Milko (Swedish cooperative)

Milko (Swedish cooperative)
Type agricultural cooperative
Headquarters Östersund, Sweden
Area served Sweden
Key people Per Åsling (Chairman)
Industry Dairy Products
Products over 300, including milk and cheese
Members 1000
Employees 900

Milko is a cooperative based in Östersund, Sweden and is Sweden's largest native producer of dairy products.

Milko offers a wide range of products, from milk to cheesecake. One of its most well-known products is Milko Messmör ("Milko Soft Whey Butter"), a kind of butter made out of mese, a by-product produced when making cheese. Messmör is known not only for its unusual taste but also for its high content of minerals such as iron.

Milko's largest competitor is Arla Foods, which traditionally have been Sweden's largest dairy products producer. However, many new grocery store chains such as Willy:s have been found signing contracts with Milko instead of Arla Foods in later years. The director of the dairy in Dalarna is Staffan Eklöv.

Competitors and products for allergy sufferers

A low-lactose milk carton

Milko's basic milk, cream and cheese products are very similar to Arla Food's and changing from one brand to another is virtually no effort at all. Milko also offers the same kind of products for the lactose intolerant as Arla Foods, in contrast to Skånemejerier which only offers a limited array of lactose-free products.

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