A Few Quick Ones

A Few Quick Ones

"A Few Quick Ones" is a collection of ten short stories by P. G. Wodehouse. It was first published in the U.S. on 13 April 1959 by Simon & Schuster, New York, and in the UK on 26 June 1959 by Herbert Jenkins, London.

The collection entirely features stories from Wodehouse regular series: four Drones Club members (two Freddie Widgeon and two Bingo Little), two golf stories (one with the Oldest Member and one without), two Mr Mulliner, one of the famous Jeeves with Bertie Wooster, and one Ukridge.


# "The Fat of the Land" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
#* US; "This Week", 2 November 1958
# "Scratch Man" (Oldest Member golf)
#* US: "Saturday Evening Post", 20 January 1940 (as "Tee for Two")
#* UK: "Strand", September 1940 (as "Tee for Two")
# "The Right Approach" (Mr Mulliner)
#* UK: "Lilliput", September 1958
#* US: "Playboy", January 1959
# "Jeeves Makes an Omelette" (Jeeves)
#* Canada: "Toronto Star", 22 August 1958
#* US: "Ellery Queen", August 1959 (as "Jeeves and the Stolen Venus")
# "The Word in Season" (Drone Bingo Little)
#* UK: "Punch", 21 August 1940
#* US: "Harper's Bazaar", 15 September 1940
#* US: "This Week", 18 May 1958 (as "Bingo Little's Wild Night Out")
# "Big Business" (Mr Mulliner)
#* US: "Collier's Weekly", 13 December 1952 (without Mulliner framework)
#* UK: "Lilliput", March 1953 (without Mulliner framework)
# "Leave It to Algy" (Drone Bingo Little)
#* US: "Blue Book", 1954 (as "Hats Off to Algernon")
#* UK: "John Bull", 16 May 1959
# "Joy Bells for Walter" (A golf story without the Oldest Member)
#* US: "This Week", 17 October 1956 (as "Keep Your Temper, Walter")
#* UK: "John Bull", 16 February 1957 (as "Keep Your Temper, Walter")
# "A Tithe for Charity" (Ukridge)
#* US: "Playboy", April 1955
# "Oofy, Freddie and the Beef Trust" (Drone Freddie Widgeon)
#* Apparently first published in the 1949 omnibus "Best of Wodehouse"Kuzmenko says "1948" but without any detail; Midkiff says "first? pub. in The Best of Wodehouse (Pocket Books, 1949)"; Netherlands just says "1949". Additionally, Blandings.org.uk says "Possibly first published in the 1949 US omnibus collection The Best of P. G. Wodehouse" [http://www.blandings.org.uk/short/Beef.htm] ; Tony Ring at PGWodehouseSociety.org.uk seems to ignore a previous publication and gives "1959 June [in] "Star Weekly"., as "Freddie, Oofy, and the Beef Trust"

The Ukridge story "A Tithe for Charity" did not appear in the original U.S. edition, which instead featured a 1958 "exclusive" pseudo-Drones story entitled "Unpleasantness at Kozy Kot" (actually a rewritten versionCite web
author = Reggie
date = 2007-07-08 update
title = "Wodehouse stories: Unpleasantness at Kos y Kot" (sic)
work = Blandings, a Companion to the Works of P. G. Wodehouse
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archiveurl = http://webcitation.org/query?date=2007-07-23&url=http://www.blandings.org.uk/short/Kosy.htm
archivedate = 2007-07-23
of the 1928 Jeeves story "Fixing It for Freddie" collected in "Carry On, Jeeves"). "Jeeves Makes an Omelette" was a rewritten version of the 1913 Reggie Pepper story "Doing Clarence a Bit of Good", which appeared in the UK collection "My Man Jeeves".

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* List of short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, categorised by series


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