Intoxicate O.S.

Intoxicate O.S.

Infobox Album | Name = Intoxicate O.S.
Type = studio
Artist = Shade Empire

Released = May 24th, 2006
Recorded = January - March 2006
Genre = Dark Metal [cite web|title=Review / Review of Intoxicate O.S. at|url=] , Melodic black metal
Length = 41:38
Label = Dynamic Arts Records
Producer = S. Jämsén
Reviews =
Last album = "Sinthetic" (2004)
This album = "Intoxicate O.S." (2006)
Next album = Zero Nexus

"Intoxicate O.S." is the second full-length album by the Finnish Dark Metal band Shade Empire. The band yet again sticks to its traditional lyrical themes (see the band page). The album was recorded at Studio Perkele, Finland.

Intoxicate O.S. is the first Shade Empire album to include a video, "Chemical God". The video caused some controversy due to the fact it contained "flashing images", reason for which it was banned from MTV [cite web|title=Comment / News at Shade Empire official site|url=] .

Regardless of this, the album turned out to be decently successful commercially, since it reached #25 in weekly Finnish album sales, as stated at [ FinnishCharts] [cite web|title=Rank / Album Ranks for Intoxicate O.S.|url=] .

Track listing

#Slitwrist Ecstasy - 3:26
#Bloodstar - 4:58
#Chemical God - 5:13
#Rat In A Maze - 4:05
#Soulslayers - 6:01
#Silver Fix - 4:05
#Embrace The Gods Of Suffering - 4:17
#Ravine - 2:50
#Hatefeast - 5:05


*Juha Harju - Vocals
*Janne Niiranen - Guitars
*Juha Sirkkiä - Guitars
*Olli Savolainen - Synths
*Eero Mantere - Bass
*EpiDemic - Drums
*Hylzy Hyvärinen - Clean vocals
*Mixed by S. Jämsén
*Mastered by Minerva Pappi at Finnvox Studios Video "Chemical God" directed by Ari ReinikainenLights engineered by Jussi Kotka Artwork & layout Jarno LahtiBand Photos by Maria K.


External links

* [ Shade Empire Discography]

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