Heavy Transport Helicopter

Heavy Transport Helicopter

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name = Heavy Transport Helicopter
type = Heavy-lift cargo helicopter
logo =
manufacturer = Eurocopter GmbH, Muenich

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designer =
first flight =
introduction =
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status = Program study
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The Heavy Transport Helicopter (HTH) is a program study into the European Heavy Lift Helicopter Program by Eurocopter.


In 2003, the German Army Aviators Corps and the French General Delegation for Ordnance (DGA) issued the basic conditions for a new, heavy transport helicopter. This helicopter is to serve as successor to the German CH-53G/GSs, and the CH-47s of other European countries. In the spring of 2004 it became clear that there were no funds for development until 2015.

In February 2006, the German Federal Office for Military Technology and Procurement began discussing the HTH with Eurocopter.

In March 2006 Eurocopter announced that the HTH would be available at the earliest in the year 2018, if they could co-operate with another company and start the development by 2010. At the moment, it seems like the second partner is Sikorsky Aircraft, who already developed the CH-53K for the United States Navy.

Germany would like to procure between 60 and 120 helicopters, and another prospective customer is France, which then would get a capability which the French Army currently doesn't have. However the concept could also be suitable for other European countries.


The European Heavy Lift Helicopter Program has issued a number of requirements to be met, including:

* Seven blade rotor with elastomeric head and high-performance composite blades
* Glass cockpit with four-axis autopilot and sensors for all-weather capability
* Fly-by-wire or fly-by-light
* Modular ballistic protection
* Full composite fuselage
* Reduced signature

The helicopter will be expected to carry the Dingo or Fennek armed personnel carrier, the French VBL and VAB (13,000 kg) vehicles, as well as Wolf and Wiesel (4,500 kg) or Bv 206.

Another wish is that the helicopter could use the same training equipment as the Tiger and NH90 helicopters.

pecifications (HTH)

aircraft specifications
plane or copter?=copter
jet or prop?=prop

crew=2 Pilots
capacity=66 troops, or about 10-13 tonnes of cargo
length main= 12 m
length alt= 39 ft 4 in
span main=
span alt=
height main= 3 m
height alt= 9 ft 10 in
area main=
area alt=
empty weight main=
empty weight alt=
loaded weight main=
loaded weight alt=
useful load main=
useful load alt=
max takeoff weight main= about 36,000 kg
max takeoff weight alt=about 80,000 lbs
more general=

  • Width (fuselage): 3.2 m (10 ft 6 in)
  • Maximum range (Overloaded, 15 tonnes): 360 km (225 miles)

    engine (jet)=
    type of jet=
    number of jets=
    thrust main=
    thrust alt=
    thrust original=
    afterburning thrust main=
    afterburning thrust alt=
    engine (prop)=3x turbine engines
    type of prop=Axial
    number of props=2
    power main= 15,000 kW
    power alt=
    power original=
    max speed main= 300 km/h
    max speed alt=
    cruise speed main=
    cruise speed alt=
    never exceed speed main=
    never exceed speed alt=
    stall speed main=
    stall speed alt=
    range main= 500 km with 10-13 tonnes load, or 360 km with 15 tonnes, possibility to refuel in air
    range alt=
    ceiling main=
    ceiling alt=
    climb rate main=
    climb rate alt=
    loading main=
    loading alt=
    power/mass main=
    power/mass alt=
    more performance=



    imilar helicopters

    *Boeing CH-47F Chinook
    *Sikorsky CH-53K
    *Mil Mi-26T

    External links

    * [http://www.flug-revue.rotor.com/FRTypen/Fotos/eurocopt/HTHArt.jpgGraphic study]
    * [http://www.flug-revue.rotor.com/FRtypen/Fotos/eurocopt/HTHArt2.jpgGraphic study]

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