Aeon (disambiguation)

Aeon (disambiguation)

Also see US English spelling Eon for additional disambiguation listings

The spelling Aeon may refer to:

* Gigaannum (Ga), 109 years
* Aeon (Thelema), large-scale historical units in the doctrine of Thelema
* AEON (eikaiwa), an English language school in Japan
* AEON Group, a Japanese retailer chain

Aeon is also used in popular culture for:

* Æon Flux, animated television series
* Æon Flux (film), the 2005 film
* "Trinity" (role-playing game), formerly known as "Æon"
* Aeons, magical creatures in "Final Fantasy X"
* The Aeon Illuminate, one of the races in "Supreme Commander"
* Aeon, a legendary necklace in "Titan Quest"
* The "USS Aeon", a fictional spacecraft in "Future's End", an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"
* Aeon, a Swedish Death Metal band.
* "Aeon", a song by Lacuna Coil
* "Aeon", a song by Killing Joke
* "Aeon", a song by Eternal Tears of Sorrow
* "Aeon", an album by Zyklon

See also

* Aion
* Eon

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