name = Phalangerida

image_width = 230px
image_caption=Ground cuscus
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
infraclassis = Marsupialia
ordo = Diprotodontia
subordo = Phalangerida
subdivision_ranks = Families
subdivision =
Phalangeridae: brushtail possums and cuscuses
Burramyidae: pygmy possums
Tarsipedidae: Honey Possum
Petauridae: (Striped Possum, Leadbeater's Possum, and gliders)
Pseudocheiridae: ringtailed possums and allies
Potoridae: bettongs, potaroos and rat kangaroos
Acrobatidae: (Feathertail Glider and Feathertail Possum)
Hypsiprymnodontidae: Musky Rat Kangaroo
Macropodidae: kangaroos, wallabies and allies

Phalangerida is one of the two former suborders of the large marsupial order Diprotodontia. This large and diverse suborder included kangaroos, wallabies, quokkas, possums, gliding possum-like marsupials and others. The much smaller suborder Vombatiformes encompasses only the koalas and wombats. This suborder is no longer considered to accurately describe the diversity in Diprotodonta and is therefore no longer used.

Phalangeriformes has come to replace Phalangerida but does not include the potoroos (Potoroidae), kangaroos and wallabies (Macropodidae) or the musky rat kangaroo (Hypsiprymnodontidae). These families are now placed in a new suborder named Macropodiformes.

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