Ibibio language

Ibibio language

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states=Southern Nigeria
region=Akwa Ibom State
speakers=1,5 to 2 million
fam4=Cross River
fam5=Lower Cross

Ibibio language belongs to the Niger-Congo and Benue-Congo language groups that is native to over 10 million people in the Akwa Ibom State and Cross River States of Nigeria. The Efik and Annang are dialects of the Ibibio language. Other Ibibio language clusters in the state include Oron and Itu mbon-uso.

peech technology

Until now, not many speech synthesis applications exist for African tone languages. Working on this subject are Gibbon et al. (2006) and Bachmann (2006,2007), see references and BOSS (Speech synthesis).Clarifyme|date=March 2008


*Emesiere - Good Morning
*Esiere - Good night
*Aba die/ Aba di die - How are you
*Aba ke mmo - Where are you
*Abiong andong - I am hungry
*Idem mfo - How are you
*Idem asong - I'm fine
*Idem 'nsongo - I'm not well
*Amedi - Welcome (literal - You have come)
*Sosongo - Thankyou
*Akere die - What's your name
*Mma ma fi - I love you
*Ndiongo ke - I don't know
*Nsido - What is wrong/what is it
*Atweb atie - It's cold
*Eyo ada - It's sunny
*Ubak usen - Morning
*Usen - Day
*Uwem-eyo - Afternoon
*Mmbubreyo - Evening
*Okoneyo - Night
*Ini - Time
*Anie - Who
*Nso - What
*Ini eke - When
*Ntagha - Why
*Die - How
*Ufok Abasi - Church (House of God)
*Sanga sung - Go well (Goodbye)
*Ufok Nwed - School (House of Book)
*Ufok Ibok - Hospital (House of Medicine)
*Ka - Go
*Di - Come
*Ta - Eat
*Tie - Sit
*Uwemedimo - Life is Wealth (Uwem=Life, Edi=Is, Imo=Wealth)
*Abasi- God
*Mmekomabasi- I thank God
*Emekemeabasi-The Lord Is Able


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External links

* [http://www.geocities.com/myibibio My Ibibio] — language resources, including dictionary, books, proverbs, stories and history.
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* [http://evilazrael.net/~StyxGuardian/acr/documents/thesis-bachmann.pdf Bachmann's Master Thesis]
* [http://evilazrael.net/~StyxGuardian/acr/documents/boss-ibb-v0.1-r4.pdf BOSS-IBB documentation v0.1-r3]

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