Aldred's Case

Aldred's Case

"Aldred's Case" (1610) 9 Co Rep 57b; (1610) 77 ER 816, is an often-cited seventeenth century case dealing with nuisance in English common law. William Aldred claimed that Thomas Benton had erected a pig sty too close to his house, so that the stench made his own house unlivable.

The court ruled that the smell of the sty was enough to deprive Aldred of his property and therefore a violation of his rights, holding that a man has,

"no right to maintain a structure upon his own land, which, by reason of disgusting smells, loud or unusual noises, thick smoke, noxious vapors, the jarring of machinery, or the unwarrantable collection of flies, renders the occupancy of adjoining property dangerous, intolerable, or even uncomfortable to its tenants."

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