Zenthoefer Furs

Zenthoefer Furs

Zenthoefer Furs were an amateur U.S. soccer club which played in St. Louis, Missouri during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The team known as Zenthoefer was sponsored by Paul Schulte Motors during the 1948-1949 St. Louis Municipal League season. Schulte took the league title by five points over St. Louis Simpkins-Ford. The team was then briefly sponsored by McMahon Pontiac before Zenthoefer's Furs became the team sponsor. It was under the Zenthoefer name that the it lost the 1949 National Amateur Cup final to SC Elizabeth by a 6-1 score. They also lost to the Chicago Polish-Americans 5-1 in the 1949 U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals. In 1951, they won the St. Louis Major League by ten points over St. Louis Simpkins-Ford. In 1952, they entered the American Soccer League of St. Louis.

Notable players

* Joe Carenza, Sr
* Ruben Mendoza
* Herman Wecke

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