__NOTOC__Cabin may refer to:

* Cabin (housing), small, roughly built house usually with a wood exterior and typically found in rural areas
* Log cabin, a small house built from logs
* Cottage, a dwelling, typically in a rural, or semi-rural location


* Cabin (ship), an enclosed room generally on a ship
*Cabin cruiser - boat
* Aircraft cabin, an enclosed room generally on an aircraft
**Cabin crew - Flight attendants
**Cabin pressurization
* Cabin (truck), the driver/operator's compartment in a truck (lorry)
* Railway locomotive cabin
*Cabin car, a caboose
*Cabin cycle, a bicycle or motorcycle design similar to a Tuk-tuk or Auto rickshaw


*Cabin Crew - Australian band
*Cabin Hill - a private primary school in Belfast
*Cabin in the Sky - 1940 musical
*Cabin Exchange - Scottish artists group
*Cabin Rights, also known as tomahawk rights, an American frontier claim to land
*Battle of Cabin Creek - US Civil War


*Cabins, West Virginia
*Bone Cabin Quarry - Wyoming
*Latimer Cabin historic site Panama City Beach, Florida
*Mayhew Cabin, Nebraska City, Nebraska
*Big Cabin, Oklahoma
*Cabin Bluff, Camden County, Georgia
*Log Cabin, Texas
*Settler's Cabin Park Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
*Slab Cabin Run, Centre County, PA
*Keith Cabin, Pittman, Florida

See also

* Cab
* "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
*Log cabin
*Cabin fever (disambiguation)
*Cabin boy (disambiguation)

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