Anagrammatic poem

Anagrammatic poem

Anagrammatic poetry is poetry with the constrained form that either each line or each verse is an anagram of all other lines or verses in the poem.

Writing anagrammatic poetry is a form of a constrained writing similar to writing pangrams or long alliterations.

List of anagrammatic poems

* "Oh Damn! Must I Refrigerate?" by Cory Calhoun, anagrammatic version of "The Marriage of True Minds" by William Shakespeare
* [ Archive of Literary Anagrams] : More than 700 (and growing) anagrams by over 50 contributors of poetic and literary subjects, including the longest anagram (935,763 letters) by Mike Keith which subject text is the entire Moby Dick.
* [ The Marriage of True Minds] : Anagrammatic poem by Cory Calhoun of the title and first eight lines of Shakespeare's sonnet.
* [ Diannagrams, Monica Lewinski.]
* [ Rishi Talks to Katie] : a dialogue between two high school students: a text's sentences are rearranged, then its words, then its letters
* In the French poem "Ulcérations" by Georges Perec, every line is an anagram of the title.
* The book Permutation City opens with an anagramatic poem.
* In the poem Washington Crossing the Delaware by David Shulman (1936), all 14 lines are anagrams of the title.
* In the article [ Anagrams Made Easy] , David Brittan includes a 32-line poem whose lines are anagrams of "Technology Review."

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