Arcade may refer to:
*Arcade (architecture), a passage or walkway, often including retailers
*Arcade cabinet, housing which holds an arcade game's hardware
*Arcade game, a coin operated game machine usually found in a game or video arcade
*Arcade system board, a standardized printed circuit board
*Penny arcade (venue), any type of venue for coin operated devices
*Video arcade, a place with video games


;United States
*Arcade, California, a community in Yolo County
*Arcade, Georgia, a city in Jackson County
*Arcade (town), New York, located in the southwest corner of Wyoming County
**Arcade (village), New York, located in the southwest part of the Town of Arcade;Italy
*Arcade, Italy, a town and commune in the region of Veneto


*Arcade, a rock band formed by ex-Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy
*Arcade (comics), a supervillain of the Marvel Universe
*Arcade (TV series) a short-lived Australian soap opera produced in 1980
*"Arcade" (film), a 1993 movie starring Peter Billingsley as a teenage virtual reality addict
*"Arcade" (ballet) by John Taras
*Arcade Fire, a seven piece indie rock band from Canada
*Arterial arcades, in human anatomy loops of arteries around the jejunum and ileum part of the digestive system
*Nick Arcade, a game show that aired on the Nickelodeon television channel from 1992 to 1993
*"Penny Arcade" (performer), a performer
*"Penny Arcade" (webcomic), a webcomic based around video games
*Westminster Arcade, "The Arcade" is a historic shopping center in Providence, Rhode Island
*Arcade (magazine), an underground comic anthology edited by Bill Griffith and Art Spiegelman
*Arcade Publishing, an American publishing company
*Xbox 360 Arcade, a version of the Xbox 360 home console.
*The Arcade (joystick), a popular joystick

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