Asopos de Vliet

Asopos de Vliet

Asopos de Vliet is a Leiden based students' rowing club, taking its membership primarily from Leiden University, the Netherlands.

The female-only rowing club "De Vliet" was founded in 1905, taking its name after one of the waters in Leiden. In 1974 it merged with the male-only rowing club "Asopos" (named after the Greek rivergod Asopos), which had been founded in 1962 by discontent members of the club "Njord", nowadays a sub of Leiden's traditional fraternity/sorority (corps) "Minerva".


Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was a member of "De Vliet" when she studied in Leiden (1956 - 1961). It is said that she, as a former member of "V.V.S.L.", the co-founding sorority of Minerva, may have been opposed to the merger between Asopos and De Vliet at the time. Instead, she would have preferred her former rowing club to merge with Njord, as that club was a sub of Minerva, into which the fraternity "L.S.C." had merged with V.V.S.L. in 1972.

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