Surf's Up (TV Series)

Surf's Up (TV Series)

Surf's Up is a global cartoon shown on The N and NickToons. It is also rarely shown in Cartoon Network, Family and Jetix.

Surf's Up follows the adventures of a boy who lives in the Arctic.

Characters in Surf's Up

*Surfy - Cheswin John Jones
*Melissa - Happy Weeks
*Okky (Later, Cadbury) - Sam Geralds
*Rahma - Asia Ali Chaudary
*Miquita - Miquita Oliver
*Selman Sharkitude - Vincent Vaughn

Characters in Cadbury

* Cadbury - Sam Geralds
* Viki-Ja - Henri Mala-Moor
* Qwurl - Edward G. Johnson
* Lillia 'Lightswitch' / Salma 'Scarf' - Asia Ali Chaudary

Characters in Room 9

* Surf's Up - Vincent Vaughn
* M'Old - Cheswin Jones
* Flexie (the Ruler) - Ian Smitt-Vorhange
* Mota-Na-Ahna - Asia Ali Chaudary N.B. The voice of Surfy was changed as this takes place before he was in the Arctic. Asia Ali Chaudary is the only person to be cast in all three cartoons. She plays Asian people, except in Room 9, where she plays a popstar living a double life.


Season Five?

Head writer, Haks Kristen, said that Season 5 would not be produced as they were working on 'Cadbury' a sequel to 'Surf's Up'.


Cadbury consists of ten episodes, with its release on April 2008. However, the episodes were leaked onto the internet in early 2007, and therefore the release was taken back to December 2007.

# Cadbury Job
# Next to Nothin'
# The Sky Has Minused
# Radar
# Smurf's Gone Slack
# Fountain of Wishes (Part One)
# I Wanna Go 2 Manor (Part Two)
# The Greater Manchester
# I Don't Wanna Know (Part One)
# I Still Don't Wanna Know (Part Two)

Cadbury and the Lantern: A special Halloween episode was produced for 2007 which starred Asia Ali Chaudhary as Melania Moko [A pun on the writer Melanie Mokoforth, who co-wrote this episode and most of Room 9] , a sly girl who likes lanterns and pumpkins. Cadbury did not take the lead role in this special - instead, Melania has the more centered role. Critics were complaining on the lack of humour and storyline in this special - however, it went down well with the viewers.

Room 9

Head writer, Haks Kristen and new writer, Melanie Mokoforth are on a new project about Surfy's life on Earth. It will be called Room 9 and will be set in 1980's England. The episodes have been confirmed and there will be ten. They will be based on his life and love. These episodes were rated for adults as they deal with mature things.Each episode will be half an hour long.
# Apocalypse
# Route 9
# The Stressball
# Flexie the Ruler
# Alone, Lost and Outta Control
# The Stalker
# The Elderly Home
# Slave (Part One)
# Slave (Part Two)
# P.A.N

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