Burgess (surname)

Burgess (surname)

Burgess is used as both a given name and surname.


* Anthony Burgess (1917–1993), English novelist and critic
* Claude Bramall Burgess, (d. 1998) British Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong from 1958–1963
* Daniel Maynard Burgess (1828–1911), U.S. surgeon and explorer
* David Burgess, U.S. violin, viola and cello maker
* Donald Burgess, (b. 1933) British track cyclist
* Edward Burgess, (1848-91), American yacht designer
* Eric Burgess, freelance space consultant
* Ernest Burgess (1886–1966), urban sociologist at the University of Chicago, creator of the concentric ring model
* E. S. Burgess, botanist
* Gelett Burgess (1866–1951), U.S. humorist
* George Henry Burgess (1831–1905), English artist
* Guy Burgess (1911–1963), British double-agent
* Herbert Burgess (1883–1954), British football player
* Harry Burgess (footballer) (1905–1957), British football player
* Ian Burgess, (b. 1930) British Formula One driver
* John Burgess (political scientist), American political scientist
* John Burgess (TV host), Australian television personality
* Leroy Burgess, known as "Black Ivory", a disco producer
* Luke Burgess (disambiguation)
* Mark Burgess (computer scientist) (b. 1966), Norway computer scientist
* Mark Burgess (cricket player) (b. 1944), New Zealand cricket player
* Melvin Burgess (b. 1954), British author
* Michael Burgess, coroner of The Queen's Household
* Michael C. Burgess (b. 1950), U.S. physician and politician
* Neil Burgess, (b. 1966) a British actor
* Neil Burgess (comedian) (1846–1910), an American vaudeville comedian
* Smoky Burgess (1927–1991), U.S. Major League Baseball player
* Thomas Burgess (1756–1837), English author and philosopher
* Thomas Burgess (settler), founder of Bala, Ontario, Canada
* Thornton Burgess (1874–1965), U.S. conservationist and children's author
* Tim Burgess (b. 1967), lead singer of British band the Charlatans
* Warren Randolph Burgess (1889–1978), an American banker and diplomat
* Wilma Burgess (1939-2003), American country music singer

Fictional Characters

* Alex Burgess, fictional character from Neil Gaiman's comic book series, The Sandman

Given name

* Burgess Meredith (1907–1997), U.S. actor

imilar names

* Burgher (disambiguation)
* Burger
* Borges

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