Great Wall Hover

Great Wall Hover

Infobox Automobile

name = Great Wall Hover
manufacturer = Great Wall Motor Company
production = 2006—present
class = Crossover Utility Vehicle
body_style =
engine = 2.4l Mitsubishi 4G64 engine (Petrol) 2.8l Great Wall Motor GW2.8TC (Diesel)
length = Auto mm|4620|1
wheelbase = Auto mm|2700|1
width = Auto mm|1800|1
height = Auto mm|1710|1
weight = Auto kg|1720|1
predecessor =
aka = Great Wall Hover CUV
Great Wall Hafu
related = Isuzu Axiom
Infobox Automobile

name = Great Wall Hover Pi
production =
class = limousine CUV
body_style =
engine = 2.4l Mitsubishi 4G64 engine (Petrol)
length = Auto mm|6720|1
wheelbase = Auto mm|4800|1
predecessor =
aka =
related =
The Great Wall Hover ( _zh. 长城哈弗) is a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) sold by the Great Wall Motor Company in several countries. It was the first Chinese car to be exported in large quantities to Western Europe in 2006, when 30,000 Hovers were shipped to Italy. One of the main advantages against established European, American and other Asian rivals is the low cost of the Hover compared to these.

Design and engineering

One of the reasons for the in comparison low retail price of the Great Wall Hover is that it is based heavily on older models by other manufactures. The entry-level motor is supplied by Mitsubishi, the exterior is based on a '02 Isuzu Axiom and the chassis from a Toyota 4Runner. The Hover has wheelbase of Auto mm|2700|1 and Auto mm|1520|1 wheel track. As the Hover is a Crossover Utility Vehicle, it features 4-wheel drive (4WD), however it can be switched to standard 2-wheel drive.

Engines and transmission

The gasoline Great Wall Hover uses a Mitsubishi 4G64 engine, a Sirius series straight-4 automobile engine. The 4G64 engine and was introduced in 1988 the Mitsubishi Galant and has been used in several other car manufactures. The 4G64 engine produces 128 bhp. The diesel version uses a motor built by Great Wall themselves, the GW2.8TC. Both versions have a 5-gear manual transmission.

Environmental and safety test

One of the main problems Chinese cars face are the European safety and environmental regulations that need to be met. The Great Wall Hover complies with the Euro-III emissions standard [cite web|url=|title=Great Wall Motor Company Limited||accessdate=2008-04-03Dead link|date=April 2008] and was awarded 3 stars after the C-NCAP crash test. [cite web|url=|title=中国新车评价规程(C-NCAP)官方网站||accessdate=2008-04-03]

Limousine version

Great Wall Motors also produces limousine version of the Hover, called Great Wall Hover Pi [cite web|url=|title=Great Wall Hover π Descriere||accessdate=2008-05-16ro icon] [cite web|url=|title=Great Wall Hover•π||accessdate=2008-05-16en icon] ( _zh. 长城哈弗派), also spell its name as Hover•π.

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*Great Wall Motor Company Ltd.


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