a crush on Kenichi (though he is oblivious to it) and sees Miu as a rival of sorts. Niijima tries to help her improve her relationship with Kenichi, of course only for his own benefit. In a sequence that only occurs in the anime, in order to spend more time with Kenichi, she tries to enter the Ryōzanpaku dojo, but does not pass the entrance exam when she fails to do ten push ups.-


:*First appearance: Chapter 2:Daimonji is a member of the same Karate club Kenichi initially was a part of. Though he uses his great physical strength to his advantage (which he gained by training his body since middle school), he actually does not appear to have a fighting style of his own. He bullies Kenichi very often in the Karate club, and one day offers Kenichi a chance to stay in the Karate club if Kenichi were to beat him. After Miu teaches Kenichi a technique, and trains him at the Ryōzanpaku Dojo, Kenichi wins the match. Though Daimonji lost, he did not leave the Karate club, rather Kenichi did. Daimonji was very humiliated because of the match and wanted revenge against Kenichi. He destroys Kenichi's plants in the Greenhouse and fights him once more, though he loses again.

:In the YOMI invasion arc, he becomes the club's punching bag when one of the YOMI members, Tarawit Kokin, takes control of the club.

Renka Ma

:Renka is the surprisingly well-endowed and attractive 16-year-old daughter of Kensei. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she plans to take back to China. Even though she often kicks and steps on Kenichi, she soon takes a liking for him and shows this openly. This greatly annoys Miu, possibly even making her feel jealous, but Miu often imagines Renka as a cat and treats her as one, also it doesn't help Renka that she has a very cat like habit of chasing anything that moves fast (like a person running away or a cat toy being moved side to side). She begins to acknowledge Kenichi's style of martial arts after her visit to the the dojo, and later gives him advice on developing his own fighting style.

:In the second arc, Renka wanted to have a date with Kenichi. Renka appears again to assist Kenichi in the battle against one of Yami disciples, who specializes in the Drunken Fist martial art.

Ryou Ma

:Ryou is Kensei Ma's uncle, who owns his own restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. Despite being quite knowledgeable, like Kensei, he has a very silly personality, especially when he is drunk, which causes him to beat up several members from the local mafia. He goes by the alias nihongo|"Hakubi"|白眉 and is currently sheltering and employing Renka Ma.-

ougetsu Ma

:Sougetsu is Kensei Ma's older brother and Renka Ma's uncle. He is a giant bearded fighter, who people often fear and run away from. He spent most of his life training alone and feels that strength is the only thing to live for, leading him to lose the heart of a martial artist. He becomes very jealous of Kensei's popularity with people. Twenty years ago he killed a few people which forced him to depart from China, where he was considered one of the strongest fighters. It is revealed though that he did not actually leave China for killing those people, but because he had nowhere to go. He also, unknowingly, took in Hermit as a disciple, feeling he had the same eyes as him and trained him to eliminate the weak. :Even though there is animosity between both him and Kensei, their brotherly love shows in many ways; during Hermit's training, he constantly shouted out admiration towards his brother while drunk. When he is later defeated by Kensei, Sougetsu begins to finally show a little sympathy. After the battle and Kenichi's failed attempt to help him, he is left for dead by Kensei feeling that he will eventually kill himself and should die as a martial artist. Sougetsu's body was not found and is still considered alive.

:In the second arc of the manga, a shadow which resembles Sougetsu is shown; Kensei Ma merely states that in the island of "D of D" (Desperate Fight of Disciple) there is a familiar aura of a person he knew. In chapter 254, it is revealed that Sougetsu is still alive.

Jennifer Gray

: First introduced in the D of D tournament, Jennifer is an undercover FBI agent working for the US military on Fortuna's private island where the tournament is held. Her father, Lancelot Grey was murdered by his nemesis Fortuna, who is a member of Yami. During the military raid on the island, she displays excellent marksmanship. She also considers herself to be Sakaki Shio's fiancee.

Genson Ryū & Kōan Shokatsu

:Ryō Ma's two best students, who are sent by Ryō to retrieve Renka. Ryū uses Tang lang quan (蟷螂拳) and Koan uses Takukyakumon (戳脚門). Both wear glasses during their fights; Ryū wears sunglasses, while Kōan wears reading glasses. After being defeated by Kenichi, both apologized since the cause of the fight was a simple misunderstanding: they only wanted Renka to return to the restaurant to calm Ryō down, who has been beating on the local mafia since Renka left.

Fukujirō Yasunaga

:*First appearance: Chapter 1:*Name revealed: Chapter 77:This 53-year old-Japanese history teacher is also Kenichi's homeroom teacher. He and Kyōko Ono pay a visit to Ryōzanpaku to check out rumors that Miu is living with another student although the misunderstanding is eventually cleared up. He is a huge fan of Koetsuji's work and refers to him as sensei.

Kyōko Ono

:*First appearance: Chapter 26:*Name revealed: Chapter 77:This flighty, 28-year-old English teacher accompanies Yasunaga on his visit to Ryōzanpaku. She also helps Boris open up to others. She seems to be rather gullible as she did not seem to care that Kenichi was in "the bathroom" for her entire class.

Chihiro Takashima

:*First appearance: Chapter 3:The ace of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club before Miu transfered in, Chihiro is extremely jealous of the younger girl. It was her report to Yasunaga (after overhearing a conversation) that prompted the home visit by the teachers to Ryōzanpaku.

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