Price level

Price level

A price level is a hypothetical measure of overall prices for some set of goods and services, in a given region during a given interval, normalized relative to some base set. Typically, a price level is approximated with a price "index".

Theoretical foundation

The classical dichotomy is the assumption that there is a relatively clean distinction between overall increases or decreases in prices and underlying, “real” economic variables. Thus, if prices "overall" increase or decrease, it is assumed that this change can be decomposed as follows:

Given a set C of goods and services, the total value of transactions in C at time t is:sum_{c,in, C} (p_{c,t}cdot q_{c,t})=sum_{c,in, C} [(P_tcdot p'_{c,t})cdot q_{c,t}] =P_tcdot sum_{c,in, C} (p'_{c,t}cdot q_{c,t})where:q_{c,t}, represents the quantity of c at time t:p_{c,t}, represents the prevailing price of c at time t:p'_{c,t} represents the “real” price of c at time t:P_t is the price level at time t

A price "level" is distinguished from a price "index" in that the existence of the former depends upon the classical dichotomy, while the latter is simply a computation, and many such will be possible regardless of whether they are meaningful.


If, indeed, a price-level component could be distinguished, then it would be possible to "measure" the difference in overall prices between to regions or intervals. For example, the inflation rate could be measured as:frac{P_{t_1}-P_{t_0{t_1 -t_0}and “real” economic growth or contraction could be distinguished from mere price changes by deflating GDP or some other measure.:frac{(GDP)_{t_1{P_{t_1-frac{(GDP)_{t_0{P_{t_0

See also

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