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Name = Peachy

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Artist = Missy Higgins
from Album = On a Clear Night
A-side =

  • "Droving Woman"
    *"The Book Song (Live)"
    *"100 Round The Bends (Live)"
    *"Don't Ever (Live)"
    B-side =
    Released = November 10,2007
    Format = Digital download
    Recorded = Los Angeles, California, 2006
    Genre = Piano pop
    Length = 2:39
    Label =
    Writer = Missy Higgins
    Producer = Mitchell Froom
    Certification =
    Chart position =
    Last single = "Where I Stood"
    This single = "Peachy"
    Next single = "100 Round The Bend"
    Type = studio =

    "Peachy" is the third single from singer-songwriter Missy Higgins' second album, "On A Clear Night". The song features a guest appearance from Neil Finn who plays the electric guitar. Higgins commented that this song is 'pissed off yet feel good' pop song. The single was released on November 10, 2007 as a digital download only.

    Music video

    The chaotic, fun, road trip inspired video clip was filmed in Newcastle where she booked for a one night only concert. It was directed by Australian filmmakers Paul Goldman and Alice Bell, who also directed her Where I Stood video.The video premiered on Video Hits on Saturday, 20th October 2007.

    Track listing

    # "Peachy" — 2:41
    # "Droving Woman (Performed by Augie March, Missy Higgins & Paul Kelly)" — 8:45
    # "The Book Song (Live)" — 2:14
    # "100 Round The Bends (Live)" — 3:06
    # "Don't Ever (Live)" — 3:03

    "'2008 re-issue
    #"Peachy (Space Cowboy Remix)"
    #"Peachy (Stonebridge Remix)"
    #"Peachy (Jody DB & Moran Mix)"
    #"Peachy (The Young Punx Remix)"
    #"Scar (Sneaky Sound System Remix)"


    * Album Version - 2:41
    * The Young Punx Remix - 4:31
    * The Young Punx Dub - 5:00
    * Space Cowboy Remix - 5:30
    * Space Cowboy Dub - 4:24
    * Jody DB & Moran Mix - 9:42
    * Jody DB & Moran Dub - 6:37
    * Stonebridge Mix - 9:09

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