Wolfe (surname)

Wolfe (surname)

Wolfe is a surname. It might refer to:

"Alternate spellings include Wolf, Wolff, Wulf and Woolf."


* Alan Wolfe, political scientist and a sociologist
* Allison Wolfe, singer
* Ann Wolfe, boxer
* Anne Wolfe, politician
* Anthony Wolfe, footballer
* Art Wolfe, photographer


* Barbara De Wolfe, American ornithologist
* Bernie Wolfe, Canadian politician
* Bernie Wolfe (hockey)
* Bertram Wolfe, American scholar
* Brad Wolfe, singer/songwriter
* Bret Wolfe, porn star


* Catharine Lorillard Wolfe, philanthropist
* Charles Wolfe, Irish poet
* Charles L. Wolfe, American politician
* Claire Wolfe, author
* David W. Wolfe, politician
* Elsie de Wolfe, interior decorator


* Gary Wolfe, professional wrestler
* Gene Wolfe — American author
* George Wolfe
* George Wolfe (CPA)
* George C. Wolfe, African-American playwright
* Glynn Wolfe, Baptist minister
* Gregory Baker Wolfe, American diplomat
* Heffer Wolfe, fictional character
* Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie Takagi, manga characters
* Humbert Wolfe, British poet


* Helmut Wolfe, fictional General from anime Monster


* Jack A. Wolfe, American paleontologist
* Jacques Wolfe, musician
* James Wolfe, British general
* Jane Wolfe, actress
* Jasper Wolfe, politician
* Jenna Wolfe, journalist
* John Thomas Wolfe (1955–1995), Canadian veterinarian and Saskatchewan MLA
* John Wolfe-Barry, civil engineer
* Jonathan Wolfe (Robotech)
* Julia Wolfe, American composer


* Kelly Wolfe, professional wrestler
* Kim Wolfe, sheriff
* Lanny Wolfe, songwriter
* Louise Dahl-Wolfe, photographer


* Marianne Wolfe, Presbyterian leader
* Michael Wolfe, American author
* Michael Wolfe, Hockey Player
* Mike Wolfe, British politician


* Nero Wolfe, fictional detective
* Nick Wolfe, fictional character from the universe of the
* Nyle Wolfe, Vocalist / opera singer


* Patrick Wolfe, businessman and politician
* Paul Wolfe
* Paul Wolfe (autoracer), American autoracer
* Peter Wolfe (musician), English musician
* Peter Wolfe (Sports Rankings), owner of a BCS sports ranking system


* Reginald Wolfe, English printer
* Robert Wolfe, American archivist
* Robert Hewitt Wolfe — American television producer and scriptwriter
* Roland De Wolfe, professional poker player
* Ronald Wolfe — part of the British scriptwriting duo, Chesney and Wolfe
* Rose Wolfe, former Canadian Chancellor of the University of Toronto
* Ryan Wolfe, a fictional character from the show


* Theobald Wolfe Tone, Irish republican. Commonly known as "Wolfe Tone"
* Thomas Wolfe(1900–1938), American novelist
* Tom Wolfe (1931– ), American journalist and novelist
* Tom Wolfe (woodcarver)


* William Wolfe, Scottish politician

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